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  1. A look at Petry's possession numbers (from Dobberhockey. The orange bubble suggests he did drop off a bit given that he wasn't facing particularly hard competition & that he had a mix of offensive and defensive zone starts. Still, given his status as a RHD who is still producing some offence, I could see Petry fetching something decent on the market. If he's with the Habs in the fall, I suspect MSL will give him enough opportunity to look enticing and get a nice return
  2. More moves to come? This is totally out of left field!
  3. How did you like the trade in the first place? We’re the two picks a steep price or reasonable? personally I think Newhook has 60 point upside (and a reasonably high floor) so I thought the price paid was reasonable
  4. Thought this deserved its own thread because IMO it comes in with a lower cap hit than some expected This seems like really good value to me, as Newhook already seems to offer 3 million dollar value as a mid 30 point, middle 6 speedster, who can hold his own defensively. certainly has potential to be a steal of a contract if Newhook becomes a 50 point guy in the top 6. How does this affect your perception of Newhook as a Hab?
  5. Reinbacher showed a little emotion when he signed, good to see that passion. Regardless of whether we should have picked him at 5, I think we’re really going to like him. He might crack the roster after one more year in the Swiss league as well
  6. After some original disappointment with the Reinbacher selection, I really like the kid. our D core has potential to be among the best in the entire league if Guhle, Hutson, and Reinbacher reach their ful potential, and our Barron, Mailloux, Xhekaj and Harris type yield another top 4 guy and excellent bottom pair guys. I do worry that we still need to add a top tier forward, but hopefully we address that in another way
  7. https://youtu.be/u_SVdwQxol8 Bogdan voted best rookie here (last section of the video). seems a very interesting pick
  8. Absolutely brutal announcement by Price as well. I feel bad for him, but I’m also just generally disappointed by the entire thing. Reinbacher needs to be the next Moritz Seider. I can’t see it though. Really disappointed but hope to be proven wrong
  9. Well I'm excited for one as a Newfoundlander myself, gonna be really rooting for Newhook! But I'm also a fan of the deal outside that. I think Newhook has potential as a nice member of the top 6. Really reminiscent of the Dach deal last year. Go Habs Go!
  10. Yea I’m kind of in a similar spot in that I’m worried about how good of a fit Benson is. Awesome player though. Also agree with Don, Carlson falling to 5 would be 10/10. only way I see that happening is CBJ loves Smith and takes him at 3, and SJS are dead set on Michkov at 4. That would be crazy
  11. Interesting with Benson at 8.5. Benson might be my “favourite” prospect in the draft. If we didn’t already have a few smaller guys in the top 6 I’d put him up there with smith. Even then I think I’m letting the difference between 5’10 and 6’0 affect me too much I have a feeling he’s gonna turn out similar to a Brayden Point
  12. How happy will you be from 1-10 if one of these are picked at 5: Michkov, Smith, Benson, Leonard, Reinbacher, Dvorsky Michkov: 9.5/10 Smith: 9.5/10 Benson: 9/10 Leonard: 8/10 Reinbacher: 3/10 Dvorsky: 4.5/10 This made me realize we have a looot of amazing options at 5. Trusting in HuGo to make the right choice and not galaxy brain it
  13. By the draft wright wasn’t considered generational, and some like Scott Wheeler had him at 4th OA. So it was definitely an option considered by reputable pundits
  14. This does give us a little insight though. Sounds like this means the Habs don’t like who they may be left with at 5, my guess would mean they don’t want to swing on Michkov. A trade that actually could happen is swapping 5 for 4 with San Jose, and giving up another decent pick and prospect to do so. San Jose then takes Michkov & has extra assets on top of that. MTL likely takes Will Smith at 4 in this case.
  15. Ah yes, I should have known that. Makes him even less expendable. weirdly I don’t want to trade either of our LD, but we’re going to have a logjam soon
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