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  1. With Eichel’s agent releasing that statement it’s only a matter of time now before Eichel is dealt.. probably for less of a return than what they would have got a month ago..
  2. The Perrault signing makes sense.
  3. I like it.. but the volume of forwards must mean a trade is coming??? Defence? Maybe Manson out of Anaheim…
  4. Hoffman needs to play with elite passers.. so Caufield and Suzuki or on a line with Drouin if he’s around.
  5. Avs trade for Kuemper.. First and a prospect
  6. Caufield - Suzuki - Hoffman Drouin - KK - Toffoli Gallagher - Evans - Anderson Armia - Paquette - Lehks/Byron/
  7. Looks like he’s signing in Montreal. A good goal scorer!
  8. Anything over 4.5 is an overpayment
  9. Hard to trade KK because I love the kid. Eichel better have a clean bill of health…
  10. The fact that the organization had to release a statement immediately after picking the kid says the pick probably wasn’t the best.
  11. Hope it works out but I hate the pick. Reminds me of the McCarron draft - better players available but they draft based on need/size. Even if the kid had tremendous character I’m not sure he goes in the first round.
  12. Bean for a 2nd is a nice pickup for Columbus. I would have loved for MB to move one of the 2nds for Bean.
  13. 9.5 for a number one guy, whether you like him or not, Is going to be the price for a big name guy. You have to pay to keep them from free agency.
  14. Jones extends in Chicago for 7 years, 9.5 per. Great trade for them.
  15. Chicago gets Seth Jones.. another name that would have been a nice addition. Guess we will see what the price was..
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