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  1. In Poehling’s defence, much of the team looked completely lost defensively! McNiven and Primeau were both decent, it could have been much uglier yet.
  2. That makes more sense ... I'm watching the game and not seeing Armia or Dvorak, and thinking what the heck ...
  3. Dvorak and Armia are playing. Beaudin and Baddock are not.
  4. Apparently the Habs had some spare #15 sweaters floating around for some reason.
  5. Interesting that they have Vejdemo playing wing to Beaudin (recently arrived from the Baby Sens).
  6. That’s exactly what I want to see — what kind of shape is Drouin in. It’s not the regular season but given his struggles this is an important first step.
  7. I feel your pain, but it seems the issue is with the fulfillment company — and, yes, the Lions are ultimately responsible. However, they are not formally part of the Habs’ organization beyond an affiliate agreement.
  8. The specific comment from Ducharme was that the four weeks was the worst case, and Hoffman might possibly be back a week or two earlier. It's a question of how quickly he will heal.
  9. Nobody picked him on waivers because of the one-way contract, so he asked for the contract to be terminated. The Habs then signed him on a contract that reduces the AHL salary from $700K to $475K. Niku took it because he wants a second chance at an NHL career.
  10. it won't force them to do anything. All it means is that Niku won't earn anything extra for his first 12 NHL games; after the 13th, he'll make an extra $4000 or so per NHL game. $475K will provide Niku a decent salary while in Laval/Montreal, as compared to the AHL-minimum salaries most prospects get. But his primary goal, surely, is to rebuild his NHL career so I'm not concerned about any lack of motivation. The question is whether he can turn his talent into a solid NHL performance and play within Ducharme's system. An old scouting report: And one from the esteemed Mr Kerr from two years ago (on LWoS):
  11. The "you" in my post includes everyone who engaged in this off-topic discussion. It's finished in this forum, including meta-discussion. Let's return to the training camp discussions.
  12. I would be inclined to start him with a solid stretch, maybe 20 games or so, in Laval, where he can be guided and also observed. Unless, of course, he surprises all of us in the next couple of weeks.
  13. Kulak keeps slipping further down ...
  14. Hopefully we will see Drouin in action in tomorrow night's game.
  15. Indeed. It might work out that he can crack the lineup -- if he can, he is certainly the type of D we're looking for. And we have had success with some of the Jets castoffs before (Chiarot and Armia). And if our coaching staff can't extract his unfulfilled potential from him to turn him into a consistent NHL defenceman, he is at least a great addition to the Rocket squad.
  16. I think this has gone sufficiently off-topic for a training camp thread. If you want to continue this discussion, please take it to the off-topic lounge.
  17. So, did these guys (Hoffman and Edmundson) get injured doing their own off-season training? 🤔
  18. His employer (CBJ) has a COVID policy to ensure safety of other employees. Without a vaccine he is effectively unable to play road games in Canada and would lose his salary for those games. As it is, he is not being dismissed or penalized, only being reassigned to the AHL where he may be able to play more games. If he doesn't like this assignment, he does have the option of asking his employer to terminate his contract, allowing him to choose a different line of work. No one is forcing him to get vaccinated, he can make his own choices. Maybe he'll even enjoy playing in the AHL with a near-NHL salary, as Alzner reputedly did.
  19. Confirmed by is.fi, which did the original interview with Ylonen earlier today. "The rules changed so that without vaccination the season would have become difficult," said Ylonen. "I discussed this with the team. They did not pressure me, though, it was my decision."
  20. It's being reported that one of Ylonen's family member (or relative?) had some kind of severe reaction to the vaccine and this is why he is not taking it. But I'm sure this is not the end of the story ...
  21. I am satisfied that they were solid draft picks, even if they were subsequently traded. And late-1st picks have a much lower chance of success. If we're talking development, that's a different discussion. And in that scenario, Suzuki, too, should be part of the discussion, even if we didn't draft him.
  22. How to ruin a player like Sami Niku (offensive-minded D who skates well but isn't strong physically) -- with a bonus Mete reference! https://twitter.com/JhanHky/status/1440024067457880072?s=20
  23. If you are going to assess drafting, why are you skipping Galchenyuk (140g), Sergachev (29g) and Kotkaniemi (22g)? The ones you cherry-picked were picked 18th, 22nd, 17yh, 25th, 26th and 26th overall, not exactly the place to pick high-probability prospects. And I will further argue that Juulsen was an excellent pick at 26th, and the 2g reflects his unfortunate injuries, not his skill level.
  24. Save % was a known issue in the regular season. As for the shooting percentage, I recall we took a lot of shots -- and, in particular, a lot of low-percentage shots.
  25. Kapanen should be back in the KalPa lineup by the end of this week.
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