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  1. I once tried treating my wife like she was a man. Never again.
  2. I was hoping someone was coming to rescue me from the slue of despondency... 😂
  3. So he's already the team leader in overtime winning goals for the year. Sticklers may want to point out that all overtime goals are winning goals. I never said I was smart. Well. I did actually. But I was lying. I know what you're thinking. That's not smart. I'm going to go and lie down now.
  4. Something pertinent and pithy. .....
  5. Hey Jonathon.. forgive us amigo. We're hockey nuts and we like winning even more than hockey so when things are tough all around we tend to be too tough all around. You are a wonderfully gifted hockey player and with les Habs ... and that's a wonderful thing! So please forgive us hockey pucks for loading up on a terrific young man. Come on back when you're ready and I promise we will be cheering for all the great things you bring and the rest will just happen naturally. May the great Spirit who made winter just so kids of any age could play hockey send you peace and joy and renewed love of the
  6. God speed Monsieur Drouin. Get happy, we all have things to fix and then come back and have some fun playing a great game. The rest doesn't matter.
  7. They are gross. And we actually had a Domi on the team. We're Montreal not Mississauga. And we're playing like Mississauga. I will invoke St Jean de Beliveau!
  8. Shoulda bin lentless vs relentless. The subtle Sutter difference.
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