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  1. You all better start practicing the proper pronunciation of Xhekaj.. This kid is legit.
  2. Missed the first. Watched most of the second. Mesar looks special.
  3. Amazingly watched the whole thing. Thought it was good. (Being hockey deprived can do that)
  4. Hard no for me as well on Koivu. Price would be a yes. His play and commitment to the franchise as well as his international success warrants as much.
  5. This is exactly what I thought of too. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gordian_Knot
  6. Carolina might have taken over as public enemy #2 for me surpassing both Boston and Ottawa. They really irk me.
  7. What a sick game this has been!!
  8. McDavid - Kane clinic. Jesus Christ!
  9. Leadership. From the top down. it’s the only way to offset the loser mentality that has seeped deep into the psyche of the organization and city.
  10. Bold call of the day. Montreal wins a playoff series before the Leafs do.
  11. The media love fest for the leafs is absolutely disgusting. Totally commending them for a hard fought series. That they didn’t choke this year. That they looked TB right in eye. That their roster is just fine. That their leadership is top notch. They choked. Again. End of story.
  12. All’s right in the world again
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