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  1. I absolutely agree with that. Hopefully, in the future when the Habs get better that trend of his ends. Its unfortunate that Matheson misplayed the puck on the Flyers 3rd goal, but no biggie because the Habs are better off with a loss anyway. Primeau wasn't highly tested in this game but he looked decent and seems to have improved. I want to see him play 1-2 more games this year just to see how he does.
  2. I hope RHP is ok, that shot he blocked was clearly painful. He's lucky he didn't get hit another shot during that sequence. Did Primeau's knee just get tweaked when the Flyer fell on his leg? He was able to retrieve his stick from behind the net so hopefully he's alright.
  3. I'm really liking how fast the Habs are and their work ethic when in the O zone without the puck. So far in this game there have been numerous times where they have out hustled the Flyers and gained possession of the puck. They have managed to do that in quite a few games this year. That is a very positive sign. Primeau hasn't been tested much so far, but his body language looks a lot better than last year. RHP was the 5th Habs rookie to score a hattrick in 1 period and the 1st since Dick Gamble in 1952.
  4. I think St. Louis was trying to lose the shoot out or at least didn't care if we did. I was surprised by the shooters too and I wondered if Marty might be trying to lose. However, if that was the case then he would have went with Drouin, Penzetta and Kovacevic as the 1st 3 shooters.
  5. Hmm, did Harris score that one? From the high up camera angle behind the net it looked like he did.
  6. Its incredibly unlikely that the Habs will: a) lose all their remaining games; and b) the teams under the Habs will win 4 or 5 of their last 9 games to be able to catch the Habs. I certainly don't want to see them lose all of their remaining games. I view that as wishing to see them be bottom dwellers for years. I want to see the youngsters do really well in these last games. That will show us if the rebuild is on track, or better yet fast tracked. It seems like they are way better than they should be in year 2 of a rebuild. I hate wishing for the Habs to lose, but it would be good for them to lose tonight and the Sens win. i.e. it would totally suck if Buffalo or the Sens get Bedard. I want both of those teams out of the bottom 11.
  7. Exactly, but with the way he takes high danger shots I doubt his S% will drop that low. I think he'll get a min of 15, more like 18-20 on the 3rd line. Plus, he could get time on the 2nd PP unit and get more. With the way RHP is in the right spots etc I don think it will matter that much if he isn't with Suzuki. Sure, playing with Nick doesn't hurt and he'd get even more points, but he should put up decent #'s without him. Most people seem to compare him to Gallagher, but I do not. @dlbalrmentioned Byron, and RHP reminds me more of him than Gally. I view him as a bigger, heavier, tougher and less injury prone replacement for Byron.
  8. I'm watching the CBJ feed and much earlier in the game they brought up that the Bell Center has to provide a backup goalie. i.e. CBJ don't have a backup G with them.
  9. By 3rd liner I mean the shutdown/checking line. His shooting % will drop, but not by as much as most people would think. RHP doesnt take a lot of useless shots from far and outside. The majority of his shots are high danger areas from around the hash marks. He scores a lot because he's in close and front and center and has a quick release. If he misses the net it doesn't count as a shot.
  10. I've been saying for a while now that RHP is the real deal and his points aren't a fluke. Watch him closely, he's constantly doing all the right things at the right time and in the right spots. That doesn't mean that he's a 1st or 2nd liner, but he is a legit NHLer. I could see him scoring 18-24 g on the 3rd line.
  11. I'm not convinced that Harris is their 2nd best dman, but it is undeniable that he accomplished something special. Out of all Habs rookie dman over the last 35 years Harris is the 4th to score 2 goals in 1 game. The others were Schneider, Markov, and Subban.
  12. An interesting thing about Savard that is even better is he is really close friends with Dubois.
  13. Agreed. I certainly didn't think it should count because from where he shot he didn't have the angle to hit the opposite corner of the net. It looked like he only got it in due to the net being off.
  14. Whoo-hoo!! Guarianov with Dach. This could be very interesting. The way Guarianov has been playing I'd consider signing him as a UFA for up to 3.5 mil x3 yrs. Guhle has a high ankle sprain so his current injury is unrelated to his previously injured knee. Unfortunately, even though he required an operation on his knee a high ankle sprain can take longer to recover. Those can take up to 6 mths to heal. Most people seem to want to blame the Dr for the Habs medical issues, but who are their trainers? Do they even have some, or does each player basically just do their own training? They need to look into bring in DDP and forcing them all to do Yoga. I'm kidding about DDP specifically, but his would help more than regular yoga. The injuries are beyond ridiculous, and it has been like this for over a decade.
  15. Surprisingly, that shot was only 84 mph. I figured it would be mid 90's. I definitely agree that he has a rocket of a shot but doesn't do it a lot. D'oh!! Guarianov strikes again!! That was a great move he did on Sergachev and I love the down on 1 knee Cammalleri like shot that he does. He has scored every time I've seen him do that. I'm dying to see him play with Dach, but not sure if that can happen this year.
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