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  1. While I wait for tye Canadiens to become relevant again I take solace in watching the Leafs find new creative ways to blow up like the Hindenburg. I would never, ever feel sorry for that franchise or their fan base.
  2. Call me crazy but I wouldn’t trade Suzuki for Petterssen. Maybe if their contracts were at par but not otherwise.
  3. I agree but feel free to add Caufield’s game becoming so much more complete.
  4. If I were you If I were you I’d be emailing that to Kent.
  5. The chemistry is real. They will be a line to be reckoned with moving forward.
  6. Kid is really starting to grow on me. if he adds that kind of shot to his ever growing arsenal ooooh boy!
  7. Was watching the game last night and saw that injury develop live. It was brutal. That being said, Matheson would look great on that team.
  8. Do not overlook this fact. Shrewd move by Hughes
  9. That was me. I don’t personally think he’s worth a first talent wise but it is crazy season and he carries coveted intangibles.
  10. Ain’t no way you package Savard and Mohanan unless someone blows your socks off. If the chips fall favorably you might be able to extract 2 firsts if you trade them separately.
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