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  1. I saw your posts about using Cauliflower. not my favourite vegetable I tried mini me and hobbit , I forget whom proposed Bilbo well de
  2. That would be my preferred outcome, even if loosing Kulak is bad, I rather keep Allen The Habs could then restructure the D around the leftovers (exaggerating a bit, but yeah)
  3. I am cautiously optimistic he could pull it off, but there are so many things that need to go right for MB... the first being to salvage his job
  4. caught up on my PVR to just before the overtime. Saw Caufield score the winner and just couldn't believe it. Awesome goal Danault said this about Caufield: "Il est petit, mais il [est fait?] pour les grand moments", inenglish he repeated caufield = big moment... which makes me think that it may be a good nick name to call him Cole "Big Time" Caufield Romanov didn't ahve a good game, played less minutes than usual. Evans played another great game, Allen kept us close and made the win possible, Danault was really good against Matthews, Suzuki and Toff
  5. like complotistes, seems like Mr. Brendan Kelly has his followers...
  6. Those are two major injuries for Teasdale. I hope he is not another prospect that is lost to the Hab’s voodoo curse that mangled Ikonen’s, Juulse’s, Bournival’s, Geoffrion’s and so many others
  7. Some notes on who may be left unprotected and that (a stretch, but my take) may also be left unsigned: TBL-Savard, FLA-Montour, EDM-Barrie
  8. Well, according to the Athletic https://theathletic.com/2532436/2021/04/27/seattle-mock-expansion-draft-6-0-protected-lists/ Dougie Hamilton may be left unprotected and available for the Expansion draft Carolina Hurricanes (7-3-1) Protected forwards: Jordan Staal, Sebastian Aho, Andrei Svechnikov, Vincent Trocheck, Teuvo Teravainen, Nino Niederreiter, Warren Foegele. Protected defence: Jaccob Slavin, Brett Pesce, Jake Bean. Protected goalie: Alex Nedeljkovic. Prominently available: Dougie Hamilton, Brady Skjei, Jake Gardiner, Petr Mrazek, Jam
  9. If MB survives this season and does not get fired, and that is a big if; that is what I expect him to do: improve the D. the forwards group is much better and the prospects are progressing well enough. If Allen is lost to Seattle, the D core will be too crowded and MB will have lots of assets to trade or resign. === If a new GM comes in, I am sure the D core will change too because of all the faults we all see there. So yes, I think it is possible to get a top 20 D in the league through free agency or trade
  10. which is why evaluation on players very so much. I usually check LWOS before posting here because the analysis on players is usually right-on.
  11. which is a god lead into the argument I am trying to make. Habs need a top D like Victor Hedman and Petry is not it. I am weary of arguments made that we should build around Petry and dump Weber. That is so short sighted and will lead to a catastrophic crash of the Defensemen core. The Habs need to get a top pair D that can dominate a game and then see how to fit the rest of the D-core around him. Be it trading Petry or dumping Weber or giving up on Romanov, Harris, Norlinder, Brook, etc. Why are we putting Petry on a pedestal when he has not won anything yet. He i
  12. In the KHL? No, Markov does not even play there anymore when Markov was still with the Habs, Petry was not very good. their best years never overlapped
  13. I know I wil never win this argument. That’s fine still, I am of the opinion that the team’s D will be adequate during the playoffs despite the season because the new system will help the type of players we have and also the fact that the overall talent level has improved to the point where we can sit Weber to let him heal that is improvement over the last we years and reason to hope despite the shortcomings of the structure of the team
  14. Petry is not elite, he is an excellent #3 that can carry the load for short periods of time, but he is not able to take over a game. I want an elite D on the Habs. A dominant scoring D than is solid on defense. The brain cramps Petry has every second game are too much for me to crown him THE best possible Dmfor the Habs... better should be possible
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