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  1. As far as roster players that would fit under the cap (which the Habs are already over by a little less than 500K) goes, I don't see much that Vancouver would likely be willing to part with. Podkolzin is probably the only prospect that I would be remotely interested in, but I would want Bergevin to try and replace Gallagher on the roster.
  2. Aside from Hall (who I really doubt signs with the Habs), has anybody heard any other names that the Habs are talking to or showing interest in? Or are all the eggs in the Hall basket right now?
  3. I don't think the Habs are going after any big fish, but I'm hoping they can land a sleeper type player that ends up exceeding expectations. Like when they plucked Byron off waivers or when they traded basically nothing for Weise (the first time around) and Kulak. It would be even better if that player was better than those guys were/have been for the Habs.
  4. I echo the overpayment sentiment. I'm not expecting much in fee agency now.
  5. I wouldn't mind it. A young team like the Habs can never have too many veteran leaders to help the youngsters. I like the Saku connection as well.
  6. I had read a rumor that they were thinking about buying him out. Looks like it was true. Before Alzner was bought out I was hoping Bergevin might be able to swing a one for one deal with the Jackets. Alzner had one less year on his deal and an ever so slightly smaller cap hit. I thought Turris from Nashville as well. Was just bored and trying to figure out a way to offload Alzner for a more useful player without giving up a sweetner (or much of a sweetner).
  7. Agree with your grade. Thought most of the picks were taken in the right range (not too many reaches if any), and they had a couple pretty good value picks (like Mysak and maybe Farrell). It really seemed like there was an effort to draft players who's rights can be kept longer. Probably because of 50 contract limit and the number of picks they still have for next year. Could explain why they only went with a couple of CHLers (Guhle and Mysak) and went heavier on the college bound players. As far as Cuylle is concerned, I'm not sure if he's better than Tuch or not because I've never seen Tuch play. However, I have had the chance to watch Cuylle being from the Windsor area. In his rookie season, I really liked him. Looked like he was going places and could be a force for the Spits in his draft year. Unfortunately, he didn't really seem to take that next step in his development from what I could see this past season. Not much improvement over his rookie season at all. Has me questioning his potential offensive ceiling a bit.
  8. I understand they've already traded picks for roster players. Package this one with a roster player to get an upgrade. I'd still rather see them use the pick. A 4th rounder is flyer. 2021 draft looks like it will not be deep. At least use it to try and move up then instead of always moving back to get more picks that likely will not be signed because of the 50 contract limit. Hirvonen, Niemela, Cormier, Poirier, Smilanic, Foudy, Knazko, Jurmo, Benning, Pytlik, and Savoie were all still available at 57. Heck I would have traded all 3 seconds to move up to grab Gunler or Peterka. Quality over quantity. Just my opinion though.
  9. For once I'd like to see the Habs actually use the picks they acquire to choose a prospect or at least trade for a roster player as opposed to trading back for more picks.
  10. I read your post in the rumor thread. Honestly I wasn't sure if that was fair value at the time or not. Apparently Bergevin and the Jackets thought so. I think with so many other fans on other sites banging the "Domi had a 70 point season" drum so "we are undervaluing him" had me convinced he was worth more. If Anderson didn't have the injury last year and would have been on pace for his usual point totals, I wouldn't feel like the Habs overpaid as much. Anderson had a down year too, only his down year was far worse than Domi's and hasn't yet established himself as a consistent 40 point guy in the NHL. FWIW, I remember reading rumors/speculation on other boards that Boston and another team (can't remember which one) was really interested in Anderson and that their 1st rounder was in play last season before they grabbed Ritchie from Anaheim. So clearly, Anderson had/has value even with his injury if that rumor is true. Just taken aback a bit that Domi lost that much value.
  11. I realize Domi had a down year (44 points which isn't bad) and his trade value was lower than usual, but I didn't realize it was this low. Anderson is a nice addition, but also had a down year (4 points in 26 games) and serious injury that kept him out a long time. Unless Anderson returns to form next season and beyond, Habs didn't get much bang for their buck here.
  12. Based on the rankings, I'd be pretty happy with: 16 Seth Jarvis - Also like Holloway (19), Amirov (20), and Reichel (35) 47 Topi Niemela (ranked 49th) - Also like Wiesblatt (47) 48 Jaromir Pytlik (ranked 56th) - Also like Chromiak (59) 57 Roby Jarventie (ranked 67th) - Also like Niederbach (70), Jurmo (71), and Heineman (76) 78 Eamon Powell - Also like Simontaival (79), and Robbins (90) 98 William Dufour (ranked 103rd) - Also like Rolston (105) 102 Daniel Torgensson (ranked 106th) - Also like Cotton (108) 109 Maxim Groshev (ranked 112th) - Also like (Gogolev 114)
  13. What would be the value of trading Hab's unprotected 2021 1st rounder as part of package? I'm not that high on next year's draft. Even if the Habs miss the playoffs and win 1st overall (which I doubt happens), I don't think that player would rank in the top 5 of this year's draft (maybe not even top 10). Habs need a scoring winger with some size and/or a true top pair LD. I would think dangling that as part of package could land the team something pretty good.
  14. I don't think the Habs have enough cap space to make a serious offer sheet unless they move salary out. If they do an offer sheet is has to be a worthwhile offer so the other team doesn't match. They have 19 of 23 roster spots filled and about $10.2M. So not so sure that it's an option for now. We'll see what moves are made before free agency begins.
  15. Did all teams have to issue qualifying offers today? I'm trying to find a list from other NHL teams.
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