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  1. I doubt the price will go up. There’s a rift between Eichel and the Sabers. If the Sabers draw this out into next season and get Eichel to play, there’s a good chance he won’t give it his all for a team he doesn’t want to play on. That will in turn lower his value. This makes it harder to trade him.
  2. Just read the offer for Eichel was KK, Romanov, Drouin + a 1st in 2022. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it does seem like a realistic offer.
  3. Think of it this way. With Caufield taking Weber’s spot at the top of the circle, every goal Hoffman scores from the right side, Caufield on the left side gets more dangerous. Like Stamkos and Kucherov for Tampa, with less skill.
  4. Hoffman might be the left shooter for the PP that I’ve been wanting to see for years. It’s just too bad Weber won’t be around to benefit from it.
  5. I'm sure I'm reading this wrong, but Capfriendly is showing Montreal has $973k free before the Weber LTIR. Thats nearly $9m in cap space in reality, enough for KK, Leks and could take on another $3m-$4m as I don't see KK and Leks getting more than $6m combined
  6. What if KK and Leks are pieces in a potential Eichel trade? They haven’t been signed because of sign and trades? KK + Leks + roster players with salary + picks. No rumour, just a thought.
  7. Hoffman signs in Montreal for 4 years at $4.5m AAV. I know Montreal has been trying to get him for a few years. Curious to see if there is anything else going to happen at center.
  8. After the Savard signing, Habs have $6.2m in cap space remaining. With Weber’s LTIR that is roughly $14m in cap space with Leks and KK to sign, without re-signing Danault. At this point I would be surprised if they land Hamilton. It would only leave $4m-$5m in cap space for those 2 signings and no legit 3rd line center.
  9. That was the rumoured offer on the table earlier this season that Danault turned down.
  10. I would honestly be surprised if he gets an offer over $4m-$4.5m. Nugent-Hopkins is signed for $5.125m and I wouldn’t take Danault for Nugent-Hopkins without getting something else with Danault.
  11. How long before Danault’s agent calls Bergevin asking if the 6x$5m is still on the table? I highly doubt he gets an offer like that on the open market.
  12. He may not even report to Chicago, he didn’t want to leave Vegas. TSN is reporting he may just retire. He may of told Vegas if he was traded he will retire, hince nothing coming back the other way. There’s nobody can tell me he has no value.
  13. So basically you are putting the team on the hook for the taxes where it is located. Now teams like Nashville and Tampa are paying players less due to not having state taxes. Meanwhile to accommodate for most US-based teams and the 2 rich Canadian teams, we would realistically have to relocate Ottawa, Winnipeg and possibly Calgary to the US, where they could take advantage of the new cap system because they can’t afford to pay players. The alternative is they slap all their fans with massive pricing increases, especially since merchandising and ticket are purchased in CAD which is roughly worth 3/4 the USD. That’s already a huge obstacle to overcome. A few years ago I watched a Tampa vs Habs game on Center Ice. They were advertising 2 tickets, 2 drinks and 2 slices of pizza for $50. Meanwhile I couldn’t go see an oilers game for any less than $100 a ticket, no other perks other than being granted a seat in the nosebleeds. The biggest issue with you plan is the owners would never in a million years go for it. If you owned a business would you really go broke to pay the taxes of your employees? Nobody would. At least with my proposed MLB-style cap system, Montreal might have $150 million in cap space and Tampa might only have $60 million, but there is nothing stopping Montreal from trading $10 million in cap space for 5 years for someone like Kucherov. The lower cap team will typically do worse, draft higher, pick better players, and use them as commodities to increase their cap.
  14. Ok, so in your system what happens here; Nashville, a no-tax state, signs Weber for $7.5m AAV, the equivalent contract in Quebec, is something like $8.6m, rough number accounting for 37% federal US tax and 33% Canadian federal plus 21% Quebec provincial. Weber now gets traded to Montreal. Does contracted AAV increase? Or does his AAV stay at $7.5m, effectively him making less money? Both situations are equally unfair.
  15. As Commandant pointed out, players have accountants that use creative ways to avoid taxation. For it to be fair, you have to take that in account when setting a cap. You are proposing a system where every financial action of every player needs to be accounted for when setting the cap. Without that you are basically punishing teams in no-tax states.
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