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  1. I'm not making that trade. Romanov is too important. Eichel comes with a very large contract and more importantly with serious health questions. You can see his medical records but you can't know what the outcome of his surgery will be.
  2. Well this explains why the Kraken didn't grab him in the expansion draft. So we exposed 3 guys with major injuries (Weber, Price and Bryon) and Drouin.
  3. Maybe we're lining up the Finns before we try to tempt Pettersson with an offer sheet.
  4. I'd give Hamilton up to 10 million per year. It might mean that we have to replace Denault by Evans but the resulting roster is better than anything with Denault and any other Dman we can find. The extra 3 million won't prevent us from keeping our young stars long term. We might lose someone like Armia or Drouin in a couple of years but it is still worth it.
  5. Yet you did a great job of presenting a balanced view of this which is not easy.
  6. What teams are left that we can expect to take a serious run at signing Hamilton?
  7. Looking at those quotes, the writers are all pretty confident, at that time, that Nashville "won" the trade.
  8. There is one thing that makes me think Seattle will not take Price. If they do take him we will potentially have $30 in cap space. Some of that will be used to replace Price, Weber and Danault but we will still have lots of cap available. I believe the Kraken need to choose $60 million in players (correct me if this is wrong) in the draft. This means we could have a similar amount of cap space to them. If they want to use their cap space to buy assets, this would mean we would be able to compete with them. Having us as competition to buy bad contracts will reduce their leverage with other teams. This has the potential to significantly reduce their final position.
  9. I assume that if Carey goes on LTIR his salary is paid by some insurance the Habs hold. But if Seattle picks him wouldn't the Kraken (rather than some insurance) have to pay the salary even if he is on LTIR?
  10. I don't think Seattle will take Price. If they do he is untradeable due to his NMC and he ties up a lot of cap space. Their plan seems to be to use their cap space to acquire assets.
  11. We have the cap space now and I'm not sure we will find enough good players to spend it. I'm very happy if we can get Hamilton at about the same cap cost as Weber.
  12. I really think leaving Weber unprotected forces Seattle to take Allen. For this reason we might trade him but would we get more than Kulak is worth? The only other possibility is that we also leave Drouin unprotected and they take him. Maybe trading Allen means Seattle will pick Drouin.
  13. Thanks. I haven't seen him play much so I was mainly going by his stats.
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