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  1. I use firefox on iphone, windows and linux. duckduckgo is my search engine
  2. I’ve done it on my mobile. It is tedious I have a twitter account and that may make the difference
  3. same here, so far HugGort has salvaged what they deemed good assets from TimBerg (Timmins, Bergevin) and added very promising pieces. I have been critical of how they are handling development, but for the most part I am hopeful for the future. I think the Habs have turned the corner
  4. this always works: 1. on the right top corner of the twitter post, click on the three dots 2. select embed post 3. clikc on the icon, "Copy Code" 4. On the Habsworld forum, click on the "Source" button on the left top corner of the message you are typing 5. Paste the twitter code, and post. It works every time
  5. HugGort has shown he is very capable of dealing and wheeling around cap space issues. I am confident
  6. I usually open the post I am writing in “Source” mode and paste the code I get from twitter it always works that way
  7. I like this hiring way more than Lecavallier and other ex-players
  8. I hope so, there is no room for him in the lineup I prefer the Habs to have
  9. I agree, they have made some very good moves and are well positioned for the future that is why I will only start judging the rebuild after next summer once they are done most of the churn finally, have I said lately how much I like Beck? Love that kid
  10. I much rather see a healthy Pearson in the line-up than Armia. RHP-Evans-Ylo should make for a great 4th line with Pezz as the 13th forward Great move by HugGort!
  11. I understand, but last year they surprised us with the Kovacevic pickup (I was gladly surprised) I believe that they could repeat if the opportunity arises. Also, it will be nice to track the Habs players (like Primeau) who may be waived
  12. Yes, on Facebook, twitch and Twitter/X
  13. hello, I saw this posting in another thread and I thought it would be great to have a thread on players that will come through the waiver wire and that the Habs may pickup. I liked some of the trades HughGort made and how he has shed some players we thought untradeable. Kovacevic was a smart pickup and I am thinking that he may do it again this season. in case you didn't know, the first few weeks or month of the season, the Habs will be in the waiver queue based on last season's standings == close to first dibs
  14. no, I go to billings bridge every now and then though. I work for high tech
  15. if Paul becomes that type of staff resource for the Habs, it will be amazing for the organization. Great news!
  16. exactly and you understand this, since we are both in Ottawa. The vibe in out city is positive. if my kids family and friends start cheering for the Sens, it may be hard not to jump on that band wagon for the pleasure of enjoying some games with them.
  17. from what I watched from the draft and the interviews in the past couple of weeks, they seemed to be coy and a bit evasive on expectations and season-goals I am a fan, and I'll be patient. Of course! but, if you remember some of my posts, I follow the Habs for the pleasure it gives me and to change my mind from day-to-day life. I am not 100% committed yet to investing my free time on a team that hasn't yet given me reason for optimism
  18. Not looking for a reaction, just sharing
  19. I am with you in hoping for all the best. I can’t wait for some preseason games
  20. Let’s stay positive when is the first pre-season game, this weekend or next week?
  21. More like Suzuki getting less and less effective as the season wears him down Caufield hitting 30g by mid-season and the getting hurt again Dach flip/flopping with Anderson and Newhook wing/center and never finding his game Guhle having a bad year, and the Habs cycling multiple LDs o n his spot No kids being demoted and loosing some bottom-6 vets on waivers then suffering through multiple callous of AHL fillers Missing the playoffs by half a dozen points but drafting out of the lottery
  22. I agreed with HugGort’s mandate to tank but became disillusioned when they kept playing injured players to win meaningless games I have applauded most of the trades and some of the staff hires and to be fair I’ve always said I would wait until next season to judge HugGort’s work. That being said, I miss watching hockey for the fun of it and they enjoyment of watching a team I choose to cheer for win. My daughter’s boyfriend is a Sens fan and this is my hometown… so I am warming up to the renewed life in the team.
  23. yeah, Mr, Potatohead is having an existential crisis again bring on the peeler and cutting board....
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