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  1. Not to be a buzzkill, but we aren’t allowed to advertise pirated streams here, which is what IPTV providers are. You dont need fast internet to stream games, especially UL speed because technically you're DL a stream. The wiring on my street was probably done back in the early 1900's. I have a super slow DSL connection that they dont guarantee the speed of at all - they'd have to rewire my street to improve it. I am able to watch streams just fine. Doesn't advertising a pirated stream mean actually posting a specific 1 and with a link? I've had to stream games since the $5 RDS days ended. It totally sucked for quite a while, but the streams have gotten a ton better. i.e. I can watch games after the fact and can rewind, but there is no ff live games though.
  2. When I saw that play I thought for sure that the refs were discussing giving CC a penalty too. It wasnt exactly a pic per se, but it was very similar looking type of play. I figured they would give Cole a penalty for stopping when he did because he really had no reason to stop when he did. Well, other than the player tailing Dvorak would skate into him so Dvorak could go straight to the net (had he not been high sticked).
  3. Thanks!! Ya, thats him. I wasnt sure what year he was drafted - 2008. I thought the Habs drafted him with their last pic that year but they took him in the 4th rnd (116th). I always wondered what happend to him because I've never heard anything about him since they drafted him. He's 32 now and fizzled out the French Liga in 16/17.
  4. Speaking of tall goalies, whatever happened to the Peterborough Petes goalie that the Habs drafted who was as least 6'7" and was still growing as far as I know. He was a crazy long shot but I've never heard anything about him since.
  5. I'm still upset that it doesn't rhyme with wreckage. I honestly have no idea why some people here have said that he'll never make it. I think he's pretty good but I disagree with the Chiarot comparisons. He'll be a lot better dman and he can throw real solid punches. Dadonov did make several gaffs and 1 caused a goal but he looked really good otherwise and had several good scoring chances. What his xGA%? Also, I thought he made Caufield look even more dangerous when they played together. I'm still undecided on Dach, but the other game he looked good with Pitlick.
  6. Thx for that info because I was definitely wondering how many contract slots they had. I figured if Beck wasn't signed it would be for that reason. Beck has looked really impressive but I doubt he'll make it this year though due to the log jam of forwards but he would likely have a really good chance otherwise. He looks NHL capable. Mesar looks really good too, especially his shot. He's got a super fast release.
  7. I didn't realize there was a game, but I did find that it was streamed on youtube. I'm just watching it now. It's a shame John Lu is gone. Who is replacing him? I certainly hope not Colaiacovo, PK is available and he would be much better.
  8. I noticed Harris, he almost caused a goal. I keep seeing Davidson doing a lot of little good things. Nice move by Slaf with the pass but no goal. Beck scores!!
  9. I couldn't help but wonder so I had to look up the seating capacity of LECOM Harborcenter. I was thinking it might be bigger than the Yotes new arena, but nope it only seats 1200 people. That would have been wild. 🤣
  10. Slaf looks so big out there is almost looks like he's playing against Midget age group. It kinda reminds me of Kramer doing karate against kids. If Xhekaj really gained 20 lbs it was probably a mistake. The extra weight wasn't needed to be a better dman and it would slow him down.
  11. What, no game day thread? 🤣 Interesting, Barron is wearing the C, I figured it would be Ghule. I've seen at least 2 could've been penalties against Buff.
  12. My 1st thought was I wish the pic was a bit larger because it looks it says Slaf is 238 lbs, but I guess its not my eyes. Same with John Parker Jones - I'm not sure who that is. I definitely recall the Habs having another large forward prospect and I forget his name but I'm fairly certain that I'm thinking of a different guy. The guy I'm thinking of had an uncommon name like Sebastian or something. >>Edit: I was thinking of Callum Chisholm who was at the development camp. Unfortunately, it doesnt seem like they invited him back.
  13. 100%!! Thats exactly what I think too. I'm sure he will be a good Captain but I believe that the timing is a bit premature. Also, what happens if Cole, Slaf or even Dach end up getting 20+ more pts than Suzuki? However, it could also be a great idea if Suzuki's contract sets a precedence for highest paid player. i.e. resign Cole and Slaf long term for less.
  14. I was aware that ads on jerseys would be a new thing, but the placement of it looks ridiculous. The patch would look better if it was on the shoulder. Plus, they could double the revenue that way. i.e. players have 2 shoulders. Does anyone know how much RBC paid for that honor?
  15. I agree with @hockeyrealist and @dlbalr that this contract is somewhat questionable. Also, it wasn't just 1 exec either. Numerous analysts had compared Dach to the NYR's Kakko & Lafreneire and I believe a 3rd player on another team too. i.e. they were all drafted in the 1st round and high and had played 2-3 seasons but hadn't done really well yet that an arbitrator would use as comparables. Those other guys got 2-2.5 mil/yr x 2 yrs. For me, this contract reinforces my previous comments and belief that Dach has an underlying issue. I tend to think that Hughes is using the old adage of in for a penny in for a pound and in a sense is doubling down on a bad decision. i.e. Hughes probably already knows that trading Romy was a mistake. In hindsight, the Hawks wouldn't have qualified Dach and the Habs could have just signed him; plus they ended up with Monahan too.
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