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  1. isn't Berkly Catton a closer comparable to Caufield? and one with more upside than Eiserman?
  2. ... if Caufield stays is fully healthy and not on IR 👍
  3. Yes, that is what I am saying I thought that pre-draft Caufield was only known as a scorer. I also thought we were talking about potential Habs picks that are only known for their scoring. Caufield is proof that teenagers that are known scorers may turn out to be as Caufield now: a more rounded players that can score 25-30 or more if healthy for the full season
  4. * cough * * cough * (caufield) * cough * * cough *
  5. Writing is hard. I do not want to criticize the writer of this article, I have not read it. Anyone writing on a web platform opens himself to criticism and backslash as soon as the piece is published. I suffer enough from my posts here, I would not open myself to more negativity if I wrote a piece. Let’s hope we do not discourage those who try their best.
  6. I’ll skip the article, most of us agree that Guhle was the most consistent defenseman all season even if he had a dip in the last quarter of the season. isn’t there some editorial review before posting ?
  7. I've been saying he is the "dark horse" prospect, developing out of sight. I am really happy to see he is impressing so many. Beck is good, Beck & Kapanen is better (thinking of this add campaing)
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