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  1. Can we just fire the entire medical staff please. Cole was injured months ago in a tank season. Why was he not sidelined? They ruined Price. Let's not let them prescribe drugs to our players to have them play through injuries until addicted again. So upset that they did this to another young star. Fire them. Now. Then start a criminal investigation into improper prescribing of drugs. Patients only become dependent through their doctors lack of control.
  2. Play right within my expectations and only going to get better. Tankers be damned! We will go to the dance and Carey will be back for his final run. I believe! He would have a better shot with this defense in front of him than he had 2 years back and we have way more goal scoring. If that team could come up just short what makes you think this team can't?
  3. This was all before the age of 15, as in it was last committed by a 14 year old CHILD. As I said, I support his not being given a contract at this time, but America is headed down the road that shouldn't be travelled where action of children are tried as actions of adults. No, he has not shown enough remorse to be given a second chance. No bullying is not ok. Yes he was racist in his actions and a bully, but if he was bullying a white kid it is no better. It is bullying, skin colour makes no difference in this case but it sure gets the headlines read. So by your standards, every child should spend their lives living with their mistakes? No wonder this generation has so many suicides. That is a ton of BS to live with. Tell me , were you a golden angel at 14? I sure wasn't. Did I grow and mature? Yes. Let he who is free of sin cast the first stone. I read that somewhere once.
  4. Mitchell Miller. I fully support the idea that he is not being given a contract at this time. However, I totally dislike the headlines. Very racist headlines stating he bullied a black kid. Does the colour of his skin matter? Apparently it does to those who write these headlines. Therefore they are racists. Bullying a kid should be enough. His skin colour is of no concern or importance to the case, or should not be relevant. My other concern on this is there has to be some consideration given to the age of the culprit at the time of the crime. In Canada we don't let acts committed by minors effect them in their adult years, but then again we have many freedoms Americans can only dream of having. Cancel generation is out of control down there. Just my opinion, you are welcome to share yours.
  5. At least we are scoring goals.....now that Price isn't around to close the door at our end.
  6. I would honestly be thrilled if we end up with 2 of the 11 lottery chances with both Habs and Fla finishing bottom 11. I would be happier if the kids develop faster and we compete now and Fla implodes. I think our defense was highly under rated by most preseason. In my opinion it is young and will have bad games but is highly talented and will grow as the season goes along. Add in our best goal scorer in decades and I like our chances. Price not retiring gives me faith that if we do pull off a surprise dance ticket he will be there for that final shot. If that happens, I wouldn't bet against us going the distance. Call me a dreamer. Imagine a cup and Bedard all in one swoop? Maybe just John Lennon and I can picture a world like that.
  7. Umm, no I predicted and still stand by us taking a wild card. Go Habs Go!
  8. Cole on track for 57. Guhle continues to get compliments from opposing commentators, not to mention Harris who they were raving about. This young D is what I thought it might be, fun to watch develop. Keep it going.
  9. Eastern time, AKA GMT-4. I am GMT-2 right now, in the middle of the Atlantic 9pm start for me
  10. Go Habs Go Hoping for a better result in the 2nd game of the season for me. Better start time for me, 9pm, headed to my winter hunting grounds, AKA the Carib. Thank you Sprots24Sea for your coverage of the Habs!!
  11. Go Habs Go. I get this on Sports24 sea tonight , midnight start, first game of the year for me!
  12. True, I read that thread after. Just saying we don't always know the reasons behind these type of decisions. Sometimes there is more to the story than we know. Our old method of developing players was terrible, I am hoping the new regime is better at it.
  13. Just stating what I saw, his pass was a top tier play. Do I want him to get an extension? If he does that pass 30 times this year I might say yes. He was only ever a play maker. If he consistently can be a top level playmaker then he is playing as he should. I never hope for anything but the best out of our players. Cole needs a setup man to pot 50. I wont complain if Drouin becomes that guy. He was pretty good at that in Halifax with McKinnon. Maybe he can find his game, maybe it won't happen. I will be pleased if he does, if not then he won't be extended.
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