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  1. Does it matter who the GM is? They'll be a figurehead with Gorton running the show.
  2. We won thanks to the Fix You intro. Will the Fix You intro lose us our pick!?
  3. C'mon boys, keep it respectable. One, two goal losses, not six goal whoppings. And at least get on the board so our stats are decent when trade time comes.
  4. It seems like whenever Drouin is having a nice stretch for us he gets injured - this puck to the head, and the Ovi hit a couple years ago occurred during good spells for him. Hopefully he can pick up where he left off (and build his trade value!).
  5. Sergachev always struck me as mistake-prone, but he would sure help our powerplay. I wouldn't call him a stud D yet, with Hedman and McDonagh and even Cernak doing a lot of the heavy lifting for that team. His flaws would be a lot less well-hidden if he stayed with the Habs.
  6. NIce to see Poehling get on the board. Detroit has some decent youngsters, Yzerman's rebuild seems to be on track.
  7. This is what I saw. Unfortunately, we'd be sending back a longterm cap hit (unless they want Drouin, which I doubt).
  8. Sam Girard is reportedly on the block for the Avs who are looking for a second line winger. We have a surplus of wings and a hole at LD, not to mention he's a homeboy.
  9. You think whether or not we speculate on this board will have an effect on Carey? As a public figure he knows people are speculating about him. We're not among the people he knows about.
  10. He's lost a step and has taken a lot of damage over the years. We could see when he was 22 that he wasn't a guy who would be as effective in his 30's. Maybe all our big money albatrosses will just take the Weber route and retire to LTIR at some point, because I don't see any other teams wanting them.
  11. Perhaps it's focus and concentration-related drugs like adderall or speed that get him 'in the zone'. He certainly seems to be able to flip a switch from inconsistent to locked in. If that's the case, famously unflappable Carey's mental stability will be called into question.
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