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  1. In a way - maybe that 3rd goal will piss them off enough to actually show up for the 3rd period. To be out worked over and over by the Sens is getting old.
  2. What a difference a week makes! Instead of looking over our shoulders, we can root for the Flames and Canucks to win their games tonight and tomorrow against the Jets and Oilers.
  3. I’m blaming the reverse retro jerseys! ever since Feb 4 vs the Sens when our beloved bleu blanc rouge emphasized the BLEU! They conjured up the ghost of hated Maple Leafs past! it was wrong to make blue the primary color. we must now offer a sacrifice.
  4. Perhaps I missed this last game (or a couple of games ago ...) but it interesting and telling to see Perry with the A. He has gone from unemployed to taxi squad to 4th liner to top 9 to A and the season isn’t even over yet. he is an impressive player. Love his game. Brilliant addition that must be paying off more than anyone (re. MB) could have imagined.
  5. Ya / 22 is a great number for our new sniper!
  6. I think he will have a long NHL career ... but as a 5,6,7 on an average team. If he gets in a top 4 again, it’s because it’s a crap team. He isn’t more than an injury fill-in on a top tier team.
  7. So Reilly for Mete and a 3rd I’m just glad Mete is gone since he didn’t bring anything to the table other than a place holder.
  8. When will we know what city is Vic’s new place residence?
  9. I don’t mind at all making room for Merrill by risking losing Mete for nothing. Mete is a 7th d that does nothing notable. Doesn’t bring offense or shut down d. He just fills a spot. Merrill seems at least to be able to bring something to the table when he plays. this doesn’t fix the top 4 d issue, but it does solve the 6/7 D issue.
  10. What is the contract? I know under a million per - but is he UFA or RFA?
  11. I was wondering. I can’t find it anywhere.
  12. I’d be glad for it to be postponed - losing KK, Armia and Toff is too much! That said - if the shoe was on the other foot, I’d be upset if it were postponed - I mean - isn’t this exactly what the taxi squad is for? To allow a team to ice a full team?
  13. I have never personally seen the problem with the timing of the Cammy trade. deals get finalized when they get finalized. I’m sure sometimes it happens during dinner, sometimes mid-practice, sometimes during a flight, sometimes over night, and so why not during a game. If a GM calls up MB during a game and says - we have a deal. Then there is a deal. Then what? Let Cammy keep playing, risk injury, and nix the deal? No - I pull him too. I actually think Waite’s timing is more questionable - like take your stuff and vanish. More like a dishonorable discharge.
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