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  1. Indont understand how you are referring to the stats, I would like to understand. can you please explain a bit more
  2. I am like you @Sir_Boagalott, I do not remember the exact date. I was at the beginning of my engineering undergrad. I remember it was the end of the semester and that I it made me sick to my stomach, specially when one of the reporters (TVA?) filmed the cafeteria through a window live. I could not believe it! I was not at Polytechnique, so it did not affect me as much. But the next semester we got a few teachers and students transfer and hearing how they felt made me really sad. It is still a sad fealing every year in early December
  3. Price apologized the next day, wrote he didn’t know about the promo and contradicted the Habs PR by saying he knew of the anniversary. He apologized to anyone hurt by his post but snarked at the government for choosing the timing of the amendment
  4. Allen played well, and shot my prediction down the drain. Good for him and for the team. Pezzetta looked intensely from the bench when Caufield scored, that has to count for something 🤪 expected, expectation above minutes played (xXaMp) was sky high
  5. Allen is back on net and Monahan is not on the lineup to make those on his line look better. Habs will loose this one, not sure I'll stay up to watch this one. I hope the 4th line has a good game. I am rooting for Evans to get another point and for Pezzetta to be effective on the fore-check. 🙏 Please, no more injuries to pending UFAs 🙏
  6. funny how perception varies between individuals: Translation: "Kovacevic played 22:49 but the 13 goals were scored during the 37:24 where he was not on the ice"
  7. the one thing with statistics is that 15 (shifts per game) samples is not a population and bias is guaranteed. 82 separate sets of samples may show a trend but does not confirm or negates an hypothesis. a few thousand samples (82x15 = 1230) is a better mark. I have seen the 200 games mark being used as a criteria by some GMs (200x15 = 3000 shifts) I take advance stats on Hockey players with a grain of salt, and maybe an ice cold brew... or two 🍺🍺
  8. thank you for the summary. what did you think of Harris' game. two late goals were on him, the pass between his legs, and one later when he was on the side of the net watching the play. On TV he seemed to be hemmed-in in his zone and not able to go for a change, multiple times. He had two points early in the game but I think he gave up more points that he got, despite the stats. He is not able to handle physical players and seems "light"/"over-matched" on the boards am I way off on Harris?
  9. It was an entertaining way to loose. Pezzetta scores and Harris have more reasons to send him down (I know about the injuries, but still…) Lots of goals points from secondary scoring. I am happy
  10. I thought Montembeault would get a lucky win, since he was so good in the first half of the first period … now it’s 6-6 I still believe the horse shoe up his “sleeve” will help the Habs get the win
  11. How many times as Caufield missed the net this game… and on this trip? seems a lot lately
  12. I am really happy for Pezzetta. Good game, when MSL played him early in the game
  13. Harris had first row view on that 5th goal. he is going to be a good NHL D, but this game last two goals are in him Montembeault is back to normal
  14. with the rotation not a long term solution for the Habs, I looked at goals against (per 60, because that's the numer I could find) to see which team in the playoff hunt has worse number than the Habs. Maybe the Habs can send a D to LAK, EDM ot STL
  15. teams that need to start winning and may trade in desperation: NYR, WSH, OTT, VAN https://theathletic.com/3971984/2022/12/05/nhl-canucks-rangers-capitals-senators/?source=emp_shared_article
  16. if Montembeault plays (most likely) they will win; if Allen plays, they will most probably loose. Either way, I hope Monahan continues playing well, and that Dadonov and Armia continue improving and finding their groove. Go, Habs Go!
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