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  1. I'm actually sorta surprised that he was still around last year, but he did have a good year. He's fairly decent at numerous things ex: checking, scoring SHG, but not very good at scoring on 5 on 5 etc. Although he doesnt suck by any means, could Phoeling or somebody else be as good or better, because they'd be cheaper too. Unfortunately for Lehks thats the issue.
  2. Yes, I totally agree and that exactly why I said I'm not suggesting they should. Thats part of the problem, any team the Habs talk to regarding a top player that team will want some of the Habs top players in return. Hence, any trade might not be worth doing. ex: think of the Drouin trade, that wasnt worth doing. Suzuki and Caufield will be big stars eventually, but will they want the same $ that some of the top guys want, and as quickly? Eichel is a great player but he is sorta over paid for his age and his career accomplishments so far. ex: its unknown if he produces in the playoffs or if he disappears. I would have given him $8mil/yr x 10 yrs vs the $10mil/yr x 8 yrs. Eichel was great, but with his contract and back injury I'd stay far away from him because he might never be the same player again. Back injuries that require an operation are never a good thing. I'd recommend anybody with a disk issue to not have it operated on because that rarely works out well. More often than not an operation makes the problem worse. I know numerous people that have had disks operated on and they all regret doing it because it made it worse. Also, Barkov currently isnt over paid but he will want a raise, and how much?
  3. Barkov would be incredible pickup too. Has he ever publicly said that he wants out of Florida though? If he hasnt I cant see Flor trading him, they'd resign him. What other C and dmen are UFA's next year? Depending on that list it might make more sense or less to consider Eichel now.
  4. Eichel would be an incredible pickup, but the cost it likely way too much to consider doing it. It would be unimaginable for Buffalo to give away their top player for the Habs crappy guys with bad contracts like Drouin. They will want serious return for their top player. Even if it was for all 4 of those guys - which I'm not suggesting the Habs should do, its that those 4 guys dont make enough money for that to work cap wise for the Habs. Realistically, like already mentioned, the Habs would need to dump a bunch of salary to make it possible. To bring in a 10mil guy the Habs would need to give up $10mil in salary. Therefore, I cant see any deal happening without moving Gallagher because he is 1 of the Habs highest paid players. ex: Gally, KK, and Romy for Eichel, or even worse would be Gally, Suzuki and Caufield.
  5. Thats another great way to view it. i.e. the Habs PP wont be a 1 trick pony per say where they only have 1 player that they're constantly trying to get the puck to. Thats sort of a problem with players like Weber that have a big time point shot because its not hard to come up with a game plan to stop that. Its obvious that the puck will go to them so make sure that they're covered. However, if you have 2 players with really good shots then 1 of them should always be able to get open.
  6. Thats actually really funny. The Kracken had access to all the players medical files, and they'd also totally know why Droiun is out too.
  7. I agree with all of that. Near the end of the regular season Romanov was looking at lot better and might have been able to start playing in the top 4. I'm conflicted with Norlinder because I want to see him do well, but if surprises everybody and makes the team this year it could mess things up. It would probably be better for the Habs if he spends 1 more year in Sweden.
  8. Exactly. I'd say that the Habs have more of a need for his skills than the Blues, Flor or even Sens had. I think he'll get more opportunities with the Habs and could potentially hit career highs. Not to mention, his linemates will probably be as good or better than from his career best 35g year. It'll be interesting to see what happens with him but he should be a good fit and fill a need the Habs have had for quite a while.
  9. Well, Caufield played something like 10 regular season games and had 4 goals, so he was on pace for 32g/82 games. ex: 10 games x 8 = 80, so 4g x 8 = 32g. Therefore, I honestly dont think its a big stretch that he could potentially get 40. If anyone watched Caufield play, then maybe you have noticed that he is elite AF. Caufield will probably eventually be a 50+g guy and upwards of 60, with a career high of over 65+. Another neat thing regarding Caufield is that he's still technically a rookie, because he's only played 10 regular season games. He has a great chance at being the 1st Habs in a long time to get rookie of the year. Also, if Toffoli keeps up his pace from last season he would be in the race for what Habs player could get 40, because I'm pretty sure he was on pace for 50+. Furthermore, Gally should be mentioned too, not that he'll get 40 but he could get 2-3 more g's than usual and hit 35. The Habs could have four 35g+ guys this year.
  10. Bozak does have a decent FO% so he would have been a decent choice but he did make $4.25mil last year. Also, I didnt realize he's age, he's 35 so he's much older than I thought, so he might not have much interest from other teams. It is possible that the Habs could have signed him for 2-2.5mil and not picked up Paquette and Perrault. You think Phoeling could be the 3C though? Bozak would have been able to fill that role fairly well, and for way cheaper than Danault. It does seem like there is a trade in the works somewhere.
  11. Is MB just acquiring Quebec players or something? I don't know what he's thinking, but at the moment I'm sorta concerned with Phoeling because this is probably the year that he really needs to start playing in the NHL. I dont really see the point in picking up marginal 4th liners that will likely steal his spot. Players that are cheap and above marginal like Perry would make sense get and keep Phoeling in the AHL another year. However, some of these other guys are possibly lesser than Phoeling so it really makes no sense to pay them $250K more and risk ruining yet another 1st rnd pick.
  12. Keep in mind too that Weber is an extremely simple example due to him missing the entire year. ex: if an 8 mil player is injured for 1/4 of the season then a team would only get 25% so $2 mil. My examples use simple to follow math, while most injuries would be way more complicated trying to calculate it. In your example, I believe you are technically right in the wording of it. However, in that situation the team is 4 mil under the 70 mil cap. In that scenario I'm pretty sure they'd get to spend the $4mil that they are under the cap. It would seem crazy if they wouldnt be allowed to get to cap max because a player is injured. However, that could be due to players missing a few weeks and returning, if the player is replaced and then the injured guy comes back then that increases their cap.
  13. I dont believe your interpretation is entirely correct. My understanding of what I've seen @dlbalr say numerous times is this: a team doesnt get Cap relief per say, its more like they technically get an overage. ex: if the cap is 70mil, and a team is at the cap, if a 7.5 mil player is injured for the year, then their cap hit is not 62.5, its still 70. For them to get cap relief they'd need to spend over 70 mil, and they could spend up to 77.5 mil. Either way, its basically the same difference, they'd have 7.5mil to play with, but a team has to spend the $ to get anything. For a player to get LTIR they just need to say that they want to play, show up and a team Dr does a physical and they fail it, then they're put on LTIR. I can't see Weber actually saying that he is retiring in that sense, he'll do the physicals and fail them ever year.
  14. Hoffman only got 3 afaik. My point is that we cant really blame Perry for wanting more than 1 year. It's MB fault for not offering Perry the 2 years he wanted.
  15. An extra year likely would because if you were a player and had a 1 year contract do you buy a condo or house in that city, or rent, or what? Similarly, if you have a wife and kids, do you move them there for 7-8 mths, and if if not you dont get to see them as much. From that perspective it makes sense for a player to want more than 1 year.
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