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  1. I cant wait to see them eliminated in round one again next year.
  2. I hope he will do a Henrik Zetterberg and emerge as a star coming from Timrå.
  3. It reminds me of the Drouin trade. If its Guhle straight up for Zegras I am a bit tempted because Im nervous Guhle will take a hit to many and become damaged goods. On the other hand Guhle scored 5 points in the world championship while Zegras had only 2. I think Ill pass as well.
  4. Fun trade proposal I saw in facebook. Josh Anderson and 5th overall to Calgary for 9th overall and Huberdeau (4M retained)
  5. Last year Florida were decimated by injuries in the finals. I think they will win it all now. I hope we can end up a team built like them.
  6. Yes, Im hoping for Demidov too. We have our powerforward in Slaf, our sniper in Caufield och our playmakeing C in Suzuki. Now give us a winger ala Datsyuk. Is he abit like Datsyuk?
  7. Better MB goes to Canes so he can reunite with kk. 😁
  8. Slafs Slokavia crushed by Sweden. 6-1. But at least Slaf got a nice assist.
  9. I hope he plays more inspired than against Poland...
  10. If Demidov falls to us is he a nobrainer?
  11. I read some place that he is very good offensively overall as well. Its his defence that needs work.
  12. At the moment I want Yzer... No thats old draft. I mean I like Eiserman. Im ok if we get a Brett Hull.
  13. Thing is if we didnt draft Price Im sure we pick Brule or Skille...
  14. Kapanen two more goals.
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