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  1. It was overdue. Especially happy with them finally flushing Timmins...we have drafted so poorly that it boggles the mind that he's lasted so long.
  2. Don't blame me...I've hardly watched them the past couple of weeks. They are playing like s*!t all on their own, no jinx required.
  3. Caps played earlier, so out of boredom while flicking through channels I fell on this game. I watched a bit...not even sure why, because they promptly gave up 2 terrible goals. They are the bums that I thought they would be.
  4. Well, the playoffs are not a realistic outcome, so wins do nothing but hurt draft position. I'm completely comfortable hoping for regulation losses at this point...this team needs to draft top end talent to get competitive again.
  5. I'd like to see Caufield score, and I'd like to see Ovi score 3 or 4. Other than that, a regulation loss is what serves the cause best...tank on.
  6. Just tuned in to watch a few minutes...exactly what I expected. This team is heading for a lottery pick, no doubt about it.
  7. Glad Caufield is back. That's not enough to get me to watch, but if he gets on a roll over the next few games, that will draw me back in.
  8. Whatever it is, I hope the 30 day detox coupled with a great support structure around him means he's past it for good. I've been to the funeral of two friends who didn't even make it to their 40th birthdays because of substance abuse. I witnessed many relapses before they finally ran out of chances to get clean...it's horrific to see.
  9. My gut told me it was an addiction to painkillers from the outset. He's had a bad knee (or is it both knees?) for awhile now, and probably put off this latest operation for awhile to keep on playing. The protestations that it wasn't a substance issue felt like a smokescreen, and now we know it was.
  10. My guess is that they forgot how badly they need Shane Wright during that 1st period. I'm glad that someone reminded them at the intermission, and that they made the necissary adjustments. Tank on!
  11. I just didn't expect him to be this slow and soft This. I never expected him to be a Weber replacement, but I did expect him to be solidly average at least. He's looked dowright bad so far.
  12. It's nice to dream. I'd love to be rid of Gallagher's contract, especially for a substantial return, but I can't see it with how bad Gallagher has looked and the term left on his contract.
  13. I can't help but feel Savard was a French content move, along with Paquette and Perrault. Bergy listened to the roar of indignation from the French media after that game where they had zero home content last season, and knee-jerked his way into yet another bad move.
  14. I am glad that I decided not to watch the game. I suspect they will continue to look like a dumpster fire against quality opponents.
  15. It seems like the Caufield demotion has shamed Suzuki into a better effort tonight...this is the best I've seen him look this season.
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