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  1. Third comeback win in a row. The tide has turned. Petry and Suzuki looking like they did during the first 10 games. Oh, and the kid can shoot!!
  2. Blood and guts. A true mutt. But what a mutt. Enjoy your retirement and your family 65.
  3. This might be the most intense game I’ve seen two teams play all year. Period.
  4. Curious to see what they gave up for him..?
  5. Tabarnac le jeune is impressionant!!
  6. Drives me bat shit crazy when I hear bruins fans bitch about deliberate head shots yet deem the Chara hit on Pacioretty as a clean hockey play.
  7. Over the years we have all ragged on MB plenty but the Galchenyuck for Domi for Anderson deal along with the Weber for Subban have cemented his legacy (and saved his bacon)
  8. Guys, I know it's early... But this team is LEGIT
  9. At this pace Cage aux Sports going bankrupt.
  10. With Dubois getting a whopping 3:55 of ice time and benched after the 1st you can safely assume the rumor mill to run rampant tomorrow. Unless they can Torts. Which they probably should do.
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