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  1. In that case there's not a whole lot Edmonton can do. They can't match, as it's over the allowable cap overage, so the only other option is to panic trade about $4m of cap just to match and still have to deal with clearing about $2m more just to be cap compliant without Holloway signed.
  2. Would seem really early to give up on Mesar, especially with the Slafkovsky connection, unless the return was good.
  3. I missed the live scrimmage from development camp that @Prime Minister Koivu posted the lines from above. Posting a link if anyone wanted to watch it.
  4. This could be countered by a MLB Rule-5 style draft. Using a standardized late round draft pick instead of cash. it's not perfect, but it's an idea.
  5. The rumors point to Kane being the one on the move. I've read reports of his being asked to waive his NMC and reports of him not being asked. Either way the Oilers need to clear about $2.5m in cap to be compliant, with Holloway and Broberg to sign.
  6. Rule changes for the 24-25 season; Rule 38.2 (Situations Subject to Coach’s Challenge) A coach’s challenge now will be permitted to take down a penalty for puck out of play. This only will apply to delay of game penalties when the puck is determined to have deflected off a player, stick, glass or boards, and not on a judgment call on how the puck left the defensive zone (e.g., batted pucks or if the puck was shot out from the defensive zone). In the event of a failed challenge, another two-minute minor penalty will be assessed (in addition to the existing delay of game penalty). Rule 63.8 (Line Change Following Dislodged Net) There will be an adjustment to Rule 63.8 so that the defensive team cannot make a line change in the event its goaltender accidentally dislodges the net (old language applied just to skater). Rule 76.4 (Face-Off Procedure – Centers) Following an icing, the offensive center also now will receive one warning (same as the defensive player) for a face-off violation. Rule 75.3 (Unsportsmanlike Conduct – Player Sitting on Boards) The referee now will provide the offending team (coach and players) with one warning regarding players sitting on the boards (and will so advise the other team). After one warning in a game, the team precipitating the warning will be issued a bench minor penalty for future violations. https://www.nhl.com/news/nhl-announces-rule-changes-for-next-season
  7. Not sure if was discussed already, but Oilers asked Kane to waive his NMC. I could see a fit in Montreal for the last year of his deal. With the Jeff Skinner signing, they are at the cap with Holloway and Broberg to sign still. They should be extra motivated to move him. This is assuming Kane waives his NMC to goto Montreal.
  8. I think the thought process for Geuntzel over Stamkos is age. 28 vs 34.
  9. With Gentzel out of the picture, they may opt to resign him.
  10. Look like Marchessault to Nashville. 5 x $5.5m.
  11. Tampa and Guentzel closing in on a 7 year deal.
  12. That's fair, any proof it came from a source, other than an assumption?
  13. I was assuming Harris is probably playing RD alongside Guhle, leaving the bottom pair RD for Barron. Reinbacher/Mailloux/Hutson are probably AHL bound unless they pleasantly surprise at camp. Barron is 22, will be signing a new contract, and has everything to prove on this deal.
  14. So you agree, no source was ever cited, so the only other place it could of come from is Seravalli himself. It came from him, it wasn't true, so he fabricated it. I'm all ears if there's proof it came from a source, other than speculation of where he got it.
  15. You would have to assume this is to give Barron more NHL ice-time.
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