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  1. First of all going 0-10 when each chance is 1/8 is not good evidence. It is pretty close to average. Secondly, the data posted by GHT120 shows the Habs going 1 for 10 (Reeway was the best pick in his range). Thus the record is as close to average as possible with 10 data points.
  2. Actually the absolute best case is Florida misses the playoffs and Calgary gets the 1st pick overall and then Calgary gets the first overall again in 2026. If that happens we get the #1 pick in 2026.
  3. The problem here is you are looking at 8 players and then complaining that the one we picked isn't the best of those 8. Realistically, unless these picks are in the top 15 overall, a team should expect to get the best of 8 players about 1/7 or 1/8 of the time. Then they need to develop that player. There seems to be a lot of looking at players we drafted who didn't develop and using that as evidence they couldn't have developed. As an example, we have no real evidence why Tinordi failed to reach his ceiling. Was he overrated or was his development faulty. Not much evidence to decide either way.
  4. Players taken in the 4th round would end up with less leverage than undrafted players. That seems like a perverse situation.
  5. Does the extra 2 for unsuccessfully challenging delay of game come as a double minor or as a 2 minute 5 on 3? I guess probably 5 on 3. Seems like a pretty steep penalty for what may be an unclear call.
  6. It is considerably more extreme this year. Maybe due to the cap finally rising significantly.
  7. Too many teams spending too much money for contracts that are too long. I'm happy to see the Habs waiting until it becomes more of a buyer's market.
  8. Oh that makes more sense. My bad. Thanks for the correction.
  9. Wow. Sergachev traded to get a pick to choose Cole Hudson. Didn't see that coming.
  10. Sportsnet says: "According to Sportsnet's Elliotte Friedman, there is no extension in place for Ullmark with the Senators as part of the trade." Guess he plays in Ottawa for 1 year and then we see what happens.
  11. Looks like the senators got Ullmark: NHL.com reporting: Bruins Acquire Mark Kastelic, Joonas Korpisalo (25% retained) and 2024 First-Round Draft Pick (#25) from Ottawa Senators in Exchange for Linus Ullmark
  12. I guess I should have added 😁 to my comment.
  13. Just plead guilty. We can't wait for your reports.
  14. So what we're saying is that Florida is much better if we ignore the contributions of one of the ranger's best players.
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