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  1. I love hockey with no commercial breaks. That is all
  2. I used to think he was a good negotiator, but when you see what he left - with Gally, Price, Hoffman, Petry, even Drouin, Savard - I’m not sure he doesn’t crack .500 (because he certainly did well on some other contracts)
  3. Clearly DD was in a tough spot - following a SC final appearance - loss of Price, Weber, Danault and many others then, - new management team - loss of player confidence but - I don’t think he doesn’t himself any favours when he shares what he did in that article. Foolish for him to think we all know HE could have gone to Gorts. Sure Gorts should have taken initiative (and who knows that he didn’t!), but DD can’t be cryin’ ‘I didn’t know what to do!’ When it was on HIM to either right the ship or find out his new mandate. I’ve lost a little more or the little respect I had for DD. (Tho I love the candor he gave us in the article! But I love it from a drama perspective, not a respect perspective)
  4. I actually think that Perry knew last year how terrible DD was IN SPITE of the SC run. The moment DD had a contract for 22-23 and beyond, Perry was not going to be a part of the Habs.
  5. I’m banking on the Habs taking Wright. I was in Kingston last week (I live near Chicago) and bought a Wright Frontenac’s jersey for my son who was born in Kingston and loves the Habs like me.
  6. I’m happy HuGort get to pick their player in the first round, but I was good with either of the presumptive first picks (Wright/Cooley). i actually wonder if holding first picks in ALL rounds may ultimately be even bigger in consequence.
  7. When I mention PIMs in relation to the captancy, I’m not meaning the total number. I’m meaning the quality of the penalty. im happy for my captain to get a 5 and 10 for defending a teammate. I’m not fine with my captain getting an undisciplined penalty. Gally just looses his cool too often and yaps too much for me to be the captain. I love Gally on my team (well - the 20+ goals per season Gally), just not as captain. Maybe I didn’t watch enough games - but guys like Weber or Eddy don’t/didn’t take brainfart or emotional out of control penalties. Neither does Suzuki. Id just give Suzuki more time and make Eddy the captain given last years performance and who is under contract for next year.
  8. I never think the captain should be someone who gets a lot of penalties - I want them to be self-disciplined, lady byng type. Anderson gets too many penalties for me. And that’s where Gally fits too imo. They might be great with the A, but not the C. Id love to toss in a new name, like a Dvorak, but who knows how he fits in future plans. Or a Petry who, who knows if really he took the hit for many Habs players and was their voice. Many want him gone for seemingly quitting on the team, but maybe he was holding things together and was a voice and THAT is what hurt his play. really, I like Edmundson. Gives Suzuki more time (or someone else). Eddy is a vet. Won a cup. Seems steady. Seems respected. Bleeds bleu blanc rouge since childhood.
  9. I don’t know that I have a bad attitude about Weber. I loved him as a Hab and didn’t mind losing PK to get him (Tho I wish we could have had both!). he was AMAZING last playoff and was a guy I’d have proudly worn his jersey. I just think his vanishing from last year final until last night showed the opposite of leadership and it tainted my view of him a bit. i think overall I agree with CC and others. here’s what I would have liked: He IS still the captain of the Habs for the 2021-21 season I would have expected him to appear at opening night. I would have expected at least ONE appearance mid-season, maybe at a spot where the season was lost and he could encourage the troops as captain, maybe when Gorton or Hughes or St Louis was hired. Sometime. And then finally at the end of the season as he did. 3 visits in the season from the current Habs captain in what was one of the most, if not THE most difficult season in Habs history. I don’t think that would have been too much to expect.
  10. And there was a Weber sighting! nice of him to show up. I wonder how is arm is since it must have been twisted real bad for him to make it.
  11. Love to see Anderson get #20 and for Caufield to tie or lead rookie goal scoring. but sheesh I’m being greedy now!
  12. Harris was 3:20 from being done for the year … but to OT they go!!!
  13. I was watching - really good game. not much to complain about - maybe Anderson penalties and Petry looking more like a 4-5 dman than the 2-3 I expect him to be. CC didn’t score but was very dangerous all the time. Suzuki is so consistent!!! I liked Dvorak tonight. Romanov continues to grow - feels like he has a coach that trusts him more (Tho he does keep rising on the depth chart with every trade!) against a top team in the league, Habs really held their own. Didn’t feel like they were outplayed as much as the shot stats might imply.
  14. 8 years at 4.82 … I suppose if he is their 2nd line C for years 2-8 of that contract, that it’s a good deal. I had thot they would have expected more from KK this year to warrant the contract, so either he is meeting their expectations or they are saving face
  15. With Perreault on waivers - a roster move should be imminent!
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