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  1. I think some veterans have decided that want a chance of being traded before deadline.
  2. Didnt Savard make the Chelios and Leclair-Desjardins trades? Those stink as well but he won a cup so thats cleaning it up I guess.
  3. Thats golfseason for the leafs already.
  4. Is it time to bring an exorcist soon to scare away the demons/ghosts of the forum?
  5. Im going to be honest and say that even though we have only slim chance at Bedard Im going to be disappointed if we dont get him.
  6. Sadly not. Have to focus all economy on electricity and gasoline this winter. Nothing left for sports on tv or tickets. Cant someone kill Putin soon and end this stupid war? 😖
  7. Heineman with a goal in regulation and the deciding goal in the shootout.
  8. Im abit lazy so Ill ask you or Captain Haddock instead. 😁
  9. His agent and Miller himself lied about taking part in nonbullying groups. Those groups denied it
  10. Isles waiving Bellows. Would he be a good pickup?
  11. Xhekaj is already a fan favorite. I think he will stay up to sell jerseys and make fans happy while tanking. Might not be the right choice in hockeyterms but for business it is.
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