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  1. PK made it exciting to be a Habs fan. That’s why I was so gutted when he was traded. He and Price were the biggest lights in a pretty dark era for the Habs. This new youth has me feeling a similar spark though
  2. I get the thought process, but Suzuki seems like a quiet guy, and because of that, a lead by example guy. I don’t think the captaincy will make him try to do too much, other than work even harder. Plus, he’s known as a sportsmanlike player, and will likely be able to talk to the refs well. Personally very happy they went with him !
  3. Fox and Trouba both shoot right for the Rangers, and the Habs don’t have a single d man of that calibre. He’s certainly got more opportunity in mtl
  4. Interesting, I find his stats line pretty impressive. At 19 and 20 he was top 3 in team scoring in arguably the 3rd best league in the world as a d man. At 21, in his first season of NA hockey, he produced close to .5ppg in the AHL. It all screams potential to me. As for his low NHL numbers, I pay them no heed, as low ice time is literally why he’s requested a trade. I think Lunqvist has potential to be something like Ryan Ellis
  5. Could ylonen work? Montreal doesn’t have space for Ylonen, NYR doesn’t have space for lunqvist. Now I think Lunqvist has the higher upside, but could they values be argued to be similar?
  6. I think lunqvist is a case of lack of room and also adjusting to the NA game, not failing as a prospect entirely. Let’s not forget he turned 22 just a few days ago, so at 21, he was approaching .5 ppg in his rookie AHL season. I think he has the potential to be a 40 point puck mover in a couple years
  7. With Nils Lunqvist asking for a trade, we should target him. Young right handed D man with a focus on offence is exactly what we need. what we’d have to give up I’m unsure
  8. Huh? By Romy do you mean Romanov? I’m very confused on what you mean, because the way I’m reading it seems insanely unlikely
  9. Woah that’s a ton of conditions. No wonder it took so long. I’d prefer to use it to draft in 2023 rather than 2024 (at the earliest if MTL is able to opt for it)
  10. Rumblings from sources like Engels that a first could be involved
  11. Sounds like the US could have used some offence, if only a player like Lane Hutson was available 🙃
  12. I understand the risk of multiple inexperienced hires, but I’m happy with whoever MSL goes with. If he got his guy, and believes he’ll be the best fit I’m ok and here’s why: MSL seems to be a new iteration of coaching that I’ve been wanting for a long time i.e, a coach who doesn’t bend his players into his system, but bends his system around his players. In order to get the most out of your roster, you have to play off their strengths. It’s been too long that I’ve seen people stifled under strict systems that simply don’t fit the player. Put a Lamborghini in a rally car race and it probably gets stuck. Doesn’t mean it’s a bad vehicle, just gotta put it on the right track. Inherently, I believe this style of coaching is more adaptive/resilient to challenges. so despite the inexperience, the people in place are tailor-made to adapt and figure it out. On top of this, it’s a player development friendly style. I’m happy not to have another old boys club coach-fossil resurrected for the 10th time. But of course, I concede there’s a ton of risk because we don’t have much indication of just how good Robidas is at coaching
  13. Is your train of thought that 2 years is enough assessment time, and then the next long-term contract could come in a little cheaper (and expire when he’s still younger)
  14. So Habs would be better served with a 3 year show me contract. on the other hand, could a guy like Dach take a discount if you signed him for 4 years taking him to UFA? I don’t see it being likely but it’s an interesting thought
  15. My bet is he’s close to 6’4, and so likely will be listed as 6’4 in a few years time with a tiny bit more growth. also, wouldn’t surprise me to see 240 if he’s already 227. Ovechkin has always played at 240 and he was pretty good
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