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  1. Kevin Roy signs with the Rocket: http://www.habsworld.net/2021/09/laval-signs-kevin-roy/ Here is recent article about his recent success in Tucson: https://tucson.com/sports/roadrunners/roadrunners-forward-kevin-roy-a-breakout-ahl-offensive-star-this-season-again/article_e6e4e857-d4f3-50dd-864b-ec4ef914060d.html
  2. Like I said, that person got the clicks on his post that he wanted. What ever
  3. it was reported on TSN 690, TVA and RDS that they would wait for Chantal's interview to learn more about Drouin's situation. It was my understanding; but what do I know?! I am just poster on a Habs forum
  4. It’s more clear what you mean when you explain it instead of using text formatting Yiu are saying it was your hunch! Got it now:)
  5. "contractual exclusivity" I do not know what that is in this context and how I would know that from any post I've seen. Do you know about that?
  6. how can anyone besides Chantal Macabé, who has a scheduled exclusive interview, break a story about Drouin before that interview? That was the give away for me, someone fishing for clicks, I am sure it worked .
  7. was there ever a credible rumor? I only saw the click bait
  8. I liked Rielly with the Habs, wold have kept him instead of Mete...
  9. Like ...Erik Gustafsson, Mike Rielly, Nathan Beaulieu and a few others that have failed to learn
  10. Didn't think Drouin was green now, but I think I found where he fits in the lineup with Dvorak, Caufield, Toffoli and Petry via GIFER
  11. he was in the mix last year, before he wen to a slump at the end of the season.
  12. oh! you mean like a rumor for the rumor thread? time will tell
  13. yes, like VGK tried to play the Habs... if I remember correctly
  14. If Caufield is not scoring 25-30 goals playing on the top line? Why would he play on the top line? The Habs have other players that would score 25-30 goals in that spot... just saying
  15. forgot to multiply by the mood-of-the-day fudge factor
  16. I want to see that probability equation, so precise! 😁
  17. but Ylonen is stuck behind Caufield, Toffoli, Anderson, Gallagher and Armia. Even if Ylonen gets improves his game, he won't be able to take a spot on the top 9. I would package him on a trade to a rebuilding team if the Habs can fill an organizational need (like RD or G)
  18. Interesting article from Terry Costaris: http://www.habsworld.net/2021/09/the-rodney-dangerfield-canadiens/ I agree with a lot of the points, but would like to read what others think of the quality and chances of the Habs in the coming season
  19. I should have worded it differently, I agree. They may not be the greates trade chips, but the ones the Habs could move: top of the list to be traded. You are right, nothing much may come out of a trade centered on this trio
  20. Ylonen and Kulak may be the top trading chips the Habs have. Ylonen may end up somewhere else than Montreal and Laval after training camp IMO Also, Poehling has as high trade value as the two others but is less likely to be traded due to the lack of depth at C; more likely he goes to Laval as a call up
  21. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, not going to comment beyond that.
  22. Ah Ha!, but you cannot counter Dom's counter-couter-scheme !
  23. I think that the lack of puck-rushing/play-making Ds will be addressed by various breakout schemes and coaching strategies. The Habs will probably add that type of D during the season; and in a year's time the one of our D prospects may fill that void (I am thinking Brook more than any other). but I am not too concern about it for now.
  24. Ok, staring from your line combinations, and expanding with @The Chicoutimi Cucumber's idea of duos: we may have: 1. I can only see these two duos as very likely LW1-[Suzuki-Caufield] LW2-[Dvorak-Gallagher] 2. Leaving the bottom 6 like this: LW3-Evans-RW3 LW4-Paquette-RW4 3. Toffoli and Drouin seem to have chemistry with Suzuki, and Toffoli seems to be more consistent. Hoffman is probably better if playing with Dvorak and Gallagher who are responsible on both sides of the puck. Toffoli-[Suzuki-Caufield] Hoffman-[Dvorak-Gallagher] 4. Out of the remaining forwards, Drouin would be useless on the fourth line and Anderson is too good to be playing in the fourth line Drouin-Evans-Anderson Which leaves: Lehkonen-Paquette-Armia and Perrault as an extra forward. Hopefully more like Perry than Frolik last year. Hoffman and Drouin may play higher if they get hot. Anderson can play higher if he gets hot. Lots of internal competition. Paquette-Armia may be great together
  25. and @dlbalr's article "Looking at Montreal’s Rookie Camp Invites": http://www.habsworld.net/2021/09/looking-at-montreals-rookie-camp-invites/ Forwards Defensemen Goaltenders Tag Bertuzzi * Tory Dello Alexis Gravel * Isiah Campbell * Gianni Fairbrother Joe Vrbetic Thomas Caron * Kaiden Guhle Ivan Zhigalov * Mika Cyr * Mattias Norlinder Cédric Desruisseaux Charles-Antoine Pilote * Justin Ducharme Daniil Sobolev Rafaël Harvey-Pinard William Trudeau Avery Hayes * Arber Xhekaj * Cameron Hillis Riley Kidney Jan Mysak Charles-Antoine Roy * Joshua Roy Xavier Simoneau Brenden Sirizzotti * Jesse Ylönen * Invitation/Tryout
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