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  1. Sucks to see Perrry go. He was a warrior! I can understand him going to Tampa. He figures its his best chance to get to the SC finals for a 3rd year in a row!
  2. Now that we know that Price isn't going to Seattle and that he was operated on yesterday in NYC, I don'T believe the Habs will be rebuilding anytime soon. Price is expected back in 10-12 weeks, which means he'll be good to go at the beginning of the season! The Loss of Weber will hurt alot, but depending on what Bergevin can accomplish in the off season, we might end up with a better team! Danault is still up in the air. Armia might come back and so might Perry. true! Let's not forget that the Habs had a horrible schedule for the second half of the season (25 games in 42 days, or something like that) We don't realize just how hard that must have been! We'll be in a tougher division next year, but D.D. will have had a full training camp to get his system in place!
  3. This might sound like a stupid question, but who's to say Shea won't be back for the 2022-23 season! A complete year off might do some real good to his tired body!
  4. At this point, I think it's clear the Habs lost the Sergachev/Drouin trade. JD hasn't lived up to the hype. I hope everything is good with him, but I think the best thing is to put him in the best position to shine at the start of next season and trade him when his value is highest. I don't have anything against Drouin, but this Stanley Cup run has proved to me that the Habs don't need Drouin.
  5. This might be a stupid question, and maybe somebody already asked it, but I'm gonna ask anyways. If a player is offered performance bonuses, how do the bonuses get applied on the Cap? Iet's say the Habs sign Perry to a 1 year extension at 1 million$ and also offer him a 200,000$ bonus if the Habs make the finals again. If the Habs make the finals, does that 200K bonus count against the cap? I assume it does, it's just that we almost never hear of performance bonuses anymore (compared to the pre-cap era)
  6. I think the best think for Drouin is to get out of MTL. He clearly can't handle the pressure. I would leave him unprotected. If Seattle doesn't take him, play him next year and put him in the best situations to shine. ONce he shows that he seems to be back, they you can trade him!
  7. Last night was tough to watch! Proud of the boys and the way they played! Let's hope we can get a little more magic next year!
  8. Game over. I'm afraid to say that Tampa is not only better, but they're getting all the lucky bounces.
  9. What I was afraid of has happened. That late goal killed all the momentum we had built in the 2nd.
  10. I don't want to believe it, but I have to admit, Tampa is either way better than us, or they're incredibly lucky!
  11. I don't know how the boys will react to that devastating goal. Shots are 29 to 12 and we're losing.
  12. Agreed...but we need the next goal or else it will have been all for nothing!
  13. I think I would be willing to sell one of my testicles for a Stanley Cup!
  14. Lucky goal...but i'll take it. Now if we can keep up the pressure and put a little fear in Tampa's players heads!
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