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  1. That's cute. Seek assistance. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/narcissistic-personality-disorder/symptoms-causes/syc-20366662
  2. mmm ego stroke. Do you masturbate in the mirror, too?
  3. Ouff your ego must love that narrow perspective. This site has its uses, and I appreciate it for what it's worth to me. BUT YOU! You should just open your own forum site and post your own narratives and not allow anyone else to sign up or post. That would be fitting. And, yes, Im certain you have single handedly lost Brian web traffic. Congrats, twat. Marinaro - clout + ego + twat = you. The douche decimal.
  4. hahaha.. umm. there is no debate with you. I would argue that you have lost Mr.LaRose web traffic by being.. you.
  5. Yup. I come back to this site. Just to shake you off your self proclaimed perch on your thrown of bologna. You are what's wrong with being a hockey fan, more importantly, a Habs fan. Media is awful. But basement douches with no life and key boards as their girlfriends that battle semantic with such self righteous jargon and stats that belittle other peoples eye tests/opinions, make me foul to my soul. And you embody this to me. Tony Marinaro with less clout and more ego.
  6. YA! Stop being ignorant! The professional blogger needs you to accept his rational and doesnt care if you aren't a professional blogger. Respect his mastery and submit to his clearly superior rational. P.S. How dare you have an opinion.
  7. Douche bag. See now. The issue with internet dochery is that there is a whole generation of douches that have never been punched in the face for being themselves socially. Back in the day. Face to face. You learned valuable lessons. And, clearly, you have missed out on many in your douchey existence.
  8. More self righteous passive aggressive jargon from the "professional blogger". Get a life tool.
  9. Actually, that was directed at you with you self righteous pompous egocentric garbage. So, yea. Exactly.
  10. Apparently, Duchene just started following Price, Gally & Domi on twitter.
  11. TJ Brodie Schlemko Mete 3rd 2019 3rd 2020
  12. No penalty? Tim. Peel. C'mon he already gave us a 2 on 1. Now it's all down hill.
  13. Gregory Charles is some overrated tripe.
  14. My friends and I are all big Radiohead fans.. .. so we call Kotkaniemi.. Kid K. Coconut is pretty lame. Like Patches was/is. His self proclaimed Pacman was/is much better.
  15. Easy. No more ceremonies, until there is something to be ceremonious about.
  16. I hope. That this is the last time the 93 stanley cup is ever mentioned. Ever again.
  17. Already 3 Doughty penalties that go uncalled. Then another interference infront of the net by a King fwd right before they call Kotkaniemi on garbage. What a joke.
  18. 29-39-7-7 72 points 7th in the division 14th in the conference 202 goals
  19. Drouin Domi Gally Tatar Kotka Lehky Peca Danault Byron Hudon Pleky Armia delaRose Scherbak
  20. Good idea. This situation eerily reminds me of the post lockout Expos.
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