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  1. Great game. 1 step closer to 1st overall pick. Maintain the pain, I want Shane! Could say we are doing everything Wright.
  2. Savard has proven useful in playoffs. Too bad he has such a bad contract or he could have been an asset. Dvorak could also be of interest to a playoff team. The biggest playoff asset we have when healthy is Price, and his return at deadline could be franchise changing. IMO.
  3. Stan, yes, and if you thought I was serious you are a loon.
  4. Keeping with our recent history of bringing in players with troubled pasts, Steve Bowman comes to mind. I don't dislike Bergevin and see his team built for a lottery pick this season as a sign of him doing a great job. Then again, I am back in the Caribbean this season and don't have to suffer through watching it.
  5. Perfect. So, if said performers performance evokes a riot, they are responsible? If said performer is unable to perform the audience is refunded and said performer is not paid. That is the real world I live in. You can't walk on stage not able to sing and expect to be paid. You cancel your show, repay your deposit from the promoter and go home.
  6. I could handle 2 years without hockey if the resulting product was better. It is not a question of fault. If you are hired for a job and after you are hired it us discovered that you are not capable you are not at fault. Regardless of how wonderful your CV is and how great you performed in past jobs you can and will be fired. Athletes should not be exempt from dismissal. GMs and coaches can be fired. Players should be able to be fired too. They are not nonhuman. Contracts for athletes should all be performance based. IMO
  7. I work in entertainment. I guess I better stop taking it seriously, like security at a Texas concert.
  8. You must mean 3rd pairing in the ECHL?
  9. Listen, I am a contract worker. If I totally bone my job and don't hold up my end of the deal I am in breach of the contract and can be terminated. Time for professional sports to start looking at that out. If you can't do the job you are paid to do at the level you were hired to do it, you are in breach of the contract and can lawfully have the contract terminated. I am absolutely sick of watching overpaid players not perform at the level they are paid to play at. If you hire a contractor to build a sunroom and he builds one with no windows, are you going to pay him?
  10. I see the issues this season as blindingly obvious. Our defense can't transition the puck out of our end and can't hold the blue line in the other end. Teams are playing their forwards high in their own end to force the d to make quick decisions and we turn it over for rushes time and time again. We NEED to make a move on the point. Period. Wideman and Savard, I would trade either for Mete. Bonehead loss. Petry is not able to carry the pressure of being the #1 guy. He did well as a fill in knowing Weber was coming back before, but the weigh of the role seems to be killing his game. 2 guys calling for the pass and he takes yet another wrister wide. SMH. The blueline as it is will not make the playoffs and will likely finish bottom of the league. Maybe that is the plan, Plight for Wright is in full swing.
  11. If, and that is a big if, the habs make the playoffs, I predict he is back for them.
  12. Guess it wore off? If you travel across time zones often you would get what I am on about. I expect a good showing again today.
  13. Shall we start calling this season the Plight for Wright?
  14. I stayed up until it was 5 1, that was enough. They looked to be as jet legged on the ice as I was in my chair. The eastern teams have had to deal with the late night games every year in west coast swings while western teams basically get an afternoon game on our side. How hard would it be for the NHL to work the schedule so east teams western trips all start with a Saturday or Sunday afternoon game? Would even the playing field
  15. I can't seem to remember, did they even make the playoffs last year? 6mil for a 3rd line center. What a joke team. Hmm he is on track for 30pnts though... as a top line winger. 200k per point. lol
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