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  1. Toffoli is on fire! WTF is going on with all these penalties?
  2. I wonder what this does for his confidence? Also wondering how long the team is hopping to have hi down there? Any chance they leave him for the season for more long term development? Glad he's going to play instead of sitting though.
  3. Thats the frustrating part about this team..... lots of good pieces and lots of good efforts but just not quite good enough. Also, i know that at some point there isn't room for excuses but this is a bubble team and missing Gallagher, Drouin and Armia can often be the difference in these close games.
  4. I believe he was a top 4 in Minnesota back when they had one of the better Ds in the league. I haven't followed his career as of late. seems a little suspicious that Buffalo would trade him in the division.
  5. This is awesome! Finally the upgrade we need on left D. A 4th is basically nothing and who knows, he's a local kid so maybe he'll re-sign. This makes the Rilliey trade make sense now.
  6. Looking at the Flames roster I'm supposed they're record isn't better. 3 lines that can score and a sold top 4.
  7. I'm calling this a must win tonight. Even though Ottawa just beat Boston, we have got to get these wins over the teams lower in the standings.
  8. I thought we were getting the goal and the power play. Beauty goal by Armia!
  9. I noticed that some of their top scorers, such as Guentzel, McCann, Rust and Kahun all have pretty high shooting percentages so hopefully they're due for some regression.
  10. I have to admit that I was not a fan of the Domi trade at the time. I was convinced that it was only a matter of time before Galchenyuk broke out. Boy was I wrong and boy does that trade look good now. I have to say, that Penguins lineup doesn't look so intimidating with Crosby out. Hopefully the boys can make it 2 in a row.
  11. I though the team showed a lot of heart in the 3rd. Too bad they couldn't get 1 more.
  12. Night after night Gallagher brings the same high intensity battle level. He has got to be my favorite player on the team.
  13. Fleury is a rare bright spot. I think he's got a good career ahead of him.
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