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  1. The cap hit numbers were the numbers Capfriendly had listed at Montreal's cap hit for those 2 years.
  2. From Capfriendly's buyout calculator: A Jake Allen buyout spans 2 years, has a cost of $1,533,333 and savings of $766,667. Allen is 33 years of age at the time of the buyout; therefore, the buyout ratio is 2/3. With $2,300,000 in salary remaining, the cost is $1,533,333, and the savings are $766,667. Buyouts span twice the length of the remaining years and because there is 1 year remaining in the contract, the buyout length is 2 years. The buyout cap hit is displayed in the Cap Hit Calculations table below. (below is abbreviated) Cap hits 24-25 - $2,316,667 25-26 - $766,667 By those calculations, trading Allen with 50% retained for futures is better cap wise, but does use a retention slot.
  3. Or Primeau goes somewhere in the off-season as apart of a package. Read that Buffalo may look for a goalie in the off-season in free agency or trade for a goalie with a year left so Levi could spend a full season in the AHL. Allen with retention is about what Buffalo would be spending in free agency.
  4. If what Bettman said is true, Reilly disagreed with others saying his actions were appropriate. As much as it pains me to respect a Leaf, I give him kudos for at least that.
  5. The goalie market is weird this year. Multiple teams are looking for goalie and there's some interesting names out there that may or may not be available. Saros is listed there too and I'm pretty sure Nashville still wants to resign him. Markstrom may or may not be available. Swayman may or may not be available. With 3 good goalies potentially available, teams don't want to commit until they know the status of at least those 3. Allen won't get traded until the deadline.
  6. The way he tried to get up and had those jelly legs, I'm shocked he's skating yet.
  7. He's still not expected to play a game this season, but he's started skating.
  8. I've read those rumors too, but every one mentions cap hit is the issue for New Jersey. I'm not sure exactly what it is about the cap hit as I'm not invested into that rumor enough to look into it.
  9. The flip side to that is IF he develops a solid defensive game, he makes a great 3rd line player. A more offensive version of Lehkonen that can play higher in the lineup if needed, but is a solid 3rd liner. Which is a great idea, but defense is arguably the hardest thing to teach effectively.
  10. The whole situation highlights Toronto's problems. They brought in Reaves, Domi and Bertuzzi to fix their toughness issues. This situation happens and instead of the mentality of "we will make them pay for that," they resort to a cheapshot. Now instead of the next game, or the end of that game, this gets repayed, it's Ottawa coming out with the motivation for the cheapshot. Shot themselves in the foot being soft.
  11. Slaf might score 20 this season. That's a pretty good improvement over last season, injury aside. His improvement so far this season is a strong indication it's more than possible.
  12. If the net is empty, it's the losing team attempting to come back, not signaling the game is over. The reference to football and basketball are misplaced. In hockey, if the net is empty to attempt a comeback, it's fair game to score on it. Teams don't avoid scoring on an empty net if given the chance. When was the last time you saw a team have a breakaway on an empty net and purposely not score?
  13. I don't understand this mentality. It's was unnecessary and disrespectful? Players have made entire careers on being disrespectful and doing unnecessary things. Teams look for pests to antagonize the other team. That part is completely embraced and accepted by the hockey community, but heavens forbid someone slap shots a puck into an empty net.
  14. When it does happen, or is proposed, it usually is part of a bigger trade, like the Subban for Draisaitl trade that fell through. The picks aren't the main part of the trade. I could see some draft day scenarios involving Ottawa or Columbus, with that availability of Chyrchurn or maybe Laine. I doubt we'll be super happy with what the cost would be to acquire one of those and move up the same time. Laine would be more realistic.
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