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  1. I’m pretty optimistic about the future of this team with the addition of Wright alone. We have 2 good defensive centers with offensive upside. We have a solid goal scorer in Caufield. Some good defence prospects in the pipelines. Only question mark really is in net, but it’s not for lack of prospects. A few years and some moves, this will be legit playoff team.
  2. Oilers didn’t have a complete team and were developing with a flawed mentality. They focused on drafting offence and insisted their defence and goaltending prospects were ready when they weren’t. Then they just threw them to the wolves, Petry and Dubnyk are the best examples of this. When Dubnyk was picked up by Minnesota, the first thing their goalie coach said was Dubnyk developed a lot of bad habits that needed to be broke.
  3. Dreger reporting Weber’s contract will be traded to Arizona in the off-season. The hold up at the deadline was money to be paid out, which I’m assuming is the bonuses on July 1st. Are the Habs expected to get a return in this or basically pay Arizona to take the contract off the books?
  4. With only 2 games left for Arizona and Montreal and Arizona being up by 2 points and 3 more wins, am I correct in assuming 1 more loss for the Montreal and they are a lock for last place?
  5. Sad news this morning at the passing of a true legend. May you RIP.
  6. Getzlaf is set to retire after this season. https://www.nhl.com/ducks/news/getzlaf-announces-retirement-from-nhl-after-the-2021-22-season/c-332647152
  7. Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun is saying he believes Montreal with take a run at Giroux in free agency. With the rumours of Hughes making a play for Collin White and saying they will be aggressive during free agency, is anyone else concerned with this retool now? I was all in on a full rebuild, like most fans, and now it’s back to another retool by the looks of it.
  8. I'm not convinced Montreal won't find a way to screw up getting a top-3 pick. They will probably go on a 10-game winning streak and end up picking closer to 10.
  9. Even Price at 5 was regarded as too high for a goalie. The only exception I can think of recently is MAF and there were still questions. I do agree goalies are unpredictable. We drafted Fucale who was Price’s heir apparent. Turned out to be a bust. Primeau was ranked as one of the best goalies in his age group post-draft.
  10. Reports are there’s a chance he plays his first game as a hab tonight.
  11. I would imagine Montreal is on his list as it appears the taxes in California were the reason Anaheim was on the list in the first place. Weber's contract is no doubt attractive to Vegas as they are in a serious case of cap hell. Also Dadonov only has 2 years left.
  12. What is the realistic outcome of the Dadonov situation? Reports are Dadonov submitted his list to the Senators in time prior to his trade to Vegas. Vegas and the NHL are claiming they don’t have that list. Does this just void the trade unless Dadonov agrees to the move? Which sounds like he’s not going to do.
  13. I wouldn't rule out Tampa due to the cap hell they are in, but Arizona is probably the safe bet.
  14. Realistically are the Canadiens done for today? Except Petry, every speculated player to be on the move has moved. Petry is probably an offseason move.
  15. Lagesson and a 2nd for Kulak. TSN is reporting.
  16. MacKenzie reporting the holdup is a player going to Montreal has to be notified and Lagesson was just pulled off the ice in practice for Edmonton.
  17. I do see what you mean with Smith, but Smith is Edmonton's starter, Koskinen has been playing so much due to Smith being made of glass. Koskinen has a 15-team no trade list, the holdup could be getting him to waive as Montreal may not be on his list.
  18. If Allen is part of the trade, shouldn't that mean Koskinen is probably going to Montreal?
  19. I haven't seen much about Allen being in play, but if he is, I would be very surprised he wouldn't be a fairly hot commodity. I could easily see scenarios where Edmonton or Dallas would make a play for Allen.
  20. There's a handful of insiders that are more reliable than others. LeBrun is one of those. His "feeling" is based on more than a feeling, it's just being presented that way. Let's be honest, if Bob McKenzie said he had a feeling Lehkonen will be traded, we would all take it as a when, not if.
  21. I know a few teams have inquired about Lehkonen, hoping he's the next Goodrow or Coleman. The assumption is his next contract will be $3.5m-$4m per year. The price is high on him because Hughes has serious interest in resigning him, so if he's being traded the offer need to knock your socks off. He is a RFA after this season as well, so there's no chance of trade and resigning him in the offseason, which also increases his value. Bottom line is Hughes will get his asking price or Lehkonen will stay put. I quoted Commandant's post about the Lebrun tweet and it quoted completely different post?
  22. Sounds like it. The Panthers have the cap space for him if the Flyers retain salary.
  23. At some point the Canadiens made a “serious” inquiry on Kapanen from Pittsburgh. Also it sounds like the Habs are trying to trade the Weber contract.
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