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  1. Well that settles who's jersey we're buying... Slick Nick is nasty.
  2. And right as I was thinking how kind numbingly boring this off-season was..
  3. Julien Brisebois being Julien Brisebois 🤬
  4. And here we all thought that Owen Powers was gonna get all the spotlight..
  5. Well at least we know he won’t be doing anything stupid moving forward..
  6. Omg why do I love this pick? B
  7. I’d rather be having a late night root canal right now. This. Is. Brutal. ESPN can’t do anything right.
  8. What a farce!! Both from a marketing standpoint and a team building one. That roster leaves a ton to be desired.
  9. hahahahahhaha That would be such a troll move..
  10. Been waiting all weekend for the forum to go live again. That being said, Bergevin sure as hell has a big pair of cohones…
  11. Gallagher went down in a heap towards the end of the game as he was driving to the Tampa net. He fell awkwardly and was favoring his hand. Bet you it’s fractured.
  12. I still have nightmares of my epic meltdown after the loss to Calgary in 89’ (and I was 13!!!)
  13. I think by tomorrow we will be hearing that half the team was playing very hurt
  14. As much as I am proud of the team and their run and am even more proud of my 8yr old for not crying…
  15. We have them right where we want them. just believe.
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