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  1. What a silly idea that would have been. The Habs can definitely use Rempe knowing how to fight: That didn't take long did it?
  2. Slaf likely doesn't need another year to show consistency because he was showing that for a 1/4 of last season. What Slaf was doing at the end of last season is repeatable vs being a fluke because he was doing the same thing night in night out. i.e. Slaf has shown that he is the PP QB the Habs have needed for years. Furthermore, Demidov arrives next year even though he starts the season and plays in the KHL. However, the KHL season ends in Feb so he could be playing with the Habs in March. If the Habs have a fairly decent start next season they will get a huge boost for the last 1/4 of the season. I figure they could come close to making the playoffs without Demidov and with him their chance certainly increases.
  3. Unfortunately, we have no idea how good Dach is and we still haven't seen him play a full season yet. Realistically, it took Suzuki numerous years to hit 30 goals and can he hit 40? Insanely, Dach could be as good or better than Nick. Dach could be an 80+ pts guy but with Demidov that might change to 100+ pts. At the worst Demidov will be a 80 pts guy and he should easily hit 100 and possibly 120+ pts. There is a chance that he is as good or better than Celebrini.
  4. You're absolutely right - its about future players and the people that vote are current players. i.e when all the players have no teeth they don't care that Lisa needs braces. I could see Bettman changing the rules but it would only be to take away any advantage the Habs, Leafs and Rangers should have. When there is no limit on scouting the richest teams can easily outspend lesser teams and be the best at drafting. There is no reason that hasnt been happening. Luckily, Hughes is finally leading the Habs in that direction.
  5. This guy should win an award, what a great recap of the season using Simpsons clips: HockeyFights dot com | sit back relax and recap the #NHL season with @thesimpsons clips #hockeyContent #ThisIssaJoke by tt/nedeljkovic39 #hockeylife | Instagram
  6. I heard they also offered him several other deals. 1 was a 1 year deal and then he'd be 35 yrs old and their plan was to start giving him incentive laden contracts after that. I was hoping Hedman would leave next year but it sounds like he will resign soon.
  7. Big George Larocque - fighting specialist - he's worked with Pezz and WiFi, no clue why he's not working with all of them MAB or Souray - shooting specialist - how to get shots from out by the blueline through to the net I've been saying they should hire them as consultants for years. They should pay BGL enough so he'd agree to a contract where he can only work with Habs players. i.e. have a monopoly on him so he can't work with Rempe, etc. I like the idea of hiring Larry Robinson. After all, he could use another Cup.
  8. I wasn't overly impressed with Burrows anyway so its probably not a big loss. I expect whoever is hired will look like a genius because the last few months of last season it looked like Slaf had figured out how to be the PP QB the Habs have needed for years.
  9. Marchessault says he was close to signing with the Habs but the pressure of Montreal and length of term Hughes was offering was less than what he wanted. He also talked with Stamkos after hearing rumors that he was signing with Nashville and that got him to sign with them.
  10. Neither do I but it just depends. Arber certainly loves the Habs and wants to stay but he loves his mom and dad more and wants to retire them ASAP. If a team wants him bad enough they could offer him enough $ that he can do that could tempt him into signing with them.
  11. I had heard numerous sources claim his next contract would be for $4.5-6 mil so that contract he just got is crazy. I was sorta hoping the Habs could get him for $6 or under for 3 yrs. If that had happened there might have been a chance of getting Hedman the year after. I was never fully into the idea of giving up our prospects to get a young roster player. ex: Beck, Roy, etc + picks to get Necas or Zegras, etc. I was hoping they could sign a Stanley Cup winning vet instead. ex: Kane, Stamkos, Perry, etc. After today, they might be forced to go back to the trade idea or have to just wait it out yet another year.
  12. I agree that he is getting over the hill a bit - he didnt do much in the playoffs compared to his previous years. However, he is still a large vet that signs 1 year deals on the cheap with skills that he can teach the young Habs players. ex: he could teach Slaf how to be a major pain in the ass. Same with Dach and even WiFi too he could teach them how to hang out in front of the other teams net and do tap ins or deflections. That would be worth the $1.4 mil.
  13. Awesome news!! Now they need to get Arber signed ASAP!! I highly doubt he would sign a rfa offer sheet but I would imagine that numerous teams that have been trying to get him for a 1st rnd pick will try offering him one. If Arber did sign a rfa offer sheet Hughes will match but it would screw up their entire salary plan if they have to over pay him. It is vital they resign Arber vs matching an rfa offer.
  14. D'oh!! All the players I was hoping the Habs might have a slight chance at signing have all signed. It seems like numerous teams haven't learned any lessons from other teams giving out albatross contracts. Of all the players the Habs might have had a chance on Patrick Kane and Perry are the only ones that aren't overpaid or for way too long.
  15. Wicked: Slaf just signed: 8 years @ $7.6 mil = $60.80M
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