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  1. Unless something changed, Buffalo wants a complete salary dump if Eichel gets traded. So it would need to be a team that can currently fit Eichel in and Buffalo would get picks and prospects back. If that is still true, Buffalo would have no interest in either Dvorak or Armia. It kind of sounded like Buffalo set the demands so high that there’s no way a trade could happen. Either teams had the cap space but not the assets, or the assets and not the cap space. This is my opinion though.
  2. The biggest issue the Habs have had with higher picks is they rush them to the NHL. Galchenyuk came off of knee surgery in the OHL to playing NHL games consistently. KK went straight to the NHL. The Habs drafted immediate needs and rushed them to the NHL. Both of these 3rd overall picks should of played in the AHL for at least a season, maybe more. Pacioretty played a couple seasons in the AHL, getting seasoned for the NHL. Look how that turned out. Before he was traded, he was top-5 in 5-on-5 scoring in the NHL for a string of years. If I remember he was top-2 for a number of years behind Ovechkin. I do understand drafting a need, but filling an immediate need with a draft pick doesn't work unless it's a great player. The Habs should of endured the losses, like they did with them in the lineup, with their top picks developing, not rushing them into the NHL.
  3. I wouldn’t of been. My view of the situation is Carolina made a bad decision with the offer sheet on KK for $6.1m. MB turned those lemons into lemonade by upgrading on KK in the short term, costing only an extra 2nd round pick while gaining a 3rd. Overall I am happy with this situation. Now in 3 years time if KK reaches his potential, this may look bad, but the future isn’t guaranteed and if KK only tops out at a 2nd line center, this was a win for Montreal.
  4. So turns out MB has until 5:30PM EST today to match, not 5PM EST.
  5. The Hughes offersheet was to eat cap space, so that would have to be done first. This is kind of strange there hasn't been an announcement yet.
  6. They also operate well below the cap. One of the biggest advantages of an offersheet is offering above what a team can afford under the CBA. Since Arizona never is anywhere near the cap, they can match nearly any offer.
  7. Wild idea. Let Carolina have KK. Use the 1st round pick to package Drouin out for cap space, try to get a 2nd in return. Offer sheet Hughes in Vancouver for $6m, Vancouver matches, offer sheet Pettersson for $7m-$8m. Vancouver can’t match, give up 1st, 2nd, 3rd round pick the next draft. Voila! KK and Drouin out, Pettersson in. Only losing out on a first round pick this year, 2nd and 3rd are from other teams. One can only dream.
  8. I’m not sure what situation you are talking about. KK isn’t gone yet. MB can match and have to do some tight cap negotiations, but KK can still easily be in a Habs uniform next year. The absolute dire need for a 2C isn’t there, unless KK goes to Carolina and MB doesn’t have something else figured out. That being said, if MB has a line on an upgrade or equivalent using the 2 picks, the trade can’t happen until The matching if the offer sheet is turned down. Above all, matching or not, there’s no reason whatsoever that MB shouldn’t leave it to the last minute to announce the decision. Chances are he has his mid made up by now, and with the lack of rumours on replacements, I would imagine he his holding his cards close to his chest and probably will match it.
  9. I would guess he will get a 2 year bridge deal, somewhere around the $5m-$6m mark depending on how this season goes for him. I wouldn’t expect a long term deal unless he finishes top-15 in league scoring or MB lucks out and Suzuki accepts an 8 year deal with low AAV.
  10. I apologize. I haven’t seen anywhere where you said that, so I was commenting on what you actually said.
  11. I would disagree. In trades most 3C are picked up for a lot less than a 1st round pick. Most are somewhere between 2nd round and 3rd round picks with filler prospects, from cup contending teams which are mid to late rounds. Danault was picked up for a 2nd, while he was a young 3C with potential. Paul Stasny was traded to Winnipeg for a defenseman who has played less than 80 games in the NHL, currently in Sweden and a 4th. Also, who gives up a top-9 forward plus a decent pick up a 3C? That’s a massive overpayment unless the 3C is potentially a 2C.
  12. Assuming KK goes to Carolina. Wouldn't a 1st from Carolina and a 1st/2nd from Montreal be something Arizona would consider? Complete salary shed and both futures.
  13. I thinks this is a great move. Use the 1st and the 3rd, maybe sweeten the pot with their 1st and a prospect. See what bites they get. Everything is worth exploring at this point. If all else fails, match the offer sheet, which I think is a bad idea.
  14. I believe that’s just for the qualifying offer. If the qualifying offer isn’t accepted, he can sign for anything from the league minimum to league maximum. If it is accepted it’s a 1 year deal at the previous year’s actual salary, or down to 85% of it. It’s one of the interesting bits of the qualifying offer. O’Reilly and the whole Colorado/Calgary fiasco was a good example of it. The offer was something like $6m AAV (these numbers are wrong) over 2 years with $4m first year and $8m second year. The deterrent was he was still RFA at the end and would of required an $8m qualifying offer to qualify. This is not factoring in Calgary’s misunderstanding of the CBA would of costed them O’Reilly and the picks for the qualifying offer. I could be wrong on this as I’m not a CBA guru.
  15. For what it’s worth, Laraque is reporting the Hurricanes have an extension worked out for long term at $4m AAV. Wouldn’t that be against the CBA? They can’t officially resign him until next year anyway, it would make no sense to agree to a contract like that at this stage anyway. Not sure how believable his report really is.
  16. My mistake, it was a fake account. This is why I hate Twitter. I follow like 5 people, all reputable, and Twitter gives my a bunch of updates from fake accounts.
  17. So I don’t know if much can be read into it, Eric Engels tweeted Eichel was on a plane to Montreal with his hockey sticks, turns out it’s for the biosteel camp in Montreal. Yesterday Eichel tweeted, “See you soon @CanadiensMTL.” Is the camp hosted by the Canadiens, which would explain the tweet, or is there something else at play?
  18. Oilers signed Darnell Nurse to an 8 year $9.5m AAV contract. That’s gotta be one of the worse contract in recent memory. Don't get me wrong, he isn’t terrible, $6m max. He isn’t a $9.5m player.
  19. Why would Winnipeg want a center in return? They have Scheifele and Stastny as their 1/2, PLD pushed neither of those 2 out of the top 2 center position. They were playing PLD on the wing to keep him in their top-6 last season. This proposal would give them a true winger with a currently higher point production. The next season cap hit is only 500k higher, but Drouin has 2 years @ $5.5m, PLD needs another contract after next season, which is $5m for next season.
  20. I wouldn’t say he has zero trade value. He is still over 0.5 PPG player, higher than PLD at any point during his NHL career. Winnipeg was disappointed with PLD last season. I don’t see it as an unfair trade.
  21. What about Drouin + a pick (3rd at best) to Winnipeg for PLD. PLD struggled with the jet so try to get him while his value is lower. Fills a 2/3 line center for Montreal. Winnipeg gets a winger with a couple years left on his deal for their top 6. The pick with Drouin is only so there’s no salary retention.
  22. I doubt the price will go up. There’s a rift between Eichel and the Sabers. If the Sabers draw this out into next season and get Eichel to play, there’s a good chance he won’t give it his all for a team he doesn’t want to play on. That will in turn lower his value. This makes it harder to trade him.
  23. Just read the offer for Eichel was KK, Romanov, Drouin + a 1st in 2022. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it does seem like a realistic offer.
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