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  1. Any luck we move up and can draft a LD!! 😁
  2. I see as many bad penalties from Harris. Not unusual in young defence men. Is Harris more skill? I don't see that at this point. He is better in his own end though. Wish he could move the puck. I still say Harris should be the odd man out of we move a young d. Just my thought based on every game I say ",who was that? Oh Harris , of course" He needs AHL time to get more experience and confidence moving the puck out of his end. He will one day be good with experience but I don't see great. Third pair d-men, not something we are short on.
  3. Hope this means Newhook will stay on the wing where he belongs. He is much more effective there.
  4. So now we start the wasted week. I have no interest at all in the all-star game and feel it should be eliminated. Those 7 days could break up 7 back to back games for every team.
  5. "These are the times that try a man's soul" Team has been in games this year because they believe they have a chance. Been wondering all year how they react after a string of bad losses. Last game they were playing too safe, holding their sticks tight. Causes passes to skates, not sticks and turnovers. I hope they get their trust and belief back tonight. Go HABS Go
  6. I agree. The Americans were taunting the fans badly however, I had to wonder at the end of the Swedes were trying the Russian tactic of starting a brawl after losing to try and get both teams disqualified rather than taking the silver. Poor end to a great series
  7. Well, let's wait and see. You and Don think top 4 I say plug. Let's revisit this in 2 years.
  8. Harris may develop, it is true, but how high do you put his ceiling? Steady third pairing? I see Reinbacher as being in development still in 2 years, replacing an aging Matheson on 3 years. He needs time still and then time to adjust in the AHL to our smaller ice.
  9. Baron needs to go down. He makes way too many mistakes. WiFi needs to come up. We need a deterrent to stop people targeting our young players. Do you think Slaf gets creamed if WiFi is there? I don't . Baron and Harris are not in the big picture. Struble, Hudson, Mailloux, Ghule, WiFi, Matheson. That is our 6 that will be around in my opinion, and a damn fine core it will be. WiFi does not need to develop into top pairing. Bottom pairing is all that the future team will have open for him. Bring him up and stop the other teams from targeting the young guys and small guys.
  10. Wild took advantage of no Wifi or Pez. When neither the sheriff or deputy are in town the thugs run rampant.
  11. Right, but everyone has their point where they do fight back. For some it is a short straw, others it is life or death but we all have our point. I don't think Wifi has a very long straw. Just my view.
  12. How long in the AHL before someone tries to make a name for himself by dropping with him? Hope he doesn't hurt his hand...
  13. Last outing Primeau looked like Price for the first period, then looked like crap. In this game he was Price like for 2 periods, then fell apart. 3rd time a charm?
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