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  1. It's clear Molson and Bergevin and probably most fans look at last year and how Montreal came within 2 points of making the playoffs and think now that Price and Weber are healthy, and here's the critical part, the young kids take the next step, then the playoffs are achievable. If that's the case then, then at the trade deadline Bergevin will have to make a move to bolster the lineup Clearly the above is wishing more than anything based on fact. Expecting Weber and Price to remain healthy is no sure thing. Kotkaniemi could easily run into the dreaded sophomore slump. Chirot is a complete unknown. Cant expect Domi and Danault to have career years again. This team is relying on Cale Fleury to contribute all year and at some point another rookie like Poehling to step up. It's not a good plan, then team needs help, especially at the Left handed defenseman spot. This team can have another successful season but alot of things have to fall into place for this team to make the playoffs.
  2. Wasnt Duchene plan A? That'd make the offer sheet plan B? With so many 1 way contracts, he has to do something.
  3. You dont have to lose something to get played. Two parties can be played against each other to extract the best deal from one of the 2 parties.....in this case one party loses nothing but their best intentions were played upon. Maybe 'used' would be a better word than 'played' to describe Bergevin in this situation. Maybe it can be argued that Bergevin lost. His intention was to win Aho's rights. He didnt win Aho's rights so therefore he lost. You can argue Waddell lost too since he has to pay more for an asset than he should have otherwise. Regardless of what's been said in the media either way, I honestly believe Bergevin was used by Aho's camp to maximize the return from Carolina. I don't believe Aho ever wanted to play more in Monteal than he did Carolina. BUT was willing to go to Montreal if Carolina was not willing to sign the offer sheet. Yes its absolutely just business. And in business it's all about leverage and Bergevin was 'used/played' as leverage by the Aho camp.
  4. The narrative is simple. Aho has next to no leverage. Carolina is lowballing him. Aho agents Johansson and Raautakallio (also represents Armia and Lehkonen) convince Bergevin to offer sheet him, giving all the leverage to Aho now. Aho doesnt want to leave Carolina. He'd be happy anywhere, Montreal included, for $8.5 million per season all front loaded. But Montreal was probably the only team cap wise at that time that they could have used as leverage and Bergevin fell for it. Aho never wanted to leave. He just wanted to get paid and his agents got him paid. And if you think there is anymore or less to it than that then I dont know what to tell you. This is the new NHL. The young kids want to get paid and agents are working hard to figure out ways to make it happen.
  5. Aho, Lehkonen and Armia all have to same Finnish player agent Mika Rautakallio(sp).
  6. I see you got suckered into buying said property.
  7. He said everything you need to hear. He had limited leverage. His best shot was convincing Bergevin to offer sheet him
  8. It's not what Bergevin lost. It's what 31 teams lost with regards to their RFA's...a bit of leverage....though I think everyone learned a lesson and you wont be seeing offer sheets anytime soon (free elite players)
  9. I think there are very few GMs, inwardly, happy with that offer sheet. Maybe Dubas with respect to Marner?? Every team attempts keep RFA contracts as low as possible due to them having less leverage. Bergevin took away Carolina's leverage on Aho and now Carolina has to pay way more than it did before the offer sheet. I believe it'll be years before you see the next offer sheet. Or theyll be for marginal players...
  10. Tampa isnt trying to low ball Point. As well Montreal has to drastically pay more for Point than Tampa to offset taxes.
  11. I dont think it makes him look weak. Maybe naive or ignorant? Hes the 1st GM to get suckered by an agent to maximize another teams players (RFA) salary through the offer sheet system.
  12. Actually it's more likely to help with negotiations with Lehkonen and Armia who hold the same Finnish player agent as Aho....
  13. You wont see anymore offer sheets this offseason. Especially not from Bergevin. No reason for Winnepeg to trade Laine, what would Montreal offer anyways?? I'd think a trade for Kyle Turris, Alex Killorn, Tyler Johnson, Kevin Labanc (RFA), TJ Brodie, Michael Frolik, Nick Leddy are more realistic options. Maybe take on someone's cap dump.
  14. No. I expect him to use Montreal to maximize the dollars in his pocket. I have no reason to believe that he would have been happier in Montreal than in Carolina? I believe his agent did a fantastic job here and suckered Bergevin into the offer sheet.
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