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  1. Great mix of snipes, deflections and dirty goals. Love the versatility.
  2. With Byron out, I think you give him a good look over Perrault & Paquette. His job to lose. Just put him in a position to succeed. When Byron's back you have a 2way to send down.
  3. Toffoli Suzuki Caufield Hoffman Dvorak Anderson Drouin Poehling Gallagher Lehkonen Evans Armia
  4. I say, Bergy should match. Then sit him in the press box all year. Trade him next off season.
  5. Exactly. Let him go. He'll be the Canes cap issue moving forward. They'll regret it. Silly business move. We should now focus on playing the kids and aiming for a top prospect this draft. Fxuk KK.
  6. What a twat. Let him walk & take the picks. The fact that he thinks he's worth that much is delusional. He played along with Carolina to screw the Habs. Let him go. At least Aho's contract was affordable. Was actually too low. Bergy did Waddell a favor lol. Bye Bye KK. Dirt bag.
  7. Allen to Kraken. Tatar out, Caufield in. Danault out, Evans in. Let Staal & Armia walk sign Paquette & Brassard. Along with Poehling or Vejdemo for 4th line. Bring back Perry. Move Kulak+ to AZ for Adin Hill to backup Price. Move out Drouin with retention. Focus on Martinez & Hoffman 2yr deals. Hoffman - Suzuki - Caufield Toffoli - Kotkaniemi - Anderson Byron - Evans - Gallagher Paquette/Brassard/Poehling/Vejdemo/Lehkonen/Perry
  8. Well, if Point or Kuch win it, there better be an asterix beside their name. *18 million over lol
  9. NBC showed KK on a list with some great player with 9 playoff goals before 21 years old.
  10. I almost feel like it was Caufield that drove the Hughes bus.
  11. Never seen so many blatant picks. You'd think this was the NBA.
  12. https://www.petitions.net/nhl_terminate_chris_lee_as_an_official#form
  13. Nothing worse. Listening to Jean, Lapierre & Gui with Bon Jovi playing in the background. fml lmao
  14. A petition should be started. Im sure he's equally as oblivious everywhere he refs. Im curious how many signature around the hockey world it would garner.
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