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  1. I like the 2-year extension idea myself. I doubt it will be that modest an extension, though. Much will probably depend on this series.
  2. I do think it's valid to say that the Bubble last year was a bit of a freak stroke of luck. Had a once-in-a-century pandemic event not struck, the team would not have been artificially leveraged into the playoffs. So to gloat that the team "made the playoffs" last year occludes more than it reveals, one could argue. In any case, two first-round exits and three missed playoffs is hardly an inspiring record.
  3. The the internal operations of businesses the size of the Habs must, by law, be conducted in French, then any Anglo would have to be bilingual. (Of course, I haven’t read the bill; there are probably qualifiers in there like “largely in French”, “to the greatest extent possible,” etc. Those could provide some flexibility, but certainly not enough that a unilingual English GM would be legal - unless the Habs hire translators). The history of French-Canadian marginalization within the economy of their own province is very real. That said, it has not really be an issue since the 1970s
  4. That team had some really strong core pieces. Fortunately, the GM/owner were complete idiots and squandered what they had
  5. There is too much optimism on this thread. It’s unrealistic, but it’s good to see all the same 👍 That’s the beauty of the playoffs...everything is possible (until it isn’t).
  6. Agreed 😆 Great as they are, we can’t afford to antagonize the hockey gods, who have had a hate-on for us for quite some time as it is
  7. Ha ha, this post nicely captures everything to be said about Eichel to the Habs.
  8. I love how you fixate on one glib sentence here and there as definitive of my posts and analysis. It’s as though I am a politician and you’re a journalist set to pounce on the slightest slip, lest I say something unduly critical of one of your pretties. Sorry if you are butt-hurt. Is Price an awful goalie? No...but he just had an awful season. Last year was not good either. So let’s see, that’s a mediocre year followed by a terrible year from a 33-year-old often-injured goalie who his former coach publicly noted has to deal with constant pain from those injuries. This does not inst
  9. You wouldn’t trade Suzuki for Eichel? That surprises me. I can’t think of anyone on the Habs who is untouchable, and Eichel is a 25-year-old franchise C. Sure, the injury is a concern, but if your medical experts project a full recovery, I think it would be crazy to rule out anyone in the organization as a possible return. Of course we would have to clear out the contractual deadweight - no easy feat.
  10. Frankly, I think quite a lot of Quebec fans are just like the posters on this site who you and I frequently get into argument with: fully satisfied with a bubble team, and, on some weird level that I cannot understand, having internalized the idea that icing a heavy-duty contender is something that happens to other franchises, and that it’s not a reasonable expectation for the Montreal Canadiens. Perhaps that’s what happens when your team has more-or-less sucked for all but two or three of the past 30 years.
  11. The Maritime premiers seem to have done comparatively well; they’re the only ones who took a “zero Covid” approach of the kind that has worked elsewhere. The rest of Canada has been government by Clown Car, with Alberta the worst by some distance. As for this signing, I’m sure the musings of Premier Racist Blowhard had zero relationship to it.
  12. More importantly, this represents a QUEBECER signed within the organization and thus addresses the SINGLE MOST CRITICAL PROBLEM THE MONTREAL CANADIENS FACE. At least that is according to the universally recognized hockey expert, Quebec's drooling buffoon of a premier. Way to go Bergevin!
  13. Hmmm. This seems like an over-reaction to me. He apologized, I don't think this should be a firing offence.
  14. I wouldn't be outraged by a 2-year extension. Put him on notice that you want to see an effectively retooled blueline or else. See if he can pull another 2021-style rabbit out of his hat. I agree that Suzuki is an excellent young player who may well top 70 points eventually. Caufiled, who knows, may become a 30-40 goal guy. Or may not. What I'm saying is that - although I make no claim to being a prospect expert - I for one do not see the nucleus of a Cup contender in this organization. I don't hear anyone looking at us and going "whoa, just wait 2-3 years, they'll be dea
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