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  1. Is Ylonen really a "4th line" kind of player?
  2. Or maybe it would be part of a deal where we take a bigger worst contract with less term and the other team is making another move?
  3. What contract swaps make sense? Quick search for me got like mayyyybe 4 options. Jason Dickinson VAN Radek Daska DAL Carl Hagelin WAS Maybe Adam Lowry if Winnipeg wants him back?
  4. I know Patches may not be well loved anymore but "Wolverine" was a great nickname for a guy who came back from injuries so quick.
  5. Honestly moments like this make me hate the salary cap. I hate that a guy that has played so hard through his career and most Habs fans had him as a favourite... Will become maligned because of his contract
  6. Was at the Oil kings game last night against the Regina Bedard's. Guhle is a very aggressive puck handler in the offensive zone. Didn't realize that was part of his game.
  7. May I ask what their usernames are? Curious.
  8. Are the podcasters regular posters on the forum?
  9. Is Teasdale really on the top line?
  10. No wonder the Rocket won. That's half our NHL team on their roster.
  11. Think management is going to try and move Petry at deadline?
  12. My guess from watching the game is that only Petry may have been in position to really "see" it.
  13. Any news on what this Price presser is about?
  14. I mainly caught games where he was with Chiarot and a few at the end of December... So that explains why I thought he'd been a tire fire haha
  15. Has Savard really looked like a value contract? I admit it's tough to judge him given the general state of the team but I struggle to see him as a 3.5M dman. I don't think his role in Tampa justified it either?
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