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  1. Might be a reference to hockey junkie on YouTube who always calls him Honda civic hahah. Good YouTuber, fellow Newfoundlander like myself
  2. Apparently he didn’t hear hiss name but it was his mom jumping around and cheering that made him realize he’d been picked hahah
  3. Silayev it is. If San Jose goes Celebrini-Buium they win the draft
  4. What an exciting year you picked to go to the draft! Gotta be an awesome atmosphere in there
  5. Someone’s gonna have a steal in Buium
  6. LOL I’m absolutely dying laughing at this hahahah, all I can hear
  7. Draft day! Im curious to see not just who you guys want, but who you are predicting to see drafted at 5. I’ll go bold. After Demidov and Lindstrom being taken at 2 and 4, Habs take IGINLA at 5. A personal favourite of mine, I won’t be disappointed with this pick. would also like to hear which reasonable pick would be a disappointment for you. Personally, I’d prefer not to see Silayev and to a lesser extent Dickinson. They’re fine prospects but as LD they don’t feel like good fits. Buium I would be ok with because I think he’s best Dman. Parehk and Levshunov fill a RD need so I’m ok with that. It’s going to be hard to disappoint me in the draft to be honest
  8. Parehk falls behind several other D men on my personal list. For me it’s probably: Buium Levshunov Dickinson Silayev Yakemchuk Parehk On the forward side, not saying I think he’s the best slayer, but Iginla is my favourite prospect thing year. This is pure anecdote but he just pops out to me with this “it” factor. I just think he’s going to be an awesome NHLer that you love to have on your team. A better Arturi Lehkonen. I still pick Demidov over him of course because of the massive upside. Lindstrom vs Iginla, I’m happy with either. If Hughes goes with Lindstrom, I’ll feel very good because I trust they don’t see injury issues. Iginla would be an instant favourite of mine if drafted though
  9. These players are definitely boom or bust. On the one hand you have your Mitch Marners, on the other you have your Vitali Abramovs. As for the Habs this year, for some reason I can’t shake the feeling Iginla is going to be a Hab. Some combo in the top 4 picks take Celebrini, Levshunov, Demidov and Lindstrom off the board, leaving Habs with a choice of remaining top forwards Iginla, Eiserman, or Catton. I think they go with the guy who has developed a reputation for heart/determination + skill; Iginla. I simply don’t see them taking a LD, unless they deem Buium, Dickinson or Silayev a bonfide #1. less likely, the RD options are Parehk and Yakemchuk, but I think the Habs go forward over them. IF Levshunov slips to 5, maybe they go with him. at the end of the day, something is telling me it’ll be Iginla. And frankly, I’d be really excited to see him in a Habs sweater.
  10. Interesting in getting back on this one again, haven’t done it for a few years
  11. A look at Petry's possession numbers (from Dobberhockey. The orange bubble suggests he did drop off a bit given that he wasn't facing particularly hard competition & that he had a mix of offensive and defensive zone starts. Still, given his status as a RHD who is still producing some offence, I could see Petry fetching something decent on the market. If he's with the Habs in the fall, I suspect MSL will give him enough opportunity to look enticing and get a nice return
  12. More moves to come? This is totally out of left field!
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