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  1. As a parent who was overcharged for years to help fund this, I want my money back! How about full disclosure? Open up the books, make them public and show us exactly what was done with the funds we contributed?
  2. I just happened to be there overnight on my ship. It was a chance of a lifetime to see a game over here. I am glad I took advantage. The fans were amazing. If Leksand fans are better, I am not sure my ears could take it. Says the old rocker...
  3. Yep, The most standout player in the game, Soderlund, who was a bust. The above mentioned, all are far from NHL. Oslund has good legs and hockey smarts though. Still young. Fun game though with a great atmosphere. I compare it to watching a Jr A game with a soccer crowd.
  4. I am in Stockholm and going to watch DJURGÅRDEN vs VÄSTERÅS tonight. Any key players on these teams to watch?
  5. His lateral movement is his biggest issue that I see. He has a habit of sliding past his post when moving across. Not giving up on him yet, but so far he is a good AHL goalie. Not NHL caliper. He has a long way to go to be an NHL starter.
  6. We got that in Dach? Maybe, big C anyway
  7. Boggled how anyone could even suggest trading our top prospect during a rebuild. That would be beyond stupidity.
  8. Happy to have memories of watching him live, as a Hab and as a Nordique. My brothers first NHL game. Simply the best of his era. RIP Guy.
  9. Lagesson fills a jersey and bench spot while helping us lose out. Great pickup. 2nd in 2023 for Kulak is fair value.
  10. I heard it is not done as Allen is part of the trade...
  11. I remember that post. I hoped we stopped drafting shoe in bottom 6 forwards at that point and preferred shooting for the moon with a high risk reward type. Now, we need to plug those bottom 6 holes. Good addition. We are back on track I believe. Aging Price get his cup here? God I hope so. He deserves it. Window closing though. Got to be realistic.
  12. OK. Stop winning now, we can't make the playoffs so worst is best. Should have kept Ducharme or made the move months ago. Hope we trade away enough to stay in last and do it soon.
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