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  1. I haven’t missed a game yet this year and I can safely say that the Team has been much better with him in the lineup thank without. He will end up being a top #4 D within the next two seasons.
  2. Nick Suzuki. Just wow. Flabbergasted. The composure to thread the puck through with 3 seconds left. To tap DeAngelo’s pads after the goal. Then the speed of his hands in tight during the shootout. I’ve said it before. Sorry Cuccumber, I respect you tremendously but I’ve been watching this team religiously since 1984 and I watched Koivu through his magical run pre injury. Suzuki is the best position player this team has had since Lafleur.
  3. We just looked like a way lessor team tonight. Gally looked horrible. Especially in the 3rd. Slaf was engaged and looked quicker than he has so far. Devils were probably the best team we’ve played so far this year.
  4. Good grief burn them jerseys. They're atrocious!!
  5. His most impressive play during the game was in OT. Watch how he breaks out from behind Allen and how he out-positions Crosby. He made him look silly.
  6. Best regular season game I’ve seen in years. And honestly Nick might be the best (non goalie) player this team has seen since Lafleur.
  7. May this game never end please. Insanity!!
  8. Xhekaj absolutely beat the ever living snot out of Kassian.
  9. Lheky gonna be the best last round fantasy pick ever for me!!
  10. Guys.. I’m 46yrs old. Been watching the Habs religiously since 85. Cole might be their greatest natural goal scorer in 38 years. No joke.
  11. At least they’re battling. Pleasantly surprised so far.
  12. Don’t underestimate the power of the immigrant gene.
  13. Honestly, he looked totally lost and towards the end of the game he looked psychologically defeated. He will eventually end up being ok but IMO he is no where near ready to play in league.
  14. You all better start practicing the proper pronunciation of Xhekaj.. This kid is legit.
  15. Missed the first. Watched most of the second. Mesar looks special.
  16. Amazingly watched the whole thing. Thought it was good. (Being hockey deprived can do that)
  17. Hard no for me as well on Koivu. Price would be a yes. His play and commitment to the franchise as well as his international success warrants as much.
  18. This is exactly what I thought of too. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gordian_Knot
  19. Carolina might have taken over as public enemy #2 for me surpassing both Boston and Ottawa. They really irk me.
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