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  1. I would take a chance and make that trade.
  2. Think needs to add at least a kotkaniemi...
  3. Question is would Gallagher become the new C? He isnt exactly the refs favorite player.
  4. Maybe Weber injury was also to stop Kraken from picking him. 😱
  5. Me too. We need him and his leadership even more now that Weber is gone.
  6. Im holding on to a fools hope that Hamilton will sign with us. He is not confirmed to NJ yet right? 😁
  7. Kopitar +Danault. Selkeville?
  8. Good for Pizza-Phil. He worked hard for years and now he got his payday. And happy we are not the ones to overpay him.
  9. The shock is that after this tweet we expected 5.5M/year and then its below 4. 👍
  10. Looks like we drafted good even if abit controversial.
  11. A full year of Caufield plus whoever we get in the offseason can make us better than last season.
  12. Price and MB saved Allen. No rebuild now. Lets go for another shot at the cup.
  13. I hope Bergevin didnt give some pick or something for them not to take Price.
  14. Do this in a Predators forum just to see them crap their pants. 😁
  15. Maybe KK is the Danault replacement. We need some more cheap C luck.
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