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  1. 56 games 30 Wins 22 Losses 3 OTL 1 SOL 64 points 4th in North 13th in league 161 goals for 137 goals against Habs play a staunch, rough brand of hockey and squeeze into the playoffs as a darkhorse contender.
  2. Toffoli - KK - Armia is an incredible 3rd line
  3. Elias Petterson lit the league up as a 20 year old 6’0 160 pound kid. It’s not unprecedented. Gretzky would find his way into a top 6 and first wave powerplay within no timeouts think, To chime in on the Caufield talk, I have to say my expectations have been tempered. That said, I agree with him seeming to be snake bitten during the tourney, and I did like the flashes I saw. Still holding hope for him to become a 30+ scorer
  4. Perry I actually like on the roster! We’re becoming a team that players will hate playing
  5. What do you guys think about Caufield havin 0 points on 11 USA goals yesterday? I didn’t watch it personally, but saw he had 6 shots. Was he just snake bitten?
  6. Frolik was truly awful last year was he not? Not just production wise, but on the advanced stats front. Is this a weird taxi squad thing or something ?
  7. I haven't sat down and looked this up, but does any team in the league have a bottom 6 that rivals ours? edit: On paper anyway
  8. I’m quite sure he’s at least an inch taller, if not two taller than when he was drafted. That’s just an eye test though. I think his NHL height will end up 5’8
  9. I love the Habs reverse retro. Personally don’t think it looks anywhere close to T-O ish because of the red, but hey that’s just my opinion. I’d get one if I had the cash! Probably a Suzuki I really like most of the other teams as well, I guess I like the aesthetic. Other than the Habs my favourite are probably the kings, wild, and yes the YOTES
  10. I agree, the way he blew down the left boards on one play looks promising
  11. From the highlights I saw KK threw a big hit, which could indicate he still has the physical edge he had in the playoffs ( I was a little worried his suspension might plant a seed of doubt). when KK was drafted I never thought of him as a power forward, but the more time goes on the more he’s starting to develop into one
  12. Very happy to have Gallagher long term. My favorite Hab and heart of the team
  13. The more I read about this Gallagher/cap problem, the more I wish we didn’t sign Edmunson. Kulak would have been just fine there and we’d have an extra 3+ mill to play with. Its not that I think Edmunson will be bad, I just think he creates a bigger problem than he solves
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