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  1. D'oh!! I'm bummed because I believe the answer to my previous question is yes, this game:
  2. lol, I was going to say that after the Nucks 2nd goal, but didn't because WiFi fell down. I felt it was more Harris' fault though for his bad pass up ice. They were doing oh so well up until that point at cycling the puck back if there was no forward play to be made. When they cycle the puck back a lot they win, but I think Marty only has them doing that when they are leading. Jeez eh, Dammit Stillman's. Like father like son, his kid has assisted on the last 2 goals.
  3. It looks like MonaHabs rolled his ankle. That didn't look comfortable. Was the pass to Evans by Edmundson? Nice lil puck move by Evans, bummer he missed on his following shot.
  4. Well that was an interesting prolonged PP looking 5 on 5 sequence. Damn, too bad Pitlick didnt score on the great chance he had. I want to see him get some points while he's up.
  5. Poor Pezzetta no respect. He scores and they pull their Goalie. I agree that Slaf needs to be more situationally aware to be able to realize when he is in a vulnerable position. Have the Habs lost a game yet in which Nick and Cole have scored? I'm not 100% sure but I don't think they have.
  6. I fully agree, It was really Hymans own actions that caused the cut. i.e. yes, Edmundson pushed Hyman with stick into the corner, but then Hyman lowered his shoulder and Edmundson's stick rode up to his head, and Hyman kept moving forward rubbing his own head into the boards causing the cut. It blatantly wasn't from the impact at all. I don't even really consider it to be a x-check even, it was more of a interference or holding type penalty that should have been 2 mins. Furthermore, if a 5 min major and game was warranted there would be a follow up hearing to give a suspension or a fine, and of course there is neither so that shows it wasn't as bad as the punishment he received. I also agree that they need to crack down on the embellishment.
  7. I agree, and that he hasn't really played with the same linemates for long enough to really gel well with anybody yet. However, it seems like Dadonov and Armia might be a good fit together. For 4-5 games now it's looked like Armia would finally score, so hopefully he will soon. The Habs need to get other lines going.
  8. That is true, but I've seen way worse x-checks that were done on purpose vs accidental that only received 2 min penalties so Edmundson's punishment seemed like overkill. Plus, Hyman had a cut, but what injury did he really receive when he got the A on the PPG? Like @TurdBurglar mentioned about McDavid, I didn't like how Hyman acted like he was playing dead. He should have been forced to enter the concussion protocol and go to the green room. That penalty had such a big impact on that game and yet oddly all replays of the game didn't show it and I was only able to find a Twitter clip of it.
  9. Poor Slaf, wanting a pass from the Habs leading scoring dman. WiFi gets another!!
  10. Wow, that was a crazy call on Edmundson. It was certainly a penalty but there is no way that was worthy of a 5 min major with a game misconduct. Right on, Armia gets an assist and Dadonov scores. Interesting, and now the Habs get a PP.
  11. Hmm, interesting, Allen has a much better road stats vs at home. .940 vs .870. I'm glad Pitlick is playing, hopefully he does something to help his cause. I agree with you but for the opposite reason. Harris is more NHL ready but WiFi and Kova need the NHL experience and they'll learn and improve more playing this year in the NHL.
  12. Its not just that either. I knew about his hips but wasn't aware of his full injury history until @The Chicoutimi Cucumber posted an article about them all. He has had a ton of injuries, so he probably doesn't have the same leverage as other similar skilled players. However, when you look at his stats and his games played and points the dude is warrior and not only plays through pain but actually continues to put up points. If Hughes goal is to win the Cup MoneyHands is a guy that can play 4 full rounds of hockey. Thats why I'd keep if his contract ask is reasonable. Plus, he's already made quite a bit of money and he seems to like being a Hab and likely knows they are going somewhere so his ask could be very reasonable.
  13. I doubt it because it looked like close to half the fans were wearing the CH. Slaf looked really good for the majority of the game but there were a couple of times he looked off and 1 time he looked completely lost. He is continuing to get better though and thats what matters. I hope Hughes attempts to resign MoneyHands before he trades him. MonaHabs is looking good and seems to be a decent fit with Slaf too along with Anderson. It would make sense to try to keep him if they can get for a reasonable amount. Poor Allen because he played great and as far as I'm concerned he was screwed out of shutout due to the non call on the trip on Matheson that caused a turnover which lead to the Flames only goal.
  14. That was a funny start. I was a few mins late and the game was already 4 mins in and I noticed the Habs were up 1-0 so I had to rewind it. When I rewound it was 35 secs in and they had already scored I had to do it again to see what happened.
  15. I agree with all the negative comments regarding Matheson, I've said in other threads that he reminds me of Petry, but his bad aspects. I tend to disagree about it being about his injury. He seemed to be like that before he was injured, but I guess that could be from the off-season. Sadly, I don't find Edmundson to be overly helpful either, although he seems better than Matheson. Does anybody know what the Habs record was without Matheson and Edmondson vs with them? I wouldn't be overly surprised if the Habs were better playing the 4 rookie dmen than the 2 vets. Before they came back I joked that their return would mess things up, but I honestly feel that it has. I agree with Slaf on the 2nd line, but I also want to see Armia score at least once. I've had a feeling that Armia would score in the last 3-4 games because he's looked much better but he still hasn't scored yet.
  16. Yes, 8 games isn't enough but its enough to have the thought to play him more so they can determine if he could be a starter. When they are rebuilding and aren't actively trying to make the playoffs when would it be a good time to play him more and find that out? Plus, if Price is in fact done forever what should they speculate in the offseason? They wont know if they need to sign a starter unless they play Monty more. My theory on Monty's improvement is that all last year he got shelled by NHL caliber shooters so the experience he got from that is equivalent to 2-3 years of AHL hockey. Thats the same reason why I don't want to see WiFi sent down, same with Slaf; because they will learn and grow quicker playing at a NHL level. Also, dont forget that this year Monty has 4 rookie d-men in front of him, and he's still playing really good. He's made a bunch of big timely saves, which was extremely rare last year and the lack of that was 1 of the biggest reason they finished in last place.
  17. Probably not a whole lot -- you really don't get very many of those in games ... Good points, but a man advantage is a man advantage. Is there really a different strategy to 4 on 3? I'd say they are fundamentally the same. The player with the puck on 1 side needs to move around and the player on the other side needs to basically move in a direction so that a passing lane is opened up so the puck carrier can pass to the open guy and he can shoot. 4 on 3 shouldn't have to be practiced. They should practice 3 on 3 though.
  18. I've been pondering that for weeks now. They need to show us the full Monty so they can find out if he could be their starting goalie. It is known that Allen can't handle the workload of being a #1, but can Monty? This is the year to find out. I agree 100% that was painful to watch. Its way too often that I don't understand what they are doing on the PP. They just pass the puck back and forth playing keep away rather than trying to set anything up to shoot and score. Monahan played well, but for the 3rd game in a row I was figuring Armia would finally get 1, but I'm still holding my breath on that.
  19. The first 10 mins of the 2nd is making up for the boring 1st. Monty has made several big saves so far and nice stick save by Armia. He does, but oftentimes he is trying to do a cool move but so far most of them haven't work out for him. He sort of reminds me of Radulov, Vanek, Kovalev, PK, and Gustoffson; only he isn't quite as skilled or as lucky as they are.
  20. I agree with most of that except the .500 part. Dach made several nice moves and Mony and Dady seem to be waking up from their slumber, as was Armia - who I expecting to score in the game but didnt. David Suzuki has never backchecked in his life. 😝 Jokes aside though, I have noticed #14 floating numerous times in replays when teams score on the Habs. i.e. plays where he could have been doing more defensively, but wasn't.
  21. Nice hit by Ghule, although it was late; and his reaction is what you want to see. However, Evan's is not. He needs to stop acting tough because they will call his bluff and he'll lose and that just makes the Habs look like a joke. Plus, on his 2nd 1 they should have had a PP. It's a shame really because he does have the right attitude, he just cant back it up.
  22. I had forgotten that when I posted, but I still wouldn't be too concerned with a backup playing 2 days in a row. It looked like the Habs out chanced them in the 1st,it could easily be 1-1 or 3-1 for the Habs. I definitely agree with Matheson, but similar to what you said I haven't seen him play enough. However, so far he seems to remind me of Petry, where does some good things but then dog crap.
  23. Wow, that was odd. I had trouble getting the feed to work, so I missed the 1st 4 mins and there was already 4 goals scored. I rewound it to the start and was shocked that the Habs were down by 2 within the 1st min of the game (scored 15 seconds apart) and down by 3 within 3 mins. Well, the Sabers didnt score 4 by 4 mins, thats a good sign. I'm surprised that the fans didn't start to mockingly cheer when Allen made a save. Seriously, am I still the only 1 that wants to see the full Monty? Ironically, Marty likes to pull the goalie early, so when would now be a good time to pull Allen? Way to score Goal Caufield.
  24. I'd say no because ultimately I think that would be silly. What they do at the trade deadline should be dependent on how many they are trading and where they finish and Florida too. i.e.: will their existing 2 picks be in the top 5, top 10, or top 15? ex: if they have 2 top 1-15 pics this year then its probably better to get 1st rnd pick in 2024 draft. If they can trade more players for 1st rnd picks it would be a good idea to get the picks for 2025 and possibly even 2026. I'd say they currently have enough prospects that could be really good NHLers so it doens't make much sense for them to have 5 1st rnd picks in this draft. They will end up with a log jam of prospects and/or will have way too many young rookies entering the NHL at the same time. It would make more sense to offset new picks to later years.
  25. Ya, I'd say that was their main issue tonight. Unfortunately, they reverted back to last years atrocious passing and moving the puck up ice and losing it style of play. They've actually been fairly decent with getting the puck out of their zone and down ice up until this game. Allen did make some good saves but he let in some bad goals too so I want to see the full Monty!!
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