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  1. Gotta keep accumulating picks - it'll be a long rebuild. By 2025 we'll hopefully be in position to flip some of them for a good player. Is Pearson ready to start the season? Like others, I'm not thrilled about him taking a spot from a young guy, but then again we don't really have many forward prospects emphatically deserving a spot in the lineup. A year or two in Laval will do them well.
  2. True enough, he knows where his bread is buttered.
  3. McCagg was hyping up Lindstrom with Marinaro, maybe he's a Kovacevic type asset. It gives us the option of marinating Barron in the minors, which hopefully is the plan for everyone but our 1st overall supersoldier.
  4. I don't mind the dead cap this year but for next year we should have gotten more value back. I guess Hughes' hands were tied by Petry's no trade clause.
  5. It helps that RD is a position of need, and if we have to keep Petry he'll be useful for us. I guess the deal will look worse if he's still on the cap next year and we're having trouble unloading him.
  6. I'm still marvelling at this trade. We dumped a bunch of deadwood for a decent pick, and a decent player who could fetch another decent pick (or more). We basically got value out of thin air and cleared up much needed space at forward, jettisoning a useless bum (Hoffman) in the process.
  7. If he returns to form and is on a 40 point pace at the deadline, with salary retention he should be worth more than just a 2nd.
  8. If we retain 50% on Petry's salary, what's his value around the league? A veteran RD coming off two down years, turning 36 this season, but with some great years before that including a recent finals run where he was a key contributor. Should be worth at least another 2nd, right? Would it be worth it to rehabilitate his value in the lineup first?
  9. Some analysts are saying that the Karlsson trade was a logjam holding up other moves around the league, so maybe we're in for an active month of August.
  10. Did Mike Grier get absolutely taken to the cleaners on this trade? Sure, he got rid of Karlsson's contract, but he didn't get much in return, and even sent out a 3rd rounder. Another example of why I'm glad we didn't go for a former player as our GM.
  11. I love this deal, especially considering that we'll probably get some more assets by flipping Petry down the road at a lower cap hit. Glad that Hoffman is gone and we can forget he was ever on the team (and was a replacement for a beaut in Danault). This means more stability on D and another spot up front for a prospect. A 2nd rounder is nothing to sneeze at either, and maybe even Desmith will provide some value.
  12. As there would be with Carey if he weren't on LTIR, which is probably the best option for Gally at some point soon.
  13. I'd love to maximize Hoffman's value, but he's probably not worth much more than Dadonov was at the deadline. I'd rather just play the youth and see if Ylonen or Farrell can hang in the league.
  14. Gorges was a hell of a depth D for us until he got paid. Similar to Gallagher as a blood and guts role player who took too much punishment to ever merit a big chunk of the cap (obvs Gally was better). Harris seems more cerebral and able to avoid getting clobbered.
  15. It seems like there's a 90% chance that it won't effect his career, but it is a little concerning. I wonder how much this would have changed his draft stock if this information was available earlier.
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