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  1. You must be joking, we aren’t talking twenty pounds (maybe ten as mentioned) of beer gut. An extra 10-20 lbs of muscle and leg strength is a huge benefit and definitely plays a factor in player potential/ratings. To compare it to hair colour is so basic that if you were serious I am baffled by that post. There is a reason small, successful players (especially short and light) are still a rarity even today once they get to upper levels. Crosby is perfect example of height mattering less when you have a solid core and heavy weight, thick legs (his legs are huge). Someone mentioned Suzuki thriving/surviving as he is built solidly, and it is true. He would not have gotten up from some of the massive hits he has taken if he was not so strong/solid. It plays a factor and was an obvious downside of Adam Brooks, but this appears to not be the case with Pitlick. That is good thing for Habs so why not just enjoy the little thing that it is. Why make an absurd comparison just to rain negativity? Shorter players who are solidly built, with a low centre of gravity can be very effective in many roles and positions. The weight a player can put behind a shot is a big deal, their battling ability (Mete haha), their ability to stake claim to space, all affected by weight. Shorter players that are also light have to be hockey geniuses with elite skills/skating in order to have a shot and even then are limited in what roles they can best play (obv exceptions exist). Mass matters in athletes, hair colour does not. Two identical players: player A : 5’10” 185lbs player B : 5’10” 170lbs It’s not even a choice.
  2. To this point, the NHL, NBA, NFL are built on a game. A GAME for kids that a select few get paid handsomely to play and earn massive fortunes for rich people, corporations. The fact that our elderly and vulnerable population are dying in isolation, alone and without proper medical support while people worry about a GAME speaks to the ####ed up society we live in. Not enough Covid testing, prevention happening so kids can go to school yet a bunch of grown men playing a kids game can travel all over the world, spreading Covid all over, and then complain about being tested too frequently? people are waiting in lines for hours on end to get turned away due to lack of test kits, businesses all across the country are shuttered and mental health is at an all time low for many of the population. Yet, there are unlimited test, treatment and prevention for these athletes and elite few. Special travel arrangements to get them from one country to another while regular citizens are/have been stranded all over the world. Hockey is a game and currently a waste of resource, money that could be put to better use helping fellow citizens. Listening to entitled, rich athletes whining about not going to the Olympics or being tested too frequently is bullshit. Mg grandfather died alone in hospital waiting for treatment that was delayed due to limited resources, he was a veteran, won medals for bravery and saving lives and died alone because even family were not allowed to see him. #### these entitled pricks, go get a real job and wait in line for hours for a rapid test like the rest of us. Kids can’t even play a game, can’t get to class in person, elderly dying alone and people bitch about professional athletes having to be tested too frequently, what a joke. It’s a kids game played by rich men to generate wealth for the 1%. Hockey (NHL/semi pro/junior level) has lost any high ground it ever held.
  3. wtf? Nobody is saying he wasn’t in the wrong, at least no posts I am seeing here. And he went through the legal system in the jurisdiction where the crime occurred, was sentenced, served and deserves the chance to prove rehabilitation works. He is continuing to rehabilitate and apparently the powers that be seem to think he is authentic in those efforts. continuing to bring up his criminal past in completely contradictory to the point of modern legal systems and the idea of rehabilitation. I think it is shitty of you to keep bringing it up as though it’s been forgotten, you do it in every mention of this kid. We all know he committed a crime, as far as I am concerned he has paid a bigger price than the scum bag executives, coaches, even teammates who allowed the rapist with the Blackhawks to linger around and continue raping future kids, most of them are not held accountable at all or at least the amount the this kid has. His generation of players are the first to potentially be a visible change that young kids can see and model after (as far as tolerance, mental health awareness goes) if he is working on his issues as is commonly stated and actually becoming a healthier person he could become a leader and role model for future generations as was mentioned above. Craig Mactavish murdered someone and continued to be employed by the league, broadcasters. People sometimes get second chances and sometimes do make the best of it.
  4. Haha I like that, and that the youth are playing more. I do believe the reasoning has more to do with the number of vets out of lineup more so than DD making a decision to play the kids more. It will be telling what happens as vets return to lineup, which looks like a while yet so good for the kids. I hope they continue to make a case for themselves, build up some sort of trade value/internal value.
  5. Wondering how much DD has to say in the decision to bring Primeau up to play vs Flyers, but then saying Montembeault goes sometime next road trip. what is the point of having Mont. if you’re gonna not even dress him (Allen is backing up vs Flyers) so Allen doesn’t even really get the night off. Then obv the plan is to send Primeau back down and Mont gets a game on the road trip starting later in week. Why not let Primeau continue to start in AHL where he has had some success and has not in NHL this year? Allen can still backup Mont, since he is anyways. Why have Montembeault at all if he can’t play this one game out of 20. What a waste of a contract, if the goal is to develop Primeau just bring him up and split starts with Allen, otherwise continue to let him season in AHL as he is not ready. This seems like such an unplanned , reactionary move. I see no sound logic to it and can’t help but blame DD as cannot see Gorton dictating this call this early on …
  6. Dvorak was not brought in to score, he’s a two way centre that wins draws. At least that is what he was brought in for. I believe expectations of 40 ish points as well, but not really expected to light it up.
  7. CC was skating well but handling the puck like a hand grenade. Think two of his shots were from at or below the goal line. Legs were working though. Ylonen was unnoticeable as you said. Can’t say I agree about Drouin, was meh. Still think he looks slow and overweight. Thought Hoffman was best player on that line tonight, Suzuki was not impressive. Those are three “legit” top 6 players who need to bring it every night, especially when team is so hit with injuries. That line needs to set the tone with speed and effort. Allen was only reason the game was close, all of the d looked bad. Clague looks like he should have passed through waivers. DD was the biggest disappointment, very poor line management. Even the commentators mentioned how odd it was to roll out the fourth line, centred by Mr. Zero Points Paquette immediately after one of the few sustained pressure shifts. DD should have rolled another offensive line for the o Zone faceoff, but nope here come the shittiest fourth line in hockey. Pacquette has proven to be useless, why can’t DD see that and make an effort to give the team a jump with a strategic move to keep momentum going, but nope let’s throw out the plugs. He is a shitty coach.
  8. If we fast forward to 2024/2025 era: and have same luck Rags did with picking. 2nd/1st in back to back seasons (Kakko, Lafreniere) we’d have a number one and number two pick overall that end up with a total of 214 NHL gp and only 75 points combined. If those results are what Gorton brings to this table I will not call that a success nor will it be worth watching a few seasons of garbage hockey to get those picks. While this thread is hilarious now, it’s gonna age well.
  9. Oh I see your point, but I think he is checked out and just going through the motions as he has to in order to meet his contract requirements. Maybe he has Olympic hopes, but hard to believe he can be ready for that, nor should he leave his team given the roller coaster of issues he has had over past many seasons. In some ways it is Selfish to miss half of a season and then come back to your job, team just to get enough playing time to go play a tournament. I have a hard time seeing him back to top tier quality, health. If he makes it to olympics, hard to picture him then returning to high level of play for the Habs. Hard to picture him coming back to the shit show that is this team, risking further injuries. Think he has to go through the steps, will eventually hit a point like Weber.
  10. good points, big thing for me is that I don’t see him playing in the olympics. I don’t think he is physically or mentally able to nor will he be. Decent chance league doesn’t even send players still, if I was a GM/owner I wouldn’t want to risk the travel, injuries, COVID issues with my star players. The NHL already is best on best for their sport. China is shitty and the olympics are outdated, over rated, corrupt AF.
  11. Been wondering the same thing, As mentioned Fleury would be up there still but is also old.
  12. That’s the dream team of players to deal! Agreed 100, but also agree it is easier said than done. I’d add Toffolli to that list as well.
  13. Fearless Prediction Re Price: just going through the motions and will end up not quite getting healthy enough for this season. Will never play again. Doesn't want to retire and lose out on $$$.
  14. Personally, not sure why people are excited by Gorton. His track record is not that impressive from a team success point of view when he was in charge, seems to have done well personally in his career trajectory. What is there to brag about for a Rangers fan under his watch? Previous posts in this thread provide good example. His statement that he intended to improve/leverage the use of analytics was embraced well, but then followed up with a statement that Bob G is going to be involved with new hiring process contradicts that. Ole Bob is just that, old. and while nostalgia is good it flies in the face of moving forward using modern tools like analytics. Shouldn’t someone strong in that area (technology, youth movement in the league, modern management techniques and analytical thinking)be involved with this new hire? Overall I feel like he is being given a lot of love and I don’t understand why yet.
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