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  1. The Murray trade is terrible for Toronto. Even for two years they’ve tied themselves to a goalie who has been either injured or lit up. A cap hit of 4.6 million for a goalie that may be worse than Mrazek.
  2. Keith was only owed 1.5 this season, so after taxes that’s closer to a million. Lots of money but maybe easier to walk away when his career earnings are north of 70 mil. Too bad Petry prefers a team in the US, would be a good spot to send him back to Edmonton.
  3. Dach has NOT been a bust. The last two seasons he was 19 and 20. A kid. Not close to reaching his potential. People expect prospects to play and dominate at such a young age because elite superstars do it. Dach at 21 is right where he should be.
  4. The kid is 21 years old.. We can cool it on the analytics and see how he blossoms under the current regime. He didn’t dominate the NHL at 19 and 20 years old? What a bust. He’s shown flashes.. like brilliant, potential to be dominant flashes… don’t write the kid off
  5. Huh? Why such a big assumption? Suzuki is a top line centre. There are 31 other teams that would love his skill. Dach, a 21 year old 3rd overall pick has size and speed. Has all the tools to be a good 2nd line centre. Beck is a young kid with speed, great at faceoffs, projected to be a 1st rounder. Has all the tools to be a good 3rd line centre. Too much pessimism around here.
  6. Suzuki Dach Beck Future looks bright in the middle
  7. Have to think Slaf starts in AHL, at least for a little bit. I think there will be more trades/signings to come but for now I see it: Dadonov - Suzuki - Caufield Maximize Ds value before he is dealt at the deadline Drouin - Dach - Anderson Mayne Drouin gets moved Hoffman - Dvorak - Gallagher Does anybody bite on Hoff or Gally? Poehling - Evans - Armia
  8. I like the trade. A lot. Dach fits the age of the core and adds an element Habs haven’t had in a long time.. big right handed C. Wonder what Romanov wants on a new contract and if that played a role.
  9. Firkus at 33 would be wild! Smaller guy but can put the puck in the net!
  10. Wow Hughes killing it! Suzuki and Dach down the middle!
  11. Love it! Wright was the safe pick. Slafkovsky has the much higher ceiling. Time will tell…
  12. Yeah I could see the late 2nd plus a player getting it done..
  13. I like Slavkovsky a ton… but my guess is Habs take Wright and trade for Puljujarvi out of Edmonton.
  14. With Eichel’s agent releasing that statement it’s only a matter of time now before Eichel is dealt.. probably for less of a return than what they would have got a month ago..
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