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  1. I believe this series hinges on Price, KK, Perry and Staal. Price and KK needs to show up like they did last year. Veterans are usually key in the playoffs, so if they finish their checks on the Toronto defense and chip in a couple, I think the Habs have a chance to make it a good series and maybe even an upset. I think this series will be closer than the season series. Plus there's the elephant in the room of Toronto not being able to win a playoff series. As always, how much the refs chip in will be a huge factor, but it is the playoffs.
  2. Playoffs are set, North Division playoffs begin next Wednesday with either Montreal @ Toronto or Winnipeg @ Edmonton. As for today's game, I'll update lines as they become available. In every sense standing wise, this is a meaningless game for both teams.
  3. Lineups as per TSN. Montreal: Toffoli - Suzuki - Armia Tatar - Kotkaniemi - Anderson Byron - Evans - Lehkonen Perry - Staal - Caufield Edmundson - Petry Kulak - Chiarot Romanov - Merrill Allen starting Primeau Edmonton: Kahun-McDavid-Puljuarvi RNH-Draisaitl-Yamamoto Shore-Khaira-Archibald Neal-McLeod-Chiasson Nurse-Barrie Jones-Bear Lagesson?-Larsson - Unclear if Kulikov is available Koskinen starts So there's a good chance for a win, Koskinen is awful, but watch him have the best
  4. Pretty sure a win tonight eliminates Calgary.
  5. I agree we need price back, Allen needs a backup.
  6. The worse part is, I think Montreal has had more real good chances. Primeau can't stop a beachball so far.
  7. He has already set a record for scoring the winner in his first 2 OTs.
  8. Senators lineup for tonight - as per TSN Tkachuk - Norris - Batherson Formenton - White - Paul Stützle - Pinto – C. Brown Dzingel - Tierney - Dadonov Mete - Zaitsev Brannstrom - Zub Alsing – Bernard-Docker Forsberg Gustavsson Looks like Mete on the top line lol
  9. What baffles me in all of this is the department of player safety and kicking beehives have a clear rule. If the play doesn’t result in an injury, they will not suspend. Yet the play ended in an injury, and they didn’t suspend. Read something earlier that the play the injured Panarin, Wilson was given 14 minutes in the box, a misconduct and a double minor for roughing. In those 14 minutes he made something like $21,000 (salary divided by TOI multiplied by 15 minutes he was in the box). His fine was $5,000. Tom Wilson injured on of the Ranger’s best players and made $16,000, after
  10. @Commandant I'm starting to believe in Caufield
  11. I want to, I don't think the disparity between Toronto and Montreal playing like they can play is that much. Toronto has more offensive talent, I still believe the defensive capability and goal tending is in Montreal's favor. I would like to hold bragging rights for putting out the leafs in the first round for the first playoff meeting in ages.
  12. I really liked the look of the Leks - Evans - Caufield line last game. Young and fast with a scoring touch in Caufield. It's not the savior of the Habs, but it's a good change.
  13. Lines as per TSN. Kotkaniemi – Danault – Anderson Toffoli – Suzuki – Armia Lehkonen – Evans – Caufield Frolik – Staal – Perry Romanov – Chiarot Edmundson – Petry Kulak – Merrill Allen starting Primeau
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