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  1. No better first time to watch 3D TV than Habs-Leafs
  2. Anyone planning on going? I know that sprial tours have done them in the past. Anyone have any experience buying from other team's websites or taking a tour bus? I doubt I'm going to get tickets for the Montreal games, so I'm planning ahead
  3. The conflict is probably that Markov has been here a long time and Gionta hasn't.
  4. What were fans chanting there when they were delaying putting players on the ice?
  5. Except we stopped playing when we let ONE GOAL in. That's not the mark of a winning team. That's the mark of a team that's used to losing.
  6. Goodnight guys! It's been fun. Yet another playoff failure from what's turned into a joke of a franchise.
  7. Comedy of errors with Hamrlik and Spacek.
  8. I haven't been this pumped for a game in a long time. Prediction: if the Habs win tonight, this series will go the distance. If we don't, Caps in 5 I reckon. COME ON!!!
  9. Just realized that the Bruins are in contention for Taylor or Tyler. Crap.
  10. How did Pouliot not learn better defensive skills while playing under Lemaire for ~3 seasons?
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