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  1. I think we can finally say we have a true number one line . These guy compliment each other so well .
  2. I don't know about you guys but really starting to like MONAHAN
  3. Who cares about Kotkaniemi, he's no longer with the team.
  4. For the first time in a long time (probably since our old core of Pacioretty/ Subban/ Gallagher and Price) I really liked what I saw from our young guys, and I'm really excited to see our youth. We looked really fast out there, we just need to add a young elite goaltender to this group and they're going to be a fun group to watch over the next 10 years.
  5. Get a android box or fire stick and get an iptv provider, you get everything and save money. Just make sure you have unlimited Internet and fast upload speed's.
  6. Was always a fan of John Lu, was a big reason why I always liked TN. Him and Bob. Happy that he gets to go home and work in his home town. Going to miss your coverage of the habs Lu.
  7. I know it's preseason, and it's just the first game...... But I'm actually impressed with our youth. I haven't been this impressed in a long time. But in about 3 years time this team is going to be very impressive.
  8. To me if you're out of the playoff picture by the all star break, your mind set as a gm should be getting the best odds at a top 10 pick. Not trying to make the playoffs, that you know you very well can't make.
  9. Looks like habs already starting the tank early 😂
  10. Thank god, now I don't have to read post of how we should sign him or trade for him. Loved him as a habs, was sad to see him traded, but understood the trade from Bergevin point(hockey side of the trade, not ego side of the trade.) Enjoy your retirement, see you in the second half of the season when a top team needs a puck moving Defensemen.
  11. I think we now have young depth talent everywhere but in net. This year draft I would draft the top goaltender prospect either with our 2nd 1st round pick or trade our 2nd round pick along with some of our other picks for a late 1st round pick and draft a goaltender. We could then have a nice young well rounded core to develop the next 3-4 years.
  12. Man was looking at cap friendly and their must be like over 10 teams that are over the cap. Never seen anything like this before. A lot of trades to come before the start of the season for sure.
  13. If their isn't one worth taking with Florida's pick and they think they can get one with our 2nd round pick the do so. With that being said I think when we do draft a goaltender it has to be in the first our 2nd round and they have to be a blue chip prospect. Not gamble on a goaltender in the 6th or 7th round.
  14. We have Florida's 1st round pick this year which should be at 20 plus if they don't get knocked out in the 1st round. not sure how good the depth is but if the top goaltender isn't taken at the point were we're picking with Florida's pick i would take the top goaltender in next year's draft with that pick.
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