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  1. This is absolutely incredible...can they pull it off?????
  2. I agree completely, but the point is that the article should not have omitted him from consideration. That is a ridiculous blunder by the writer and should disqualify him from pontificating this way in the future. He didn't do his elementary homework.
  3. Right. I do think it's a bit rich to condemn at 23-year-old kid for not playing a 200-foot game. There was a time when hardly any highly-skilled kids at that age did so. These days, it's more common even for gifted FWs to be reasonably complete players (better coaching, offseason training, etc.). But Zegras has lots of time to add that dimension of maturity to his game. That's why the real question is character. How coachable is he? Equally importantly, how smart is he? (Defensive excellence involves some understanding of how to read the play). How much does he want to win? Domi seemed to be a hothead who never learned, and maybe wasn't especially bright in hockey terms. After three seasons, Zegras should be getting at the point where he's beginning to tire of losing and beginning to realize that he needs to round out his game. But if he's one of these kids who has always had everything handed to him, then he may never take that next step. It's just a bit premature to draw conclusions either way, I'd think.
  4. I was wondering about that. And if that’s what the author did, it’s inexcusable.
  5. Who is the more valuable player - Guhle or Zegras? I’m not prejudging the answer, but I incline to the view that an all-situations 22-year-old d-man who has already shown he can eat tough minutes and do well, has more value than a 60-point C/W coming off a terrible season and with question marks around his work ethic and coachability. But I may be misreading things.
  6. Hahaha, hopefully we’ve come a long way from the time when a Habs GM traded a D for a FW because the coach had gone golfing with Richer and Richer told him he would work hard if acquired. 🙄
  7. That seems like a reasonable take. At least the 3rd would help to mitigate, somewhat, the pain of giving up the better all-around player in Guhle. This assumes that the gap between 3 and 5 is meaningful; I pay little attention to draft rankings, so I can’t speak to that. I’ve said more than once that any price we pay to get a young, impact FW is going to hurt. The proposal here fits that bill. But I don’t know. We’ve been burned so many times trading stud young D for hotshot FWs, I can barely stand to contemplate it happening again. If we do make such a play, we had BETTER have done exhaustive research on Zegras, encompassing not just hockey scouting but reports on what kind of human being we’re adding to the mix.
  8. Everyone acts like PLD is an irredeemable bum, and maybe he is, but I think it’s foolish to dismiss the very real probability of a turnaround. I mean, I’m glad the Habs didn’t trade for him, because we are not in the same situation as Washington. But he came off two consecutive 60-point seasons before landing in LA; and he is 25. Treating him like he’s Alex Galchenyuk is pretty shallow IMHO.
  9. Canucks re-up Hronek for 7.25 mil for eight years. I was disconcerted by his crap playoff performance, but he had an injury. 40-50 point RD, good chemistry with Hughes, 26 years old…seems like a win for them.
  10. Given that Stu Cowan report about the uniformly quality humans on the current Habs, I wonder if HuGo is taking a risk averse approach to players who have ‘character’ question marks? (Doing that would NOT be the same as MB’s fetish for old-school ‘character,’ necessarily, but it could create an added element of caution at the trade table).
  11. Actually, I don’t think this is such a bad deal for the Caps. If he continues to suck, sure, they’re saddled with a bad contract, but so what? They have zero future anyway. All it will mean is that they’re carrying PLD through a process of bottoming out and then rebuilding. If it takes another two years for Ovie to retire and the team to commit to a rebuild, at that point there will be 5 years left on his deal. Then say the rebuild takes 3-4 years. OK, he’s a problem only at the very end of his contract. A rebuilding team can carry a bad contract (just as we’ve carried a couple, painlessly, through our rebuild). Now let’s imagine the other scenario. PLD regains his form. Boom, they’ve got a 60+ point power centreman to help extend Ovechkin’s career, further postponing the rebuild. Once Ovie retires, PLD would either then become a valuable trade chip, or a veteran cornerstone piece for the kids to follow. Seems to me they’re an example of a team that was in the position to roll the dice on this guy, knowing they can’t really lose either way.
  12. Rationally speaking, the odds are still heavily in FLA’s favour (although I haven’t seen the money lines). It’s really, really hard to win four straight against a Cup-calibre team. In fact it’s hard to win four straight against any playoff team. The playoffs are always about adjustments, so any time you’re doing things that work the other team devises strategies to counter it. Often that results in a loss. That being said, EDM is one of those squads - more than most in the league - that, when they get on a roll, seem to be unbeatable. There was a stat that showed them going on long, unbroken runs of victory whenever they lost three in a row this season. If anybody can do it, it might be them. Certainly I want them to. It would be truly incredible to watch that kind of historic triumph being won. The problem, IMHO, is still Skinner. He’s been good the last couple of games, but I don’t trust him not to f**k up at a key moment, nor do I trust him to make the massive, game-defining save that Cup champs generally need to get.
  13. They should let Ceci walk. He sucks IMHO, and I suspect Nurse would look better paired with someone else.
  14. Listen, it’s hardly a big deal worth arguing about…but I maintain that “The French Canadian Hockey Club of Montreal” is a LOT less generic than “Utah Hockey Club.” 🤷‍♂️
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