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  1. I just hope two defenders get chosen in the top-4 and we get Demidov or Lindstrom, though I will talk myself into any other forward we take.
  2. Gally has had a strong second half of the year. Gives me hope that he can contribute to a winning team next year! What a dramatic finish with Gostisbehere leaping to keep the puck in and Raymond sniping the tying goal. Happy for Detroit, I'd rather see them make it than Washington. Nice to see Hutson get on the scoresheet, but too bad we didn't get a powerplay opportunity for him to work his magic. He did look pretty slippery on his scoring play! What are we going to do with this logjam of defensive prospects? Five years ago we would have killed for just Jordan Harris, let alone all the others ahead of him.
  3. I agree with taking our time with Mailloux, let's see him lead a winning team in the AHL and fill in the holes in his game.
  4. A lot easier to avoid contact as a winger than a defenseman. Is Lane going to clear the front of the net?
  5. Maybe we should break the mould and play 3 defensemen and 2 forwards.
  6. Slaf looked so good circling into the slot but then made the strangest shot/pass to the corner.
  7. If we're picking up two points I want 4+ goals, so nice stat padding with those empty netters.
  8. Monty seemed to lose his net on a couple goals, he was drifting to his blocker side and left too much room on his left. On the broadcast, Mudryk is at least passable but Craig Button is absolutely dreadful. No chemistry with his partner, often starts a sentence without finishing it, and effusively praises mediocre players to the point of senselessness.
  9. Colin White has been pretty good the last game or two. Another solid shift from the fourth line early in the first.
  10. McDavid made the whole team look silly there. Matheson is quietly on pace for the worst +/- in CH history.
  11. It'll be fun to watch them on the same team next year. We've been deprived of best on best international hockey for too long.
  12. Slaf still has a lot of work to do on his release, had a couple big whiffs in this one.
  13. Slaf was a beast last night. He was dominant along the boards and made a few elite passes. Once his shot gets up to speed we'll have ourselves a full blown power forward!
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