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  1. I would bring back Chucky on a cheap contract league minimum contract cheap contract for one season. Would you?
  2. I have high hopes for Ylonen. I drink coffee in their honour , lots of coffee
  3. he he he 😄 Alright, let's drink for a great 2021-2022 season for the twin-Fins
  4. I am sure that he could have a 20g season if he played 3rd-line minutes instead of 4th-line/PK-specialist minutes. From memory, I am almost certain he has a higher shooting rate playing RW than LW, just by the way he attacks the net and positions himself for rebounds and dirty goals.
  5. with the list of players who filed for arbitration out, here is a trade proposal From MTL: Kulak, Poehling and Ylonen To NSH for Fabbro and 2022 2nd round draft pick === The Habs get an NHL ready RHD at (I hope) $3.0M after arbitration NSH gets an NHL D on a cheaper contract and two prospects that are waiver eligible while alos being likely to play in the NHL soon. They get cap space to sign their other UFAs, RFAs or extend their current players. They also get scoring potential at the forward position which they have been missing. I like Fabbro and I have been looking a various ways to get him, similar to how I wanted to get Edmundson. He has been a 3rd pair D so far but his numbers have been improving year to year. Why would NSH do it? Althought they seem to have lots of cap room, they need to sign Saros and Tolvanen and next year they need to extend Forsberg and Ekholm. In addition to signing some NHL depth.
  6. it has been fairly quiet since the UFA singnings, with Lehkonen being the first RFA to sign and Kotkaniemi, Poehling, Leskinen, McNiven and Pezzetta remaining. I will need to concede that I was wrong they would resign Gustafsson, although I still see a spot for him and the potential for him to complement the team biggest questions for me are: 1. Who will play backup behind Allen? 2. How refreshed and restored will Drouin be on his return? 3. Will Gallagher need some time to heal from minor surgery or injuries from the playoffs ? He seemed to be beaten up 4. will they improve on Wideman as the backup RHD on the NHL roster? 5. Will Poehling, Norlinder, Brook, and to a lesser degree Belzile or Vejdemo surprise at training camp? Force a trade to make room on the NHL roster?
  7. would you trade 27 year old LD Brett Kulak ($1.85M/1yr) for 25 year old RD Artem Zub (@.5M, 2yr) ? Sens would get an experienced LD with great statistics and good potential on a cheap contract The Habs would get much needed RD depth with a good RD on a reasonable contract for an extra year The biggest benefit is having Romanov play on LD as much as possible and develop into a stud D. The Sens improve their overall D depth quality and have multiple options for their NHL defensive lineup. Makes them more competitive next season.
  8. I am surprised that he signed this low. But really happy about it because it fits in the salary structure Welcome back Arturi
  9. He has not aged well for sure, but I was not thinking in such dramatic way either way, this is probably his last contract year unless he redeems himself from the draft and the mismanagement of player’s health during the playoffs
  10. probably until the medical checkups at the beginning of training camp
  11. Lehks is a fourth liner in a team with 6 fourth liners already! Byron, Evans, Paquette, Perrault, Evans, Poehling Kotkaniemi has been the thrid line center for a couple of years and will probably be given a chance to center the second line Not really the same
  12. I want what you are drinking, man! You are surprisingly up on this team and optimistic beyond everyone on this forum.
  13. Eichel for whom? Kotkaniemi, Poehling and a D prospect??
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