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  1. Not really Montreal would have to eat some of their contract So for Weber his contract is 7.857mil over then next 6 years. So if we ate 2.857mil of it 5mil a year for Weber looks pretty good to teams then 7.85mil. This is why I said do a full rebuild and trade these guys, then doing a retool and keeping these guys 4 years ago. Both their vaule were a lot higher 4 years ago. Now you're ready to try and contend for the playoffs and their older and slower. Their vaule isn't that high because of their contracts and play. But like I said if we do trade them were going to have to eat
  2. As long as Bergevin believes this core is good enough to win Weber and for that matter Price aren't going anywhere.
  3. When ever I watch Caufield play and this goes back to after we drafted him... He reminds me a lot of Zach Parise. He just has a nose for the net and puts himself in the right places on the ice.
  4. I am starting to like this new core better than the old one
  5. Looks like Weber is out now too.... This core is dropping like flies
  6. Yeah thank god we never drafted that guy Brody. ๐Ÿ˜” what a mistake that was.
  7. Umm look at last 8 years if he hasn't been fired yet it isn't going to happen under Molson. Can't wait for season end news conference from these 2. Molson --I have the out most confidence in Bergevin he's doing a great job. Bergevin-- I believe I have done everything I could to put a wining team on the ice..... Its hard to make trades for star players in this league without giving up a lot.... we had key player injuries all year which hurt us... Out key players under preformed its in between their ears๐Ÿ‘‚.... Blah ..... Blah..... Blah.... Blah Stop me if you heard this f
  8. That's because of restrictions in Montreal with media and fans that GM and coach have to be French.
  9. Like I said at deadline I would of traded Tatar for draft picks since we're not going to bring him back anyway and play the kid in his spot. But Bergevin didn't and this kid has been sitting since. Makes no sense to me why they didn't trade Tatar since they planned on calling up Caufiled.
  10. Roy wants total control much like he has with the Q team he owns. He wants to be GM, coach and have full control over drafting. Which is why it never worked out in Colorado and why we never hired him as our coach. He has a big ego so i would stay away from him.
  11. That's because it's our core group of players. The only thing that hasn't changed in the last 7 years other than Bergevin. This core is no good.
  12. Not just Allen but toffoli and Anderson. We would be in the bottom 10 again.
  13. I am at the point I hope Bergevin doesn't bring back any ufa's or Rfa's . I hope to god he doesn't over spend to keep Danault.
  14. What I want to know is why did the D stop playing that hard nose physically aggressive style that they were playing the first 10 games of the season. To a D core that plays soft? They were moving the puck so well pushing the offense up the ice, long stretch passing spring the forwards. Aggressive plays to turn the puck over. Clearing the front of the net. What happen?
  15. If you go back to the start of the season when we were averaging 4 goals a game it was our D that was generating the offense. They were moving the puck up ice finding the open guys playing really aggressive and creating turn overs. For some reason that all stopped and we hit this losing wall again that seems to come with this core group of players every year. Not sure what changed and not sure why they haven't gone back to that aggressiveness with the D. But it seems to me that this team's offense goes through the play of the D.
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