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  1. Youre in Stockholm. Thats soccertown. You need to go northwest to Leksand to experience the SHLs best fans. To bad Heineman isnt there. 🙂
  2. I hope he plays well enough to give us a 1st rounder at the deadline meaning we get 2 first rounders for taking his salary for one year.
  3. Without Price I think Bergevin wouldve been fired alot earlier. He saved his job for years.
  4. If I didnt work nightshift I would have seen the game since it was only one hour drive from my home. I cant watch much hockey at all unfortunately. The crazy electric and gasoline prices here in Sweden atm makes me unable to afford any sports tv so all I can do is read and watch highlights.
  5. Heineman score one goal in Leksand's 3-1 preseason-win over reighning SHL champions Färjestad.
  6. Mysak shouldve had a pp goal just now against the fins but the ref blow the whistle to fast.
  7. Im just thinking about us trading Craig Rivet to SJ. We are still enjoying great benefits from that one.
  8. Alot of talk in Sweden that Mesar will play in SHL this season. https://hockeysverige.se/2022/07/17/uppgifter-filip-mesar-kan-hamna-i-shl
  9. https://www.nhl.com/canadiens/news/two-year-contract-extension-for-samuel-montembeault/c-335023256
  10. 2 years deal for Sam Montembeault.
  11. Thats really nice. I was scared its was a 2.5M deal ala Bergevin.
  12. Discount or salarydumps coming?
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