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  1. I would lie if I said I didnt want us to go after someone like Krejci after the Chara-Pacioretty incident or going after Lundqvist after Kreiders glidetackle on Price.
  2. Wonder if Wilson will play next game against the rangers or will be "rested" for the playoffs.
  3. Return of the enforcers? Maybe we need them.
  4. Nice Norlindergoal in playoff loss. https://www.expressen.se/tv/sport/hockey/norlinders-galna-solomal-ar-det-ens-pa-riktigt/
  5. I like this new trend that players we get rid of isnt becoming good players anymore. Before it was the other way. Chelios, Leclair, Turgeon... Now its Subban, Galchenyuk, Domi. We are winning trades.
  6. We are lucky Pageau isnt a senator anymore.
  7. 40-10-4-2 86 points 1st in division 2nd in league. 166gf
  8. So its not far also to his homevillage right? In a perfect habsworld Price wins cup with us next year, Allen plays awesome and replace him. Primeau is superb in AHL. Price leaves in exp draft and we can afford to keep the depth. 😊 One can hope right?
  9. Lets say Danault and Tatar is gone as UFAs/deadline traded. If that enough capspace to resign prospects + Gally? What about Allen? New backup or resign him cheaper? Feels like there is risk of us losing one whole line in Tatar Danault Gally to UFA.
  10. Maybe after our short but exciting playoff run Molson decided to tell MB to either reach the playoffs or be fired.
  11. Wennberg to be bought out by the jackets. Maybe that is a good signing for us?
  12. Looks like Matt Niskanen might retire...
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