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  1. I hate these a**holes sometimes...I really do.
  2. Are you kidding me? Kotkaniemi is an offensive black hole himself!
  3. Can always count on this team to bring a half-assed effort against the Sens
  4. There were a few of you questioning whether he was ready. 🤣
  5. That last powerplay was disgusting. There is not another coach in the league that would have Armia on his 1st powerplay unit.
  6. ALWAYS a crap goal against when we play Toronto.
  7. GOAL CAUFIELD Nice comeback, happy with the result and all...but, geez: if they have even HALF of the effort level they showed in the last 18min of that game from the beginning, it's not even close.
  8. I've been impressed with his hustle on the backcheck, his head-on-a-swivel constant reading of the play, and his positioning has been good 90% of the time in both ends considering he's learning a system and has unfamiliar linemates. Very promising.
  9. I feel you both have validity to your feelings. Weber, when up to snuff, is of course an asset and we have to hope he can get back to that level in time for the playoffs. However, the argument can be made that Weber has cost us more goals than he has prevented/scored over the past month or so...he's been awful.
  10. That was a hell of a team effort...gutted out a great comeback.
  11. The lack of finish is on display again early; lots of shots, no goals. Winnipeg gets a quality chance, it's in the back of the net.
  12. Very solid take on the state of affairs. I think along similar lines, although my view of KK is trending lower; his developing into a GOOD 3rd line C no longer seems to be a guarantee. He's still falling all over the place looking like Bambbi on ice, and he loses/mishandles the puck a lot. Price and Weber are indeed done; we can only hope that both decide they've had enough of the NHL grind and retire well before those god-awful contracts run much longer. This team has major holes, and unfortunately, it will be hard to fill them until we find a way to be rid of Price and Weber and their hor
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