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  1. Id rather keep Price as a leading figure. Maybe he would still have enough juice in the tank for another run for the cup later if the rebuild works out well.
  2. I would be ok with retireing Koivu and Price because they are the two most memorable players we have had during my fandom of the team.
  3. Id love for Bergevin to stay and be in charge of the rebuild. His trades for picks has been stellar. But he needs to change the whole development and maybe also the scouting staff. Can he do that?
  4. I want him to suck so the canes wont qualify him next summer so in the end losing their picks for nothing. This also needs to include not winning the cup. After that let him have any success he can.
  5. Kotkaniemi 11 mins, 0 points and -1 10gp 2g 1a +1 on a top team. Lets hope this continues.
  6. Turns on the game and boom! Its 2-1 Pietrangelo. Shall I stop watching right away?
  7. Looking at the Oilers lineup and started thinking that maybe Id prefer us stinking for ten years and have their current lineup instead of being a bubbleteam for 30 years.
  8. Still a good haul for a player who might be damaged goods. Possibly two future top6 C and the pics.
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