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  1. Looks like Beck, Mesar, Harris and Barron did something last game to get another look tonight. My assumption would be if they don’t perform tonight, they could be amongst the first ones sent back down.
  2. Not to be a buzzkill, but we aren’t allowed to advertise pirated streams here, which is what IPTV providers are.
  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, and I’ve been known to be wrong now and again, but doesn’t RDS only televise like 60 or 65 games? Or has that changed since the Rogers takeover of NHL TV rights? It’s been a long time since I watched a Habs game on RDS.
  4. I believe that’s being a little harsh. Even the best have let in similar goals while tight to the post.
  5. I was going to do a point by point breakdown of your questions, but the reality is nobody was real noticeable for their play, in my opinion, except Richard. He had moments where he looked real good pressuring the puck carrier. As for the rest, the Habs spent a significant amount of time in their own zone, shots were 32-21 for New Jersey. Allen pitched a shutout, where Primeau had 2 against him, but one was extremely fluky. Was a perfect ping-pong goal, couldn't replicate it if they tried a thousand times. To their credit, the defense didn't give up many bad breaks, so I guess that's a credit to them. Overall I was underwhelmed with the players looking to secure roster spots.
  6. I think, like NHL live, the only worries you will have for Habs games are if you are in the local area, so Quebec. From what you quoted above, those blackouts will not include games that are on the Sportsnet channels, like HNIC. I don't anticipate it being much different from NHL Live. I resubscribed tonight before the game because I had a renewal discount of a whopping $20 extra off from the promotion you are quoting.
  7. If Slafkovsky is auditioning for a roster spot opening night, he's not showing it so far in this game.
  8. Beck just took a faceoff holding his stick in the wrong hand, so his blade curve faced him. I can't say I've seen that before in the NHL.
  9. I'll admit I missed half of the first period. Richard is looking like a good 3rd/4th line guy, if he makes the team out of camp. Good stick, good pressure on the puck, making some smart plays with the puck, looked good on the PK. Even though New Jersey was just as bad as Montreal last season. Caufield had that great one-timer on the PP. Was a little disappointed in Matheson on the PP, elected to shoot with Hoffman and Caufield on the top of their respective circles in one-timer position. This was something I have been critical of Montreal's PP for a few years, the right side had no reliable one-timer option so the play always funneled to the left for a shot from Weber, and more recently Cauflield. I hope they keep this change going forward to the season.
  10. Brian already quoted me so I won’t edit the post, but I meant to say “it’s Sportsnet Now.”
  11. Isn’t sportsnet now. It’s the same thing as NHL live, only through sportsnet, from my understanding.
  12. That could be a massive overpayment for a guy who couldn’t secure a full time NHL job in New York. He will have to turn into a good top-4 guy to make that trade look as bad as it does for Dallas.
  13. Renaud Lavoie of TVA is reporting Edmundson is getting some trade interest and that there are some pretty attractive offers. Also saying the chances of him being traded right now is slim to none until the trade deadline. https://montrealhockeynow.com/2022/09/12/nhl-trade-report-teams-calling-canadiens-about-edmundson/
  14. In case anyone is interested, here's the link for the New Jersey Game from the official website.
  15. While I agree, with the prices of tickets in Canadien markets there shouldn’t be any ads on jerseys.
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