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  1. Allen to Kraken. Tatar out, Caufield in. Danault out, Evans in. Let Staal & Armia walk sign Paquette & Brassard. Along with Poehling or Vejdemo for 4th line. Bring back Perry. Move Kulak+ to AZ for Adin Hill to backup Price. Move out Drouin with retention. Focus on Martinez & Hoffman 2yr deals. Hoffman - Suzuki - Caufield Toffoli - Kotkaniemi - Anderson Byron - Evans - Gallagher Paquette/Brassard/Poehling/Vejdemo/Lehkonen/Perry
  2. Well, if Point or Kuch win it, there better be an asterix beside their name. *18 million over lol
  3. NBC showed KK on a list with some great player with 9 playoff goals before 21 years old.
  4. Im streaming NBC. Rather be listening to TVA. Pretty bad.
  5. I almost feel like it was Caufield that drove the Hughes bus.
  6. Never seen so many blatant picks. You'd think this was the NBA.
  7. https://www.petitions.net/nhl_terminate_chris_lee_as_an_official#form
  8. Nothing worse. Listening to Jean, Lapierre & Gui with Bon Jovi playing in the background. fml lmao
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