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  1. One of the worst games I’ve watched.. tired and slow.
  2. Bold prediction: Two hattys as Andy and Armia each get three
  3. Habs win 5-2. Suzuki with two points, Kotka and Toff both score.
  4. Yikes! That’s a big price to pay for PLD. Now that he’s been traded, who’s the next name moving that we can post about? If Buffalo falls out of it maybe Taylor Hall again?
  5. I don’t think MB built this team to now blow it up for PLD. I could see KK, Byron, and a prospect like Caufield for PLD. Doesn’t change the line dynamics too much. Not sure about cap space.
  6. 39 wins, 9 losses, 4 Ot, 4 Shootout 86 Points 1st in North 3rd in NHL 171 goals for 112 Goals against Goals - Toffoli Assists - Suzuki Points - Suzuki
  7. PLD would look great in a Habs sweater.. but the cost isn’t going to be Danault. You’re looking at KK plus Caufield or Romanov. Maybe toss in Byron and/or Mete to help with the cap.
  8. Pre Ordered a Kotkaniemi. Obviously I like the jersey.
  9. Tatar - Danault - Gallagher Armia - KK - Anderson Drouin - Suzuki - Toffoli Lehks - Evans - Weal/Poehling Chiarot - Weber Kulak - Petry Romanov - Edmundson Eventually Romanov moves up and forces Chiarot and Kulak down
  10. Just watched TSN and Dreger and Seravalli think Gally could be moved.. also mentioned Montreal might be interested in Hoffman. I wonder what the return could be for #11. Not that I want him traded.. just curious. Maybe a trade similar to Pacs where we get a prospect and a pick. (Vancouver would be interested - could we get Podkolzin and a pick?
  11. What? We don’t want Taylor Hall because we might have to trade Tatar or Chiarot or a couple role players? If Hall wants to sign with Montreal, you sign him and move out the player you need to. Value be damned, you’re getting a top liner for money.
  12. Depending on term then you likely can’t keep everybody, and since Suzuki and KK will be the priority.. might lose Gally or Tatar. That being said.. Hall is better than either of them, even though I love what Gally brings to the team.
  13. I don’t think he’d come in and score 40 either.. but if he had a healthy season I wouldn’t be surprised to see him score 30. Hall would be the best forward on the team. Why not add him? 8 mil-9mil a season.
  14. For the record I wasn’t hoping for Simmonds. He’s not a top line winger.. Hall, Laine, Mantha, Nylander.. top liners Although I think Schwartz would look good on that line as well.
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