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  1. Finally, a winger other than Cole that moves his feet on the PP! Exactly what we needed. I hope Perry signs still, as depth. That is what he signed as last time but won the roster spot.
  2. 5.5mil in LA. After taxes what does that work out to in Montreal?
  3. Glad he signed with us. He has been a solid plug since we got him. A little high but not the 4 mill I was thinking he might get offered by some silly GM.
  4. A dictator is a dictator. Are you going to deny the NHL being a dictatorship under Bettman? I thought you ignored me, lol.
  5. Great price for a depth dman. Hopefully his game is NHL worthy.
  6. Would have been more of a scandal if what they were saying about the coaching in Ottawa at the time was not true. Some people can't take criticism at all. Don't you dare speak out against the terrible coaching in a taxi with your teammates! How the heck was that even a scandal? This is the elitist protectionary league of Herr Fueher Bettman. Speak out against anything, officials, coaches, gms, owners. anything and you will be sent to the Russian front (KHL). BS, the league is run like crap. Players need to speak out and this egotistical dictator has to be removed from power for the betterment of the game and the safety of those who play it. Never thought I would miss Zeigler...
  7. Those would both be depth signings. neither played many nhl games last season and would both most likely be in Laval?
  8. Moe Robinson comes to mind, tall and skinny. He never filled out. Todays training and diets should fill him out though.
  9. Never a mistake to add to the goalie prospect pool. They mature so far beyond the draft age that you never know for sure .
  10. Mentioned this guy to my son pre draft. Good pickup that may payoff in a few years. He is a solid defensive dman
  11. But it would be fine with you that some bimbo who sucked his dick because of who he was, face that fact, was out to make a buck out of it. And everyone who doesnt believe that is what she wants is nuts. She wand an apology $$. Skanky bunnys. Sorry, but I am not a social ass kiss. Yes his act of showing it was wrong but this is not sexual assault and has not been charged that way. Only dumb ass people are calling it that. But alas. the world is full of butterflies and cupcakes who are so easily offended that they will all kill themselves before they get old anyway, so why the heck care if I offend them? This is not Kane bad but the press and snowflakes need a reason to whine. 5 years from now we shall see how opinions change
  12. Or if any team other than Montreal had picked him.......
  13. A puck bunny, 1 step removed from a band groupie. Please. If he wasn't a star player was she even if this situation? What does that tell you?
  14. Chill. It was in fun. People are far too touchy.
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