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  1. Confirming reports from Europe http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/news/story?id=6672235
  2. None of the above, it's the ones you would wear if you had a 3D TV in your house. They range anywhere from $100-$200 a pair.
  3. The one bar I go to they have 3D glasses for you to wear, but you have to put down a deposit for them.
  4. It's more about giving less ice time to MAB...he's a wreck out there
  5. It might have been a couple of weeks ago. But on Hockey Night in Canada they talked about Semins' signing and that lead to Pleks and his contract situation and Leburn said that per CBA rules that 'you can't talk about contract extension with someone until Jan 1. if you had signed them to a one year contract in the summer'. So that could explain why there has been no development on those two contract extensions until now. That could also explain Gainey's so called policy to not extends peoples contract then again I believe most of those guys were coming off long term deals expect for like Ryder and maybe another.
  6. LeBrun (8:42 p.m. ET): A team source has confirmed to ESPN.com that Brian Gionta has agreed to a five-year deal with Montreal.
  7. we don't have anyone that wants to sit their butt in front of thomas
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