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  1. Mix this into the Petry trade! Petry … the gift that keeps on giving!
  2. As per TSN To Habs - Tanner Pearson (LW) & 3rd round pick To Vancouver - Casey DeSmith He has 1 year at 3.25.
  3. The team got stronger as the game went on imo. Mailloux looked better and better. He didn’t get an assist on the Mysak goal, but it’s his clearing the zone that set it up. Roy got better too. As did Kidney and Davidson etc. Mesar ALWAYS looked like a boy among men. Sad thing - is these aren’t even men! I’ll add this - Miller was impressively solid. He seemed positionally sound and cool under pressure. I never saw panic even when there was chaos around him. PS - saw Lecavalier, Gorton, Hughes and got a pic with St Louis. I’m in hockey geek heaven!
  4. 2nd period. much stronger overall period for the Habs. Guys like Simoneau and Smilanic were spark plugs working their tails off. Heineman, Mysak were visible! Still disappointed with Mesar, Roy and Kidney. Laoouian has a shot it seems. Gets it on net and varies it up. Novak, Dufort, Ortiz, Demin, Tourigny - meh. still liking Struble.
  5. 1st period observations (hell knows I’m no scout - prolly missed tons - but is what I saw that I thot might be of interest) Mailloux - ya, some gaffes. Also some smart plays. Seems to me like a guy holding on to his stick to tight. Wonder if the scrutiny got to him or if it’s just a slump. Kidney - backed off from physical engagements too often for my taste. Struble - impressed me most. Vocal quarterback. Looked like a leader to me. Smart player. Heineman, Mesar, Mysak - didn’t notice them. That’s why I’m commenting. Maybe I was looking at the defense when they were on - but invisible to me. simoneau - gosh he is small Watch for a McKay/Kuntar fight in the 2nd - they were gabbering after the first. that’s all for now!
  6. I also wonder what the coaches want Mailloux (or whoever) to work on. Never know if some gaffs are because they are attempting to grow their skills and/or follow their coaches instructions. time will tell it always does
  7. Disappointed I won’t get to see Reinbacher play today (since I’m attending the game in Buffalo). But the Habs have so many prospects with potential - still worth the trip to see the game! (plus - sadly, I’m friends 4 of the Bruins’ prospects from my time as the Youngstown Phantoms’ chaplain)
  8. I’m headed to Buffalo to see the Habs prospects on Saturday! Anyone else going? Looking forward to being able to see the prospects with my own eyes on a full sheet of ice instead of whatever a cameraman points to.
  9. Petry to Detroit for Lindstrom and Conditional 4th. Retain 50%.
  10. I feel like I’m about to ask a dumb question … Couldn’t the Habs bury Armia or Hoffman in the AHL and have their cap hit deducted (or some of it). I know it’s wishful thinking someone would claim them on waivers, but seems like it would allow them to avoid LTIR for Price.
  11. I’m thinking they DID select who they considered to be BPA. People who are not hired to make selections are hired to make these lists that us fans then take as ‘truth’. Hughes didn’t go off the board with his 1st round pick. He selected HIS OPINION of BPA. Time will tell if he was right or wrong. In the meantime - I’m hoping that DR fulfills the potential Hughes et al see in him.
  12. I’m not sure divisional play mattered so much back then. Balanced schedule and 1 vs 16 playoff format.
  13. My guess is this - and I have ZERO evidence other than a hunch. my guess is that Shanahan (or higher powers) wanted to change head coaches and Dubas didn’t agree. im thrilled if the Maples are in disarray. As much as I believe Keefe didn’t make the necessary adjustments, I believe he will have learned from the past and be a better coach in the future. I don’t think he is so bad that he needs to go. Id have given Dubas/Keefe one more year. im glad they aren’t getting that chance.
  14. I want whoever comes out of the west to win the Cup. but, imagine if Florida dispatches of Boston, Toronto AND Carolina … it’s like they are picking off all of our rivals! id think in the west, that Colorado is who I think I have the most deep seated dislike for - because of their Nordiques roots and that Roy won for them. Pity they weren’t in the finals so the Panthers could beat them in the end! if I could have my way tho as things stand now, I’d want the Canes to beat Florida just for the slightly better draft pick - but NO WAY I want KK to win a cup. Id rather Florida win this round than KK win a cup. in the west, I’m rooting for Dallas now. I think Vegas and Seattle are too new to the NHL.
  15. Of course I don’t like that the draft pic isn’t 17 any more … but that pain will last only for the next month - as long as HuGo do a good job on draft day. the pain of hearing about the Maples and their glorious run of 2023 would have been FOREVER!! the best of 2 icky results happened tonight. now - I guess I need to cheer for the Canes 🤮 for the Eastern Conference Finals.
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