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  1. Great pass by 14, and a great shot by 22. They need to lock Caufield up for 8 years before the holidays are through.
  2. Allen seems to have found his game...holding the fort well so far.
  3. The coach responsible for this powerplay (Burrows?) should be fired first thing tomorrow morning....bloody ridiculous to be this bad 20+ games in.
  4. He should have a short leash; if he looks at all shaky, pull him, even if it's early.
  5. I agree with those who are unimpressed by Matheson; Arber shouldn't sit on account of this guy, with the exception of a very infrequent rest day if required.
  6. I loved Dach's clap-back at the Chicago fans after his shootout winner.
  7. There is no quit in this team, and damn right Nick Suzuki is a star....he's already better than Koivu ever was, and is teasing Damphousse level production. #14 is the center we've been waiting for.
  8. 1. The jerseys absolutely suck IMO 2. We struggle against teams that we can't outskate. NJ is a fast team.
  9. There is no quit in this team...that was a lot of fun to watch. Dach/Suzuki/Caufield just keep on rolling, and Hoffman waking up has really helped.
  10. Nice forecheck hustle by Suzuki and Caufield set Dach up for the dagger goal.
  11. You're full of it...I comment plenty about 22's continued success, and on the young d-men holding it down nicely. As far as it being the only comment I make about Drouin, that's close to the truth....he gives me ample reminders of what hot garbage he is every single damn game. I'd love a game off, but he just keeps on screwing up.
  12. Seriously...Drouin is a waste of a roster spot. Pathetic.
  13. That was fun...hell of a start. Hope 22 buries a goal or two before this game is out.
  14. His idiotic turnover early in the first led us to being pinnned in our own end for a full minute. He brings nothing...it's time to stop dressing him.
  15. Back to back absolute BS penalties against...we are owed a call in the 3rd
  16. I've seen enough of that useless bastard Drouin....send him home. Not Laval even...HOME until his contract expires.
  17. Win or lose, doesn't matter....just want to see our young guys continuing to play well, and Suzuki/Caufield scoring goals.
  18. Slaf needs to get his head on a swivel, and learn to throw 'back/reverse hits'....people won't be so quick to run him after he knocks a few guys silly doing that.
  19. Every game against Minnesota is the same...I have to question why I even bother to watch at this point.
  20. Once again, this bunch returns to a fun brand of hockey after looking blah against Minnesota...great game to watch. Part of me wanted Arber to punch out a St. Louis player after they started roughing it up when down 3, especially after Krug engaged our Captain, but I get that it's not the right time to fight. Glad Caufield continued to fill the net, and that Slaf looked dangerous on several occasions.
  21. I was 99% sure Gallagher would not score on that breakaway.
  22. Need something to feel good about: a Caufield goal or Wifi beating the snot out of Benn or Marchment would fit the bill.
  23. I guess we knew there would be nights like this...
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