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  1. I am not winning too many bets lately, but if I were to I would [...] [...] [...] bet that Petry is traded or I will use his picture for [...] [...] [...] no, not going that far
  2. yes, I agree, baby steps towards being traded
  3. Nice article, in french, on the Laval Rocket. Nice to see them do this:
  4. I hope Petry gets traded to get a prospect or a late 1st round pick for him If you look at the Ds this season, signed by the previous GM: Puck moving D (although no one elite): Petry, Wideman, Kulak, Niku. I do not remember well but I think Clague was picked up by Gorton Big-horse-type: Chiarot, Romanov(?), Edmundson, Savard I think that the idea that the Habs do not have a balance on D was dispelled this season by MB. And the recipe brought the Habs to the finals when Weber worn himself out, gave it all he had.
  5. I did, at least two times but they did not score on them.
  6. My mom had three knee replacements, she said that it felt like torture From how I saw her progress, physio is the only way to be able to learn to walk again without hobbling.
  7. I hope you get better soon. Physion after knee operations can be very painful.
  8. I thought I would be skipping this game, but it was an entertaining game worth watching Drouin continues playing well Anderson and Toffoli made the Habs much better. I am going to miss Toffoli once he is traded Montembault got some breaks tonight, quite a few posts but he made some solid stops. I am happy for him
  9. actually, increasing according to your statement
  10. (Armia && out) && (Pezzetta && in) = Win Talk about a magic season for #55 so far
  11. From my ivory tower in Ottawa: The “souveranistes” are making noise as usual ; but they are so few of them left that it is just noise
  12. I didn't believe your lineup, but checked and it is true 😱😱😱 Team tank is strong in this one, may the force be with you!
  13. this is my concern with Gallagher since his last hand injury: he doesn't shoot as much and is trying to jam it in more often than before
  14. Dvorak doesn't seem to have high Hockey IQ. He rarely makes his wingers "better" with his play, he is not physical and is 50%-50% on board battles (unlike Lehknonen or good-Armia). The times when he has had success is with Drouin who can distribute the puck and Armia when he was playing well earlier this season. If I am not mistaken, he looked good with Anderson too. He is frustrating like Patches was in that he needs others to make him better! but he is so much less skilled. He wins faceoffs, can be net-front/garbage-goal type of player and is ok playing defense without being a dominant shutdown centre. He is 25 years old, same as Evans, and I see him more as a 3rd-line centre than 2C.
  15. Happy to read that Teasdale is back practicing with the team in Laval:
  16. Gallagher, Marchand, Debrincat, from the top of my KKursed Potato head, come to mind.
  17. Wow, that is great that they have extra time. I am not concerned about cap problems, I am interested in salary in the structure of the club. I liked how MB managed the cap going into the Stanley cup-run season until it caved in with the Weber/Price/Kotkaniemi/Edmundson four-headed monster did him in. Fun times ahead for me in watching this unfold
  18. Congratulations to Ken Hughes! I hope that they beef-up the amateur scouting team before the draft. It has been average during Trevor's term. I am confident that with a new and improved analytics focus, the professional scouting will do well. Finally, it will be interesting to see how they approach the trade deadline. They have about a month before it and to me it will be most interesting to see what they value, what they can do without and how they structure the salary structure of the team in the short term.
  19. Well, that theory is out the window, this tweet reports that Danny-B is out of the running:
  20. They were the only ones reporting that, which makes ms believe it could be Daniel Briere since he worked as an “NHL insider” for that radio station before. They would have the inside scoop on him
  21. Drouin continues to be the most constant forward for the Habs this season The Lehkonen-Evans-Armia 4th line was good. But with Dauphin playing himself out of the lineup, it was broken. Poehling continues playing reasonable well; I would like to see him with Pitlick/Byron on the 3rd line Romanov has been coached well into his top-4 role. He can replace Chiarot once he is dealt. Caufield, Primeau are not NHL-ready yet
  22. ok, I'll say it this way: Rem is a better waiver pickup than Adam.
  23. it's my best guess at what scouts thought at the time of a player vs another. I do not know either of them and I was trying to see how they may have been evaluated at the time. 2016 was the year of the smallish players ,.. Habs picked Bitten 70th, Mete at 100th, Debrincat was 39th on one of the picks Habs traded to Hawks
  24. I like the Lehkonen-Evans-Armia line, I hope to see them together for a few games: And Pezz is moving closer to Laval. Belzile was put on waivers today
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