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  1. Well, from reading Wild and Preds forums they seem to say that he's a Top 6 forward, and both those teams already have better Top 6 guys. ex: 7th & 8th top scorer on those teams, vs tied for 1st with Habs. He was expendable because his former teams needed a crash and bang checker, which he isn't; and the Wild had 2-3 guys that are so he didnt fit in. Plus, the Wild did get him for nothing, so. The Preds seem to realize they screwed up waiving him. I got the arbitration info from 2 different Wild forums and I figured they knew what they were talking about. You're correct, its unlikely that he'll play 51 more games this year to hit 80 NHL games and it would have to be his 3rd season too. He wont meet either criteria. When I checked his stats he still fairly young and doesn't have a lot of NHL experience so it seems surprising that he wasn't exempt and had to go through waivers. Regarding value, he doesn't have enough NHL experience for it be known how good he might turn out in the NHL. Is there a way of knowing if any other teams tried to get him off waivers either time? The worst team that tries to pick up a waived player ends up with them. I'm wondering if any other teams tried to get him? I'm thinking other teams probably did try. ex: the Sens might have been interested in him.
  2. I think he could turn into a decent player that sticks around. Theres really no downside for the Habs claiming him, only upside. Plus, the Habs might be able to resign him cheap and have a positive value contract. Yep, for sure. It seems like he was the unfortunate victim of being on 2 teams that already had strong forwards. i.e. his other previous teams didnt need him, but that doesnt meant he isn't any good. Apparently, the Wild waived of him because they dont need his offensive production, and he isnt a 4th liner, or even 3rd liner. He's a top 6 forward so he didnt fit with their team needs, same with Nash too. ex: he was 7th highest scorer on the Wild, and if he was still with the Preds and got the same goals he'd be 8th top scorer on their team. He got 1 goal with the Habs and he is in a 3 way tie for 1st. Huge difference. The Wild were also worried about him being arbitration eligible and what he might be awarded. i.e. the Wild don't want $3+ million guys playing 4th line. Imagine that. I wonder if either of his former teams tried to trade him? If the Habs dont keep him they'll probably try to trade him, and possibly as a throw in for a bigger move. His career S% is impressive and its definitely significantly above average. He also gets close to equal amount of assists too. Also, he got a natural hattrick in his 1st game with the Wild, and 2 of them were break aways so he could be decent on shootouts. He also seems to get PPG so he should help their PP. I know he is a C but for some reason I want to see him play with Poehling and Caufield on the 3rd line. i.e. they are similar age and maybe he could be the solution to getting them going.
  3. Jan 18 2022, mark this date on your calendars. i.e. a goal review went in the Habs favour, not just once but twice.
  4. I'm not calling him as good as them. I'm suggesting that he very well could be a diamond in the rough, similar to them. i.e. under valued players that were picked up free or cheap that turned out really good for the Habs. His S% is significantly above average, just like the players I mentioned. I've said numerous times that Armia with his S% he could potentially get 30g/yr. Most posters here think thats crazy, but some do agree. Well, Pitlicks S% is higher than Armia's, so it could be potentially possible for him to hit Hoffman's highest g total. Also, he seems like he could be decent on the PP, and might even be able to be a PP QB too. i.e. his stats seem to suggest that he is not just a shooter he also has good eyes. Hence, a reason to compare him to Hoffman, who gets 30g+/yr, and basically the same amount of a's.
  5. In most of his seasons he seems to get close to an equal number of assists too. Correct, he will not perform the impossible or be the all time leader in S%, but thats not an argument that his shooting accuracy isn't high. Yes, and thats exactly why I mentioned Byron. Armia also has a fairly high S%. If Pitlick will be as good as them defensively and become Byron or Armia 2.0 is unknown. However, even if he doesn't turn out to be as good as them defensively, he could still become Hoffman 2.0. That's still good for a free waiver pickup, who could be resigned for a very low costing positive value contract.
  6. I stand by that comment too, anyone that disagrees with his shooting accuracy is using a logical fallacy of a strawman argument. i.e. he has around a 20% S% in every league he has played in. even in his outlier years he has over 10% S%. It's fair to say his shot has above average accuracy.
  7. Wow, that was a wild call on that challenge. The Yotes announcer was in full agreement that the player went into the crease on his own accord vs Romanov.
  8. That is true that Byron plays a all round game, but he is unarguably small. He's 3" and 30 lbs under average size. i.e. Byron needs to play a full rounded game or he wouldn't be in the NHL. Pitlick is in a 3 way tie for Habs top scorer. Suzuki and Anderson also have 7 goals. Thats pretty good for a player picked up off waivers.
  9. From the stats I've seen Pitlick is 1" taller than Brooks but he's 10lbs heavier. The average size is 6' 200 lbs, so Pitlick is 1" and about 5lbs under average size. Therefore, I tend to agree with @alfredoh2009 that he is sort of on the smallish side. However, so is Byron, who was picked up off waivers and turned out to be a great free long term pickup. I'm thinking Pitlick might turn out having a similar impact and staying power as Byron. After all, he does have 7 goals this season. How many other Habs 7 goals?
  10. That was really strange. I paused the game before OT started and when I resumed it I could see there was a fair amount time left. I automatically assumed that the game went to a SO. When they did the 2nd review I was still thinking SO because there was still 10 mins left on what I was watching. That was a crap way to lose the game thats for sure.
  11. I agree with all of that, but that was a great play by Caufield on Petry's goal. He moved towards mid ice out near the blue line, which drew DeBrincat over and left Petry open so he could go in down low and score. i.e. Petry was DeBrincats guy to cover. Great hit by Romy!! Nice goal by Hoffman.
  12. I would have to say that a 5 year rebuild is a completely ridiculous idea. You are correct that retooling hasnt worked, but there is a reason for that. i.e. during that time when the Habs had a draft pick in the Top 5, they were fairly weak draft years. Best example is Chucky's draft year. kk's draft year wasn't as bad, but he likely would have been drafted outside of the top 10 picks. There is a big difference in talent in this years draft and next. I agree with @The Chicoutimi Cucumber that a team cant count only on Top 5 picks, but a team must pick somebody of substance with those picks. ex: the Oilers - they've botched numerous drafts. I'd even add the Blues to that list too, although they did eventually win the Cup they took way too long to do so from all the picks that they had. The Sabres have basically been doing the same lately too.
  13. I've seen other clips of him so I knew he had a good shot, but he seems to have really good all around offensive skills too. ex: he does numerous slick moves, like putting the puck through his feet up to his stick and other dangle like moves. Also, he does at least 4 nice long passes - and he seems to know when to turn back and start over if the play coming out his zone doesn't look right. Plus, he knocks numerous players stupid with his hits, and those players are probably Gally's size, but still. I've wondered this from other clips I've seen and this vid re-enforces my thought of if he turns out to be a dud defensively would there be a chance that he could be converted into a 4th liner? With his size, he unarguably has way more skill than Penzetta and would get way more goals, and he can likely fight as good and probably even better.
  14. Unfortunately, that probably happens quite often and in lots of Cities. I know similar favouritism was happening in my City when I was young, and likely still is. There are 3 large factories here, and 1 of the Coach's worked at 1. If you had a kid that was the same age and had a higher skill level as the Coach's co-workers kids unless your kid had unarguably vastly superior skills they had no chance at making the team. My bother wasn't overly good, but that happened to him and numerous other kids his age. In fact, there was a tournament here, and 1 of the teams was unable to make it, so they had to create a Select team to sub in - and my brother was on it. Well, his team should have been a huge under dog with 0 chance of winning it, but they easily won the tournament. It was insane because none of the games were even remotely close.
  15. Wow, what complete crap luck that the WJ's has been cancelled. i.e. the Habs are having their worst year ever and will have a really high pick in a strong draft year so of course the tournament that showcases the best draftees get cancelled.
  16. Hmm, interesting. I'm watching the Cannes feed and the announcers said that Gally's non goal in the TB game was controversial. It seems odd that this lineup was doing really good against the Cannes. Hopefully, the Habs get a PPG and get that goal back. It would be wild if the Habs win this game. D'oh! SHG Cannes.
  17. Really? I was shocked that Gally's goal didnt count. Originally, I figured the Ref called it a no goal because the he thought Gally hit the puck into the net with his glove, but the replay showed that it went on his hip/ass. I was expecting that it would called a good goal. However, from other reviews I've seen it seems like the NHL is disallowing any goal when the scorer's skate is in the crease, weather or not there is contact preventing the Goalie from making a save. I dont beleive Gally prevented the Goalie from makingthe save, it went in because the puck took an odd bounce.
  18. D'oh, as if what crap luck. He wins the SO but gets injured on the last shot. Primeau could be concussed but it looks like he jarred his neck because not only was his head knocked backwards his chin also went to the left. i.e. that action of having your chin turned like that really hurts - its very similar to an MMA/wrastling submission hold - Chicken Wing.
  19. Nice, good on Primeau for teaching the refs the rules. i.e. that was hand pass.
  20. Haha, 2 rookies almost scored on the same goal. Either way, the puck was going into the Flyers net.
  21. Touche, a la Trebuchet. Nice goal tho, big snipe by Kulak, if Lehks touched it or not.
  22. It seems sorta wrong that Lehks is on the 1st line with Suzuki and Hoffman. Personally, I'd swap Peohling with Perreault. I think they should try him with Caufield. Poehling has looked way better lately and has shown some good vision and moves that are typically done by players with high hockey IQ's. That could work out really good with Caufield. Plus, Pezzetta has size so he might round out the line nicely.
  23. Hmm, is that the same ref that did the Vegas series? i.e. the 1 Habs forward was tripped at the side of the Hawks crease and the ref was in the corner and it was blatantly obvious that he totally saw it happen.
  24. D'oh, so close. The Habs deserved to win this game. I'm not sure if it would have been successful or not but I was somewhat surprised that the Habs didn't try to challenge the 1 goal. It definitely seemed like the Preds F prevented Allen from being able to cover the near post.
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