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  1. Odd, Caufield when on his feet misses the net a lot; but apparently; when he's falling he can hit the net.
  2. I agree - but Molson could be that sold on MB. This horrid season isn't entirely MB fault and there are numerous Pros for sucking this season. Its fairly clear to most that the Habs have a player development issue, but it seems that it might extend to managerial development too. The Habs have certainly lost numerous people by failing to promote them and allowing other teams to hire them. I didn't realize his name is actually Rejean, but he is American so I would have to assume that he does not speak French. After all, its unarguable that he's Anglicized his 1st name. He could easily go by Rej/Reg or Reggie, which ironically do sound sort of French, but Ray doesn't. It seems like he prefers to be viewed as an Italian American vs French. Most people in the US with French last names are just Americans and have no connection with their French heritage.
  3. That was definitely my 1st thought, 2nd and 3rd. If the next GM isn't French but speaks it then it might be Blair MacKasey. He was interviewed when they hired MB.
  4. Not even close!! I'm kidding, when it was 3-1 I totally thought you were going to be right. The Pens would score another and the Habs would get an empty netter. That was really odd. Toffoli needed that goal, but it would have been wild if Anderson had got a natural open net hattrick.
  5. I was bummed because I wanted to see a replay of Dvoraks shot right after it happened but they didn't show it. It looked like there was a chance that it went in. They eventually showed it at the end of the period, and nope.
  6. The Habs seem to think that every pass must be received vs wired at the net. Right when I was thinking that none of the Habs can do a 1 timer, Petry proves me wrong by doing an incredibly weak 1 timer. How many shots on net did they Habs have before that 4 min PP? They had 3 when it ended.
  7. The Pens have won 5 straight, but slightly optimistic because the Pens Goalie has a 4.71 GAA.
  8. Yet another loss and game that was void of any meaningful timely saves when they were needed. Few of the Caps shots that ended up in the net were unstoppable.
  9. Woot woot, welcome back Goal Caufield!! Good timing in that goal, to end the period on a high note.
  10. Geez eh, no wonder the Habs aren't winning, when they're being psyched out by a simple head movement to the side. ex: Petry basically did that on the Goal, and numerous other Habs have blown their defensive coverage on similar moves. Did Petry just cost them another Goal?
  11. Poehling - gets the puck near the crease, but he doesnt try to ram it into the net - he passes it back to the point for the dman to rip it at the net.
  12. I had to pause the game with 14 mins left and it was 5-0 because I had to go to the grocery store before it closed. When I resumed the game I immediately noticed that there was 40+ mins left, so my 1st thought was thinking it went into OT. When the Preds scored their 3 goals I was definitely worried that I was right.
  13. Toffoli had a great break away chance - too bad he missed though. Theres something interesting about having healthy competition. ex: ever since Allen got injured, Primeau and Montembault seem to have upped their play. It's like they are both playing better and showcasing their skills because they want to show that they can be the backup G.
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