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  1. For one he was burdened with taking the majority of defense zone starts, and well as facing the toughest competition. So while he played a lot of minutes, many of them were spent defending due to his role. were he placed in an offensive role, you’d certainly see an improvement on those numbers. I’m sure quality of wingers also goes a long way as you mentioned, and Dvorak will have a bevy of strong wingers to play with this year.
  2. I was one of the people happy Tkachuk wasn’t chosen - yikes in retrospect. His college numbers didn’t scream offensive potential considering he was an older player in his draft. I was definitely pulling for Zadina, but KK was alright with me. I remember the general hockey community calling it a reach, but also that KK would have been the first C off the board. AZ taking Hayton shortly after shows the premium on C in the draft.
  3. Dvorak isn’t a Danault-lite either, sure he’s two-way but they have different assets. Danault is probably better defensively but I think Dvorak probably has more offensive upside. His hands are better for sure. I think he’ll probably surprise people with a bit of flash
  4. I see the centers as: suzuki dvorak evans paquette to start the year. Unless Poehling entirely forces his way there. I think more high level AHL play will be good for his developmental into more of a middle 6 C than bottom 6
  5. Seems the general consensus is a sort of golf clap for MB. The Canes put him in a tough situation, but in the end we head into next year likely a little stronger. If KK reaches his potential, it’s a loss I. The end, if he underperforms, this is actually a win. Mark me as content for now, and honestly, I’m really excited to see Dvorak as a Hab. Something tells me he’s going to be well-liked by fans and the team alike.
  6. Thanks. If anyone knows a link to that info it would be much appreciated!
  7. Sorry if this has been touched on already, but can KKs next contract come in at less than 6.1m? I had heard somewhere it can come in a bit less but didn’t know where to find the info.
  8. True, the Perrault signing fills this hole pretty well. Maybe this won’t lead to any direct move. still, doesn’t it end up saving us on cap throughout the season? If we perform it could mean a trade deadline acquisition
  9. Will this lead to another move?
  10. With the size of MBs Cojones lately, I expect an offer sheet lol
  11. Yes, let’s. let’s also not entirely downplay his mistake. We can simultaneously acknowledge that he messed up, while helping the young man become a better person. It’s important not to completely forget it, or no lesson is learned. I’m not one for cancel culture either, just accountability.
  12. I find it interesting that Bergevin was actually the guy announcing the name. I don’t remember the last time we saw him do that. It’s been Weber, Timmins, or someone else. this tells me that very likely, Timmins/Melanby either didn’t feel comfortable making the pick, or it was MBs choice alone so he decided to be the face of the backlash. Personally, I think MB doesn’t plan of re-signing with the habs when the year is done. Lately he has a give no cares attitude. Expose Price, draft Mailloux are two big gambles. I think we see more high risk moves from MB this year, before he ultimately finishes at years end.
  13. I just wish they took Raty or something. Yikes. Best we can hope for is the dust settles and this isn’t focused on for too long. He’s a young man who made a big mistake, and you have to hope he comes out on the other side more humble, and most of all with actual respect for women. I don’t like it, but it’s done. Now we just have to hope for the best.
  14. Part of me thinks Seattle is just trying to drum up anxiety in Bergevin so he’ll give them a pick not to take Price. if they sign Drieger, I’d be very surprised if they have any intention of taking Price, unless they plan on flipping him to a different team at reduced salary. Say, Price to the Avs for a first and a couple prospects. This gives the Avs that star netminder in their current cup contender window. Then they let Grub walk and sign a cheaper backup like Broissoit
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