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  1. I think your issue with the Guhle injury is not a rushing prospects thing. Guhle is 21. Injuries would happen at the AHL level too. This issue is a 'play through it' culture issue in hockey generally. Slaflovsky in the NHL at 18 and getting rocked repeatedly because he doesn't skate with his head up... Ends up injured long term... That's a rushing prospect issue. Let him learn that at the AHL level against slower guys... Not at NHL speed.
  2. I really wonder what he could be of he was in phx without the media storm or any public pressure. He's still good enough skill wise to be a offensive 3rd liner on a bad team who fills top six when there's injuries.
  3. Admittedly I thought he was still among the non denials. That being said prior to this going public Hart had a bit of reputation out west in the junior scene... I only brought it up though because I thought he hadn't denied involvement. So I won't suggest it again off junior scene rumors alone.
  4. I think Carter Hart is not going to escape from the WJ scandal. So they may not have a choice but to move on.
  5. I am more curious where I pulled that 90 number from hahaha. No idea why I knew that.
  6. Yeah so that one basically would never factor into anything (other than PHX keeping all the players they in theory could draft lol)
  7. Two picks. At least the 1st was a 27th OA. Our 2024 2nd is yet to be done. Though we likely can get a vaguely similar package retained at a deadline next year. I don't think it'll end up being terrible. May come out in the wash.
  8. Okay, then you're probably on to something. Side note: Is there like... a 'in organization' limit? Like 90?
  9. Well we didn't use our three retention slots... But the teams certainly blew the floodgates off using retention in trades this deadline!!! My doubt was misplaced in league GMs 😛
  10. I mean it could really just be a contract slot thing. Pitts adding Bonino needed to ditch a contract. Montreal didn't want to add one for retaining so we send a dude to SJ.
  11. Not really a rumor... But all the moves got me looking at MTLs lineup next year. I'll assume we don't lose everyone to injury... to start the year should have 9 NHL dmen next season. NHL Roster Locks: (LD) Matheson and Edmonston (RD) Savard (LD/RD) Guhle and Harris. Leaves one spot on the RD for: (Rd) Kovacevic, Barron, Wideman and LD/Rd Xhejak. what do you guys think the plan will be offseason? I figure Edmonston is gone or honestly maybe LTIR. Seems headed that way. Now that's two spots for four guys. Probably keep Wideman up as a 7th dman to sit him? Have one of Barron or Xhejak in AHL to start like earlier this year? Or are they too good for that? I could see Xhejak maybe having a soft more slump from the pressure or the injury? But seems like a super determined kid and doesn't seem like that 'take a step back' kind of player... Think Barron could use more AHL time? or are we going to end up moving a young dman for a forward?
  12. My biggest concern with the Slaflovsky decision is Gordon is coming from an org that has really screwed up and pissed off high draft picks, in NY. Load Anderson, Kratsov, Lafreniere, Kaako.....
  13. Using a retention slot, giving Dallas an upgrade and giving them 400k in cap space... For a 25 year old 'project' RFA we get 20 odd games to judge? I feel this deal is mainly us doing Dadanov a solid. I am concerned we may give this guy a bad contract though if he gets a 'new team boost' then sucks after. Hopefully we do a 1 year prove it deal with him if he has a hot few weeks.
  14. These are basically the GMs I have some memory of. I was alive for the last cup win and tail end of Serge Savard but I don't have any memory of it... Rejean Houle: 1995-2000 Andre Savard: 2000-2003 Bob Gainey: 2003-2010 Pierre Gauthier: 2010-2012 Marc Bergevin: 2012-2021 In my mind they go like this... Can't decide on Gainey/Bergevin but then A. Savard, Gauthier, Houle. Thoughts? For some reason A. Savard doesn't have a real place in my memory. Top Two Bergevin - hey got a cup final and a conference final - gifted most his core though by Gainey drafts - failed to ultimately build a real contender - sweeeeeet trades - very less sweet development - very enjoyable media presence after Gauthier and all that shit. For what that's worth. Gainey - it's kinda hard to rate him because of rumors he delegated a lot due to the tragic passing of his daughter. - But anyways trades/signings. The Gomez trade has to be balanced out by the Patches/George's trade. Plus that culture purge to move on from Kovalev/Komi/Higgins/Lats to give Price a better environment and signing Gionta/Gomez/Cammalleri. Led to the Halak run, one of my favourite hockey memories. - drafting... Best of anyone on the list. Sure missed some 1st round picks but strong depth drafting. The Other Guy A. Savard I mean acquiring Gilmour was hilarious to see leaf fans get upset... God Why Did You Happen Gauthier - I hate this man. All the negativity from former players about his time as GM... Spacek, Gill, Cammalleri. Everyone was saying it. - trading up to draft tinordi, the Halak trade and apperent lack of shopping... - also just seemed like a miserable human lol Houle - I think we all know, as much as I have immense distain for Gauthier. Houle was something else. Oh the trades... Roy, Recchi VinnyD, Tucker, ROY.... Missing on like every 1st round choice... Yikes.
  15. True. Dealing with that ownership would take years off his life.
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