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  1. I forgot the game was on, watched the highlights today. Poor Montembeault, lit up for 4 and maybe an argument could be made the first goal was his fault. The other 3 were just poor defensive play. Allowing Malkin to have the one-timer on the PP is bad, but Anderson was on the ice and doing nothing on the 3rd goal, wasn't taking away the pass, wasn't taking Malkin, was just in the middle of the ice for no reason. Montembeault will never be a star goalie, but if his progression continues, he could make a decent starter, or a solid backup. His numbers just don't reflect his play this season.
  2. It's been a fun game, but Allen needs to hemorrhage a couple of unanswered goals now.
  3. Should be goalie interference, as Stephan made no effort to avoid the contact. these are 50/50 the best of times. Edit: The goal was called back due to goalie interference.
  4. That's a really odd call. Both for unsportsmanlike conduct when Burns was clearly more aggressive. It should of been roughing calls anyway. Just really odd all around. Then Anderson called for interference, which was deserved, but Svechnikov gets nothing for interference on Anderson right after?
  5. Raanta is out for the rest of the game. Something happened while trying to get back cross crease on a shot from Tierney that hit the post.
  6. For being 2-1 Montreal, the crowd is extremely quiet.
  7. Some questionable play in their own zone costs Carolina the first goal of the game.
  8. According to Francois Gagnon of RDS the reason Edmundson didn't get traded was Hughes wanted a 1st and all he was being offered was 4th and 5th round picks.
  9. I'm certain that role could be filled in free agency if Edmundson gets traded. Probably by a player that could easily slip down the depth chart if the kids don't regress.
  10. This could push Edmundson’s value up. With only 3 bigger fish on the market for defense, none of which have to be traded, and 2 teams in LA and Edmonton pushing for a defenseman. It could lead to a panic trade at the deadline for Edmundson.
  11. Trading an expiring UFA that was basically untradeable, for a younger, expiring RFA that will be cheaper to resign that could be, at worse, a reclamation project. I don't know much about Gurianov, but just his age, contract status and his offensive capabilities makes this a win, no? Talk about making honey out of horse shit.
  12. Dach’s emergence as of late as a center pushes the need for Dubois down low. It only been a short stint, but it’s very positive that Hughes could of got the guy he wanted for the 2C position. Did they really get better? Toronto’s issue has been their shaky defence core. Arguably, their strength is at center. So the reinforced their strength, didn’t address their weakness, and further cap strapped themselves. The only way they got better is if they lose Matthews or Tavares before or during the playoffs, so they have a quality center to step in, but losing one of those guys is more of a negative.
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