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  1. happy for the loss, skipped the game and don't feel like watching on PVR. I am glad it was an entertaining game and that they did not loose anyone to injury
  2. Maybe you are coming out of the spell from MSL and Hugh-Gort. They have done some good things but some devision have been disastrous I hope the organizations fixes any problems they have had with regards to injuries and that they avoid this situation next season
  3. you are probably right. I had forgotten about that
  4. I am not a fan of Armia since he chose not to get vaccinated for a ling time and caught COVID a couple of times probably due to his inner circle having the same reticence on the vaccine. He has missed a lot of games since then. I wonder if he has long COVID now. Let's say that Armia is good without the puck, which is most of the time. With the puck, he should not get paid more than $1.5M like you say. ==== back on the topic of Gurianov, he makes me think more of Armia when he is on a hot point producing streak than of Hoffman who has a great shot and not much else
  5. He looks like the "Good Armia" to me more than Hoffman. Big, skilled and good on the forecheck
  6. not even peewee coaches would do that talk about a tank job, mafia style
  7. good game, bad result for the draft. I am happy for Drouin, he is playing for an NHL contract somewhere else in the league. He may find a spot like Tatar did. Montembeault was great again, he has won a bunch of games for the Habs this season. Gurianov continues to impress The AHLers continue to impress
  8. yes, that is what I meant. I expect Hutson to bulk up to where Harris is.
  9. I put Hutson in the same category as Harris, but with a higher offensive/points ceiling. Mete was picked later in the draft and was always a long shot. Harris: 5'11"/190lbs Hutson: 5'10"/161lbs I am high on Mailloux, he dropped so late in the draft because of the off-ice stuff. If he is given every chance to develop in the AHL, he could be a solid NHL 2nd pair RD Roy and KIdney, I have not followed much. I am hoping that Slafkovsky, Beck, Gurianov, Ylonen establish themselves ahead so that they push the overall skill level of Habs up. How many 3rd liners can the Habs carry ? (I know 3, ...)
  10. once Drouin walks, I will not give him anymore thought than to Chiarot or Cousins I try to keep my fandom to current Habs. I think he would do great in Europe. Switzerland ? Germany?
  11. Fun game and good result t was great to see the Habs tank so efficiently. I hope more of the same the rest of the season
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