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  1. If that’s right then it’s even odder…Pleks was no great playmaker
  2. Absolutely right…but the Habs seem to be in love with Chiarot, so I think it’s at least as likely that they re-sign him as move him.
  3. I have a longstanding theory that sometime in your 50s is when you start to tip over into looking ‘old.’ MB is 55, so his grizzled features fit that theory. He also played as a gruelling stay-at-home NHL defender for 20 years…that’s not likely to lend itself to seamless aging either.
  4. One guy that the Habs might have considered was Nate Schmidt. Big cap hit ($6 mil) but that’s why he was acquired by WPG for modest cost (3rd round pick). IF he can recover his form in Vegas - and to be fair to him, Vancouver was a gong show last season, hardly an ideal environment to adjust to a new team - he’d be a legit top-4 puck-mover. Four more years of him might ultimately have made more sense than 4 X David Savard. That said, I’m not down on the Savard signing. I’m hopeful that he will be closer to Edmundson than Alzner on the “D acquisition” scale. But Schmidt has a much higher ceiling.
  5. Yeah, with Caufield scoring 40, Poehling firmly establishing himself as a 3rd-line C, and Romanov emerging as an elite defender and PP QB, we should be in good shape 😄
  6. The point is that it’s a 34-year-old Petry and no one else. I like the “Clydesdales” but our lack of offensive push from the back end was almost comical, especially in the later rounds when we faced teams that actually did get a proper level of offence from their D. Weber’s shot was useless most of last season but with him out of the picture, this weakness has only gotten worse.
  7. There should be no expectation that Poehling steps in and eats significant minutes. Anything he does is effectively a bonus.
  8. This Dom L seems to hate the Habs’ offseason moves, eh? I hope Savard is not a desperation signing. The Habs’ moves over the last couple of seasons to acquire defencemen (e.g., Chiarot and Edmundson) have proven to be very canny, so we’ll see.
  9. Well, he’ll be an upgrade on last season’s Tatar no matter what, LOL. I suspect he was brought in to help the PP more than anything else. That said, he has to be good enough 5-on-5 that our risk-averse coaches are comfortable giving him minutes. Otherwise he becomes the FW equivalent of Gustaffson.
  10. Do we really see Wideman in the top-4?? Flipping him and Savard’s spots would be more in line with the Habs’ approach last season (which I wasn’t crazy about). Even assuming no progression from Romanov, they do have four viable top-4 defencemen. But looking at the log jam up front and the thin gruel on the back end, I will be surprised if MB doesn’t bring in another blueliner somehow, although odds are it’ll be just another bottom-end guy. I just don’t see that depth chart as sufficient over an 82-game schedule. Norlinder or Brook are question marks and we know the coaches think little of Kulak.
  11. Shows what I know, my info is out of date! Thanks, Brian.
  12. I gather it was him or Bozak. Don’t know much about Perreault; he’s obviously a bottom-6 guy, but I’m encouraged that he was a lineup regular in the ‘Peg, suggesting that he is more than a #5C. His atrocious FO% last season does not sound too uplifting, however; but at least he’s French. Clearly, just as MB seems to be going for a “platoon” on the blueline, his response to the departure of Danault seems to be to pile up FWs and C. Quantity is no substitute for quality, though. Looks to me like we are still going to stand or fall based on Evans/KK after Suzuki skates off the ice.
  13. Do we know what MB offered Perry? Was it less than Tampa? It would not surprise me at all if Perry chose Tampa over Montreal even if the offers were comparable. I love Perry, but I’m not sure I’d overpay for him; and it may not be mainly about the money for him at this point anyway. And do we know that Hoffman has been a “dressing room cancer for four years?” All I know is that his crazy wife terrorized Karlsson’s wife a few years ago, haven’t heard anything since.
  14. It seems to me that if you scratch Poehling and bump Armia to Line 4, you have ample room for Caufield. So one could argue that the Habs have an admirable level of competition for jobs between Byron/Paquette/Poehling -no real problem here in terms of “making room” for Bilbo or for any other legitimate top 6/top 9 FW.
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