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  1. No, I am fully aware of Jared but you're being ridiculous because I've clearly stated i'm referring to*top 5 picks* in the *1st round*. How does a player that was drafted 19th in the 2nd round have to do with a discussion about 2 brothers that were drafted top 5 in 1st rnd? You done the same with Brett Lindros, and every other example you've given. Brett was close tho because he was at least top 10 1st rnd. However, he didnt work out because his brain was repeatedly turned into mush from all the concussions he had.
  2. Hmm, my bad, you're right. It was getting both of them that created an issue. MB probably should have traded Patches to a different team and/or targeted a winger or dman prospect vs yet another C. A big part of the current issue with the Habs is that its hard to pin point what the exact problem is and be able to state in one sentence. The Habs definitely have an issue with Asset Management and that includes how they draft and develop players. It also includes how they often pickup 4th line guys off of other teams, which keeps prospects in the minors longer than they should be.
  3. Well, I certainly disagree. Ironically, the Habs currently have a perfect example of such. i.e. Eric Staal. Jordan went top 5 too, and he didnt work out? He sure did, and the Staals weren't sons of a HOF player. However, the other 2 brothers were not Top 5 picks - and they didnt work as well as the 2 that were top 5.
  4. LOL, that pic reminds me of another good line that I believe is from that same ep. "it's my 1st day", but more like "it's my 1st year"
  5. A crystal ball isn't required when a draftee in a high draft position happens to be the son of a HOF player and their older brother was drafted really high the year before and went directly into the NHL and did really well. In that scenario, it really makes little sense to pass on that player because they are basically guaranteed to work out. I'm absolutely convinced that no matter what happens with KK, i.e. even if he becomes a 65-70pts player, that within 5 years of the post MB era, we will all unanimously agree that drafting kk over Tkachuk was the worst decision MB ever made.
  6. I'm not sure if some of the prospect decisions are made for PR reasons. I tend to believe that some of the decisions are based on the cut of a players jib. ex:
  7. 100% agree and I've said the same thing for years. So many Habs alumni are involved in the Q that the Habs should have the inside scoop on basically every player in that league. ex: the Habs should have been aware that Patrice Bergeron's grandmother died and he had a crap year and drastically fell in draft positioning. However, I have also questioned if the high # of francophone people in management is a big part of the Habs problem? i.e. it seems like they all essentially think the same, and thats likely due to them all having similar influences, that are all French and ex-Ha
  8. Heres a spoiler for you: the series will be over in 4 games when Mike Palmateer gets injured in the corner in game 3 and the Habs sweep the series. Back to reality - damn trapezoid rule. I honestly think Habs sweep could happen, but they'd have to get lucky and the Leafs dont figure out that they're in serious trouble. ex: Habs win 1st game in OT, win 2nd game by 1, Leafs goalie gets injured game 3 and they win it due to Leaf penalties, and the Leafs completely fall apart in game 4. Either way, it's time to dust off Staal's illegal stick.
  9. In the other games I believe I saw him attempt to do that numerous times but poorly so its hard to say for sure. However, they showed 1 clip from this game where 2 Habs were directly in front of him and he kicked the puck 6-8 feet straight out in front of the net and it went right to 1 of them. That time it was obvious as to what he was doing because he pulled it off perfectly. However, is that he's usually trying to do? I'd have to think yes, because he's rebound control almost seems so bad that he shouldnt even be in AHL.
  10. I missed the 1st 3 mins and it was 1-0 Habs and I only saw 1 min of the 1st when my computer froze again. I got the game back on and there 4 mins left in the 2nd and they were down 3-2. Silly question, but is Primeau's rebound control really that bad, or is he actually doing that on purpose? I'm wondering if he's trying to do the JS Giguere thing where he would kick the rebounds to his teammates? Only with Primeau the speed at the NHL level is much faster than what he is used to so its not as obvious as to what he's trying to do. He doesnt have that level of control when trying
  11. Me too, the "made it" feel of the giff sums up the Habs season perfectly. @Trizzak great post.
  12. Yep, and I had a bad gut feeling when I saw that. I had the impression that the rest of the game didnt matter to them, when it should have. Like you say their chances at 3rd are slim so they needed the 2 points not just 1.
  13. I would have liked to seen a replay of that too. Toffoli didn't have the puck and there was contact by an Oiler that basically knocked him on his ass. When ithappened I'm pretty sure he was the deepest Habs in the Oils end. When its 3 on 3 and a player is tripped etc it instantly creates a 3 on 2 scenario. It sucks that Caufield didnt score. No clue what the record is for getting consecutive GWG in OT but that would have been a great record to keep adding too.
  14. Because padding individual player stats is wrong. 🤣 Oh wow, Toffoli should have drawn an interference penalty there.
  15. No off side on that goal, it counts!!!!!!!!! Nicely nicely Lehks!!
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