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  1. I’m not sure why that wouldn’t put Ducharme’s system in question. I would point out the shots per game is wayyyy down from the last couple of season. They are getting desperate for shots and throwing them on net from everywhere. How many times the last couple of seasons have we seen a period with less than 7 shots? It happens nearly every game this year. I fully believe Ducharme’s system is partially to blame.
  2. Elliot Freedman reporting they expect a 3rd team in the trade mix to trade Kane. This would involve San Jose eating $3.5m of the salary, a second team eating $1.75m to get a 3rd team to take Kane at $1.75m. The kicker is he has a 3 team trade list and Winnipeg is one of the 3 teams. Somehow I see Kane getting bought out. Which I believe a buyout would mess with his bankruptcy.
  3. From what I’m reading it seems as if it’s really between Darche and Madden.
  4. There’s no way Montreal trades for Kane. Even for a rebuild. He already has way too much negative publicity. If San Jose does manage to trade Kane, it will be paying someone to take him. Price has value. In your example, San Jose would be also sending a high value pick or prospect the other way and there would be no salary retention from either side.
  5. It could be Arizona. They want to trade Kessel this season, but it will drop them below the cap floor, so they need a contract to keep them above. They were linked to Murray going on waivers for this reason. They could be trying to pull an asset out of San Jose to take Kane. They may or may not have any desire to let him play though.
  6. Watching the replay of the game because I missed the game and Habs won. Currently 4 minutes in the 3rd and I just gotta point out Norlinder's hook and Lek's Trip were not penalties. How can you call a defenseman for a hook when he's skating backwards and in front of a guy, and at no point did he lose body position? What I did see is the Pittsburgh player tuck Norlinder's stick under his arm, squeeze and step one side. It is a penalty, but it's holding the stick against the Pittsburgh player, not Norlinder. Leks clearly made contact with the puck prior to the trip. With that, the Pittsburgh player, after losing control of the puck, tried to skate through Lek's stick. Thats in no way, shape or form, a penalty. Habs won the game, but these bullshit penalties need to be dealt with.
  7. What’s the hype on Shane Wright? I watched a couple of his game and he had major, bone-headed defensive lapses in both games. A few of which lead to goals. One of which he let a guy just skate past him in on the inside the neutral zone, didn’t do anything or even attempt to chase. All while having body position and everything. He, honestly, reminds me of Yakupov.
  8. I think when it comes to drafting, you’re touching on the issue. Habs were drafting immediate needs, not best player. McCaron is a great example of that. Picked because the Habs needed size, when a few free agents could of addressed that. When drafting, unless your team is absolutely set in a position, best player should always be drafted. I would argue that Kotkaniemi was the worse player drafted in the top-10 in 2018. I do remember being shocked Zadina wasn’t picked. In reality, Zadina is a winger and the Habs needed a center right then.
  9. I’m afraid I don’t understand what active trading has to do with drafted players on the roster. Aside from Sergachev, MB hasn’t traded a good prospect without giving them a fair shake. Let’s be honest, KK is, and may never be, worth $6m a season.
  10. Am I the only one who doesn’t think MB is a bad GM? He’s the best GM the team has had in the last 25 years. His worse move was Sergachev for Drouin. Made some really good moves in Petry for a 2nd for example. Has some huge obstacles in Montreal with taxes and media attention that deters players. I firmly believe the weak link during his tenure is drafting. I’m not aware at how much of that is on MB’s shoulders, so I’m refraining on judging him on that front. I do believe if the drafting was a little better we wouldn’t be having this discussion right now.
  11. I wish I could get offered to pay $50 to deck people I work with without any other repercussion.
  12. Typically it’s American thanksgiving as the date team decide whether they are playoff bound or not. Think it’s pretty clear what the Habs are this year. I sincerely hope MB makes moves accordingly to try to get a top pick. I sincerely hope there isn’t a turn around to just miss the playoffs and pick mid round. Rebuild, aim for a top-3 pick and don’t squander it this time. One can only dream.
  13. He's mad at the linesman. The puck would of went further down and the deference would of picked it up at center ice. Instead it hit the linesman and dropped right on Pastrnak's stick for a clean 2-1. It's unfortunate, it happens, Gally is just frustrated.
  14. All stats get inflated when on a good team. For example, Sergachev has his assignment on TB and mostly only has to worry about his assignment as other players on that team are good enough to mostly fulfill their assignment. Therefore his sole focus can be his own assignment. Playing on a worse team, you expect the players around you to make mistakes, making you worry about your assignment. theirs and the potential fallout of that. It's what is commonly referred to as over-thinking the game. The only exception of this are players that are skilled enough to influence the play around them. These are your McDavid's and young Weber's. Just their presence makes opponents play different.
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