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  1. Yes, they have been underwhelming so far this year in back to back games. However, they only need 1 goal to tie it and they still have around 5 mins. Hopefully their trailing stat is more important than the 0-4 in back to back games. While I want to see them win this game, I believe that it is more important that they win their next 2 games.
  2. I didn't mean for them to burry him for his entire contract. My point was that no team will trade for a 4th liner making 5.5 mil/yr with yrs left on their contract. I don't believe that dropping Anderson to the 4th line will help him get out of his current funk. Plus, as you said he has been playing better lately so hopefully that continues to trend upwards vs regress. It sucks this year for Ylonen because he is deserving of playing higher than the 4th line. For next year the Habs need to get rid of Dvorak, Armia, and possibly Anderson to make room for Beck and Roy. Ylonen would likely be a good fit with those 2 and they'd make a formidable 3rd line.
  3. Only 1 explanation required: Gallagher happened. i.e. he ended up in the crease without being touched by anyone and made contact with their goalie.
  4. Hmm, interesting: the Habs are 2nd in the NHL when trailing after 2 periods. They're only down by 1, so it should be a fun 3rd period.
  5. I'm surprised that Struble didn't really react when he was hit from behind. I would have thought that he'd have an issue with that hit and would have done something more than nothing.
  6. I'm not 100% sure but I believe Condotta could be an upgrade on Pezzetta in every way. He's bigger, tougher, better fighter, and seems to have more skill. I like the sound of that idea but without WiFi and Dach's size I think he would make the team too small.
  7. I agree Ylonen deserves to be on the 3rd line but I disagree with bumping Anderson to the 4th line. He gets paid way too much and has numerous years left on his contract. The Habs aren't in a position where they can burry Anderson like that, what they need is for him to start producing - which is unlikely if he's on the 4th line.
  8. I'm stoked that Primeau has returned to his previous what have you done with Primeau state. After he got lit up in his game I was sorta worried that he might go back to being himself. It is surprising that he outplayed Levi tonight. At 1 point last year I wanted the Habs to get Levi, but he's increased his value significantly since then that I doubt the Sabers would get rid of him now.
  9. Exactement They have Arber playing with Mailloux now so I am ok with him being down for a bit. I'm hoping those 2 have chemistry together and Mailloux's +/- greatly improves and he eventually gets called up at some point this year.
  10. Great play by a stickless Matheson to get the puck out of the Habs end. However, why didn't he try to kick it to a linemate? Strange 4 on 4 OT for close to 4 1/2 minutes.
  11. Nice stick work by Kovacevic - he interrupted numerous pass attempts during that PK. Thats exactly why I like players that are 6'3"+ tall. They have great reach.
  12. wth, 3 penalties to Buff in under 20 seconds all uncalled. ex: Evans high sticked in the corner, neutral zone interference, and hit from behind on Monahan.
  13. Great heads up play by Slaf using his body to help spring Suzuki on that great chance with Cole.
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