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  1. I love how Suzuki faked the shot (and we all thought he was gonna shoot) and made that beautifull pass to Danault! By the way, that's another multi point game for Suzuki!
  2. If our Defense and our Goaltending is supposed to be superior, why is it that we get our asses handed to us whenever we play the Leafs? It's as if our shots have to be perfect to go it, and Toronto gets alot of lucky bounces/defelections!
  3. ######! I really don't wanna face the Leafs in the playoffs!
  4. CAUFIELD!!!!!! I love it when the Habs make me eat crow!
  5. Yeah, the kid busts his ass every game! and he makes things happen! Toffoli!!!
  6. Game over! I feel for Primeau. NO offensive support!
  7. Agreed. Both players have been playing really well these past few games! ON a different note, why do I have a sinking feeling that we will lose once more to the Sens? Why can't we win two games in a row?
  8. I hope so. This team needs a serious kick in the ass! The fact that they can't win two games in a row is pathetic!
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