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  1. How could you tell I was stranger!? So hard to get away with anything these days... sheesh...🙄
  2. Honest expression among adults is the hallmark of a democratic culture. And note that our chief flake has further piled a lifetime of misery on the teenager who in the midst of an ill considered exchange with a girl who blows strangers has had the whole world descend upon him, and now Flakey. Perhaps it was my education in western philosophy and sensitivity to the incoherencies of western Marxism along with the mass murder's but Flakey does not even know where he gets his "thought" material. I do. And unlike him, I'm a liberal incidentally. We could use fewer dramatic readings heaped on this kid for his behavior. Interesting that no one is criticizing him for the actual act. Or her. These points are relevant and blatantly so.
  3. I initially thought Drouin might find things a lot easier being traded away, but I changed my mind about that. He is right to give us a chance to be real fans and support the hell out of him. I hope he stays and has a lot of fun.
  4. I think it'll be great to have Drouin back and give us all an opportunity to be great fans with lots of support. I hope he stays with the Habs.
  5. I much admire Pierre who was a highly educated , competent and principled adult in a position he was appropriate in.... but Trudeau Extra Lite.. .Dopey the flake has made such a name impossible to hear on a regular basis while watching les glorieux. Even though my early Canadian ancestors lived on a farm close to the Trudeau farm in La Prairie. I'd prefer a family name that is less conflicted.... like Schitthead or something. 😊
  6. Interesting stuff. Kudos to the team again for such a wonderful resolve and effort which carried them to the peak for a peek. And of course our indigenous issue.....
  7. In an ideal world I would see Drouin returning and flourishing with us. We could have used his skills a lot setting up Troffoli. But I don't see that as likely. I can see him deciding and agreeing that a fresh start somewhere else might be best. But I'd rather have him forgive all of us fanatics and come back to play. I'd welcome him.
  8. Dumping Gally would be a bad move. We don't have another player who can supply the organ for a heart transplant. He had a busted thumb and still played like the warrior he is. Besides. He's Irish!
  9. A healthy Petry and Weber would have made a big difference on our PP. Not to mention the gallant Gally.
  10. Kelly Rudi was saying that Charot was our best player.
  11. We should have a special parade for Carey Price. What a hero. As the CBC would say, a fine person without a vulva.
  12. Ironically glad to hear that Toffoli was hurt. I was singularly unimpressed with his play as he seemed to struggle with the simplest things. I feel a lot more forgiving hearing about his playing injured.
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