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  1. Bettman finally congratulated us on reaching the final. Didn't do it during the Stanley Cup presentation like he usually does for the runner up. Seemed like this was something he was told to do since I'm sure there were some complaints.
  2. Activity starting to pick up in the NHL: 1. Shayne Gostisbehere to Arizona as a salary dump 2. Alex Nedeljkovic to Detroit for a third and Jonathan Bernier's rights 3. Mike Smith 2 year deal with the Oilers Number two makes no sense to me. I understand the cap implications and arbitration for the Canes but he signed for 2 years at 3 million per year with the Wings. That is a pretty cheap contract for a young goalie who was third in Calder voting last year. Carolina finally found themselves a goalie and weren't willing to pay him. In my opinion you find a way to fit him into your cap situation especially seeing how much he signed for. Great trade for Yzerman and the Wings though.
  3. Bergevin announced during his presser that Drouin is expected back next season. That is great news that he has dealt with whatever was keeping him out. Maybe some might not like it from a hockey perspective but from a well-being point of view you have to feel good for him. Myself personally I'm excited to have him back and can see him having a great season next year. Maybe 55-65 points. He showed pretty good chemistry with Suzuki last year.
  4. One good thing for Cale Fleury is that he will get a chance to play with his brother as Haydn Fleury is the selection from the Ducks.
  5. I think it was always between him or Kulak from Seattle's standpoint. Based on their selections they are planning on going for cheap contracts unless it's the guy they really want. It really is unfortunate that all these leaks are happening. Kind of adds no excitement for the reveal at 8pm. Same thing happened with Vegas though. You knew the team ahead of it.
  6. Tampa Bay deserved it. They really are a great team with next to no weaknesses. I really like John Cooper as a coach. Such a well spoken individual who seemed like a genuinely nice guy. A hell of a run by the Habs that I'll always remember! Loved being the underdog and surprising all these teams. Price was amazing and showed that he is still a top goalie in this league.
  7. For sure. He has been a ghost these playoffs. Must be injured but should be playing down the lineup at this point
  8. Its certainly not over. One shot and this thing is tied up. Just need to start getting some zone time and odd man rushes
  9. Missed a high stick on Toffoli and a clear interference on Suzuki. There has to be standard. They sure have it out for Perry as well.
  10. Why did the ref blow the whistle there? Penalty on the Lightning but they never possessed the puck. Big powerplay coming up!
  11. Time for the picks yet again! Mon - Byron TB - Joseph
  12. How fitting that the three new additions to the lineup tonight were the first ones in to celebrate the goal. Has to feel good for them!
  13. That goal lit fire under the Lighting. So far quite a few chances to start the third and Price having to come up big.
  14. Repeat the effort we had in the second and we walk away with the series tied heading back to Montreal. That last second goal sure hurts but this game isn't over. Go get em!
  15. Overall a pretty decent period for the boys. Hope they can keep it going. Definitely a wasted 4-3 at the end of the period with the wrong personal on the ice. See how they finish off the pp to start the second. Go Habs Go!
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