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  1. Culture dictated by media and fanbase who are far to over critical
  2. Your comment was not on asset management but drafting flops. I say you are wrong. You said last 15 years which includes Price regardless of management team. Please debate with sense
  3. Price, flop, Sergachev, Flop, Tinordi Flop. KK flop, Caufield flop, McDonagh Flop, Beaulieau Flop, Galchenyuk Flop. Hmm, Maybe you are right...... (shakes his head and leaves the room).
  4. We were anything but stacked at the center position when we drafted KK. You use Suzuki, Evans and Poehling the reason not to draft him. Did we have any of these in our roster even at the time????? Again, with the crystal ball. Poehling was anything but a top pick and surely wasn't and isn't going to be a number 1 center. You saw Evans becoming an NHL center? That is an amazing skill. Again, go on the record and tell us who exactly we need to draft this year.
  5. I wouldn't go that far, but yes we are the underdogs. Leafs have 2 big things going against them. Firstly it is the playoffs, enough said on that. Secondly, they are the Leafs. The last times Leafs beat us in a series they were as much an underdog or maybe even more so, than we are now. We can win this.
  6. Can't be afraid of a team that hasn't beaten us in a playoff game since 1967.......
  7. And you possess a crystal ball to see the future? Please tell us, who should we draft this year? You seem to think these are obvious to everyone but MB. Tell us please. Then we will see in a few seasons just how great you would be. The bunch of you are complaining that MB couldn't see Tkachuk would be ahead of KK in development 3 years ahead? SMH and wondering why I bother.
  8. Don't expect spreading of ice time from the Oilers. They hope to finish us in 2 and face the Flames. Better matchup for them. 6 and 4 vs Calgary, best they can do is 4 and 5 vs Habs
  9. I don't have the lineups or anything else for you. What I do have is the facts. We need a point. Period. Get your butts out there and get'er done boys. Can't wait on Calgary losing to the 'nucks. 1st GDT of the season, hope it is not my last! Go Habs Go!!!
  10. Didn't that curse start with that guy #9 who was way to fragile for the NHL?
  11. If we lose 8 in a row..... we finish 6th. We would not deserve a spot. IF. Not likely to hapen. Go Habs Go
  12. Nah, playing Oilers, Jets will skid to 4th and we fly past them. in my hopes anyway.... Leafs 2nd round
  13. Wishing nothing but the best to the man who graduated high school with my daughters. Get well soon Jonathan. East coast is pulling for you.
  14. Team is exhausted and MB overspend so our hand are tied to call up taxi squad.
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