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  1. Didn’t see any of the first game, tried not to let the reviews/comments affect my viewing of game 2. Roy is the real deal, this would have been the 20th game I’ve seen him play (at least 20 perhaps closer to 30, some live some televised). I’ve never seen the player that was receiving negative comments regarding speed (always room for improvement) or engagement. He’s a cerebral player and to untrained eyes that can appear as disengaged when compared to a Pezzetta-type buzzsaw player, but I don’t believe it to be accurate. He’s got great hands, excellent vision, strong positionally both in zone play and man to man battles. Decent size, acceptable speed, good edges. This past game reinforced those opinions in my books. Mailloux looked like a solid defence prospect, haven’t seen much of him but like many have heard a lot. Even when trying to temper my expectations I found it hard not to have bias. I liked what I saw in this post game, read that he seems to make his best choices when options/time are limited, that seemed true yesterday. And that is also how most NHL games are played nowadays so perhaps he is better suited to pro level than amateur ranks when it comes to his decision-making. I wholeheartedly agree with the many comments here that 1-2 seasons with Laval are essential and will be crucial to get him back on a proper development curve. If the Habs don’t royally mess up his development over next three seasons I believe we will see a top 4 dman with ability to QB a PP and 5v5 transitional attacks. If he and Reinabcher live up to their potential we have a #1 & #2 RHD to envy. I kept thinking of a young PK Subban when I watched him.
  2. Don’t like it at all. It is like taking keyboards out of classrooms b/c the future is touch screen. But only taking them out of 1/3 the schools while companies continue to crunch away on keyboards. Are those schools benefiting their kids or forcing change where it isn’t wanted, needed and shortchanging their kids? The Q has long been the softest and weakest of major junior leagues, save for a few stars here or there the O and W leagues are superior. This will further entrench this. Having seen sufficient NCAA games (among other leagues that have banished/don’t allow fighting) it lead to an increase in high sticks, cross-checks, slew foots and dirty hits. The role of goon has been gradually diminished to the point of irrelevancy, due to the need for skill/speed and that was a better solution to removing the staged, inorganic fighting. This move is going to lead to kids from the Q being unable to defend themselves, as the other two junior leagues are not pursuing this option, nor is the NHL. Seems irresponsible to try to ban fighting in a feeder league, when fighting in the pro league is still somewhat requisite skill, not necessarily fighting but at least knowing how to avoid/protect. Guarantees increase in stick related injuries in the Q coming up this year.
  3. These explanations make sense given what I’ve read elsewhere. kind of sucks as I like hopping on this site to see the tailored Habs feed w/o having to deal with Twitter myself. i was never a fan and like it even less since Muskox took over. So with that in mind, am fine if it is no longer part of the main site here.
  4. Between the terrible pick at #5 and the overpay for Newhook I am becoming increasingly skeptical of management. what a waste of a season to end up with stupid “safe” pick when there were so many more impactful players available. Combined with giving away the other first round pick I am totally disappointed.
  5. So much offensive talent to be had, hate this pick.
  6. Correctly said that there is great options in top 5 picks this year. IMO Leonard is the player this team needs if they aren’t getting the russian, and I actually like Leonard more but know so much less of the ruskie. We need more players who impose their style of play on opponents as opposed to the “be patient and counter punch” technique. Can see Leonard complimenting a top 6 that has Suzuki, Caufield and Dach as key pieces.
  7. Haha that’s hilariously spot on. Dont think PLD could possibly live up to the hype/media attention should he land in Mtl.
  8. At this point I am over Dubois. Too much BS already. I also think I Suzuki is the leader I want and the future at first line center. Dubois will disrupt this as well as the internal cap, he will hog the media attention and become a distraction to what is becoming a tight knit, lead-by-example, trust-the-process type of team. I believe that is more important than any individual accolades. Dont get me wrong. Would have been great to get Dubois relatively cheaply and have him show his desire to be a Hab is true by taking a team friendly extension (close to Suzuki’s), but I don’t believe that was ever a possibility. Think it was strictly tactics, with a smidgen of truth originally. Seems like LA deal is farther from done than reported and even if that happens, I suspect he won’t last two full seasons there before he asks out.
  9. On June 9 it was reported his agent would provide jets with a short list of teams he’d be willing to trade/sign long term with. Haven’t seen anywhere that the list actually got submitted or what the teams are, that part is speculation. Hard to see the Kings moving Kopitar or Dannault who are their established top two centres
  10. Perhaps a forum members consortium should create an initiative to acquire said stake…? I’d invest. is there 2000 members willing to invest $10K each? 20 mil for day 2-3% of team but not the bell center…? (Apparently Andlauer owns 10%~ of team and building…?) the consortium elects one person to represent their interests, dividends galore, AGM on Super Bowl wknd, we get block of seats both games that weekend as perk haha, this is my daydream today.
  11. Good point. With four skilled lines he is kind of obsolete/press box material .
  12. Haha beauty. def didn’t expect Dallas to get walked over, was fitting Benn was on the ice for the early first Vegas goal and showed no emotions. Where was the vitriol and energy he should have been pumping with? Dallas goalie was an issue as well, so much for him being the second coming of Jebus.
  13. While I def see your point and think Laval needs some toughness to protect the young talent the rocket will have this season I also like Pezz with the big club because: a) he really isn’t that threatening to other tough guys and don’t know if he really intimidates enough to keep opponents from taking liberties. He’s a gamer and willing to go with anyone, but don’t know if he intimidates the way a larger, more typical fighter would. Obv not so black and white tho and I am sure he garners a certain level of awareness. b) Mtl needs that same protection of their young guys and I don’t want Suzuki,Andy, Slaf, CC, Guhle, Harris to have to fight, and Eddy & Savard don’t seem to fill that role either. That leaves Wifi (assuming he isn’t in Laval which is very possible) which isn’t great for him or team. The team needs a fw who can stand up for teammates/hold opponents accountable as well as punish the opposing d. Not a goon but a willing combattent who won’t be overly missed when injured/suspended from an offense perspective. c) He is perfect for the press box when not required, but will still bring it every game he is in and also not complain or be a distraction when not playing. His salary is not a burden obv. He could dress half the games and still lead team in hits, get his ten points and be valuable vs certain teams/in back-to-back situations. Regardless, happy to see him stick around at that rate and whether in Mtl or Laval he will fill an important role both places, perhaps he bounces back and forth but I predict he spends all year in Mtl. Hard not like the guy as he leaves it all on the ice, seems genuinely proud to be a Hab and living his dream with a smile on his face just about every time I see him. Go Habs Go!
  14. Forgot Evans was still on team. Agreed we will prolly not see them play this year tho.
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