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  1. A separate transaction. That was a desperation move by Bergevin but he really didn't have to do that. If you look at the offer sheet in isolation, I'd rather have the first-round pick (without that Dvorak trade) than Kotkaniemi. That turned out to be a disaster of a season anyway, and, in retrospect, missing a centre wouldn't have made it any worse.
  2. The interesting bit from the article is that the (Slovak) writer thinks that Mesar has an attitude issue and that's why he might be traded. FLA/CGY 1st+young D+Mesar for McGroarty? Maybe not unreasonable at this point in time. But whether it's a credible report is a whole different question.
  3. Please, no personal insults. Please consider this to be a warning. Posts will be edited to remove such insults.
  4. Although this is not news any more, just adding to this thread for completeness that Burrows will be working on player development instead, presumably on a lighter/more flexible schedule. Rob Ramage now has six people on his player development team: Francis Bouillon, Burrows, Paul Byron, Nick Carriere, Lauri Korpikoski and Marie-Philip Poulin. There is no question that the Habs are investing heavily on development.
  5. GSAx/60 16th in the league this year and 12th last year (Moneypuck, 30+ games) so I don’t think top-20 is an unreasonable ranking. But I’d like to see what he can do once he has somewhat better D in front of him.
  6. If they are OK with the cap hit for two years, taking Laine at the full AAV would mean having to give up fewer assets.
  7. The question is, do they NOT have value? 22yo and 24yo defencemen on cheap contracts, RD and flexible LD/RD. At that age they likely have not reached their potential yet, and I personally wouldn't write them off as bottom-pairing NHLers quite yet. The real question is how would other teams' scouts and GMs view them.
  8. And every team misses what look like brilliant picks in retrospect. Kuznetsov, for example? He was picked 26th, probably 20+ teams wish they had picked him.
  9. I think the question will be, is he ready for the NHL? The training camp and pre-season should answer that question.
  10. Between the signing bonus and the AHL salary he’ll still get about $180K, definitely more than in college. 🙂
  11. A scoring winger is always helpful. 😊 Some combination of Newhook, Armia and Roy should be good enough for one season though--unless Hughes manages swing a trade for another young forward this summer yet.
  12. Or Reinbacher. Both are very good, we just don't know yet exactly how good.
  13. He won't be in Liiga, he'll be either in SHL or playing for the Habs (he has both contracts signed). I do expect him in the training camp/
  14. Any feedback on the goalies from the camp so far? Especially the mysterious Vecvanags? 😊
  15. If Edmonton is missing Draisatl, it's certainly not an easy replacement. Or Nylander in Toronto? It doesn't meant that the rebuild needs to start over again but it would knock the current plans off the rails and delay the contention window.
  16. Hughes has actually said he was willing to go up to three years with Marchessault, but not the five that the player wanted. Clearly Hughes is expecting that we'll be in "the window" three years from now, and we'll need the cap space from the Gallagher and Anderson contracts for signing a key UFA or two, and he does not want to commit cap space in those years to an aging veteran.
  17. Exactly. And if you are undrafted, in most cases the teams are not knocking on your door, you need to chase them to get an opportunity to play in a development camp or similar.
  18. I would be willing to pay for a premium (ad-free!) forum membership.
  19. I think it’s only on the mobile site. The desktop one seems OK—maybe because of my ad blocker?
  20. From a player point of view, having a team own your rights for four years when they may never give you an opportunity (and you don't really have anywhere else to play) is not ideal.
  21. I saw somewhere that NHLPA would like to cut the draft down to four rounds. Fewer than seven does seem reasonable, even if the owners might not agree to four.
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