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  1. Good to hear, cannot explain why I am getting zero answers and poor service times. Ive been following the instructions they provided. cannot stand the use of a stupid tracking app that doesn’t actually track either. Makes me worried I am being ignored because they ####ed up my order. Like I said, three weeks and not a single reply, valid tracking number. I’ve reached out three times now since I rec’d email saying order was packaged, shipped, sent tracking info. None of it is legit.
  2. Interesting to me that Sergachev has played in NHL the entire time with TB. Basically third pairing for two season and then a season of second pairing type minutes and this past season played first pairing minutes. No AHL time there. KK was given every chance in Mtl and is better off gone, he is a cancer. I don’t think another season in Finland would have changed his mental health (narcissistic, selfish tendencies) that is going to be his downfall. He will pout his way out of Carolina when he realizes he cannot earn a spot there and gets less than a quarter of the media and Instagram attention than he did in Mtl. He is a social media douche.
  3. As mentioned by many, I will be rooting for him and have always enjoyed seeing him play up to his potential (in spurts albeit). Reinforces (to me) that he will be best served by playing a lower expectation role than being top 6, let him focus on personal goals rather than public pressure of being in a highly visible, high expectation position. There is no room for error this season and there is no shortage of skilled wingers to shelter him. Wishing the best for him, but what is best for him and best for the team may not align as they’ve now got another massive contract in the bottom 6. What type of ongoing support, treatment will there be for him? Is it reasonable to expect him to produce even close to what is expected given he makes $5.5 million/season? This sounds cold, but professional sports is not forgiving, is results oriented. Regardless of the reason, if he cannot play and perform to the level required, it may be best to retire. I do not see how he overcomes this under the microscope of NHL in Mtl and just like a physical injury I do not think it’s appropriate to expect him to come back and play through it, it isn’t like he is “healed”, this will be a life long battle for him. I think this should qualify for LTIR to give him and the team the time needed to properly heal, assess, regain form. I doubt he will make it though the season, I hope he does and again hope for the best for him. As a human, I do not want him to suffer, I hope he rediscovers the joy he refers to. I do not think repeating the cycle of pressure, travel, expectations of NHL life is conducive to that.
  4. Thank you for pointing this out. Way too much focus on past players’ trajectories than individual attention to each prospect as required. They are all unique, need to be treated as such.
  5. Extremely disappointed in the customer service from the Lions online store. Placed an order three weeks ago, charged immediately (not cheap when they tack the ridiculous shipping charges on there, I live within 12 hours of the area in same country) and now cannot even get a reply from the store, was sent an invalid tracking number that appears to be fake, and obviously no product has arrived. I cannot stand businesses that sell products online, charge you immediately (credit card bill already paid ffs) and then do not reply to inquiries, do not ship promptly and essentially leave you feeling like you’ve been ripped off. Do not but this merch unless you are buying in person. This is brutal customer service, poor shipping/delivery times (particularly given the shipping fees), and a total let down. This was a small order to confirm quality, sizing prior to placing a large XMas gift order. That will not be happening now, I will not spend another cent on this scam.
  6. Good points. Factor in the improved PP (I predict) since there are far more tools available than just the bomb from Webs. Petry can QB a PP. Suzuki could very well be poised to become a true #1 C, which has been an issue for how long? Caufield has shown to disprove the naysayers his whole career and is obv a natural offensive stud. Normally I keep expectations low for these young players but he’s never need much adjustment time and is already here, on the scene, living rent free in the back of goalies minds. I am happily boarding the positive outlook train and riding it into 2022.
  7. Agreed, and doesn’t need to be an offensive producer (or PP qP) as much as reliable defensively with a good first pass, creativity in relieving pressure other than to ice it/pin the puck to the boards. I believe it is in the pipeline but not ready yet. Hoping Romy can make that step and take the second pairing slot, push Ben to 3rd pair. Savard / Chiarot pairing is not going to provide the elements described above. One of them has to slide down IMO, assuming Romy progresses and I think he will, he won’t be a healthy scratch ever again.
  8. IMHO TO got worse this off-season, Boston did as well. No reason a healthy Habs team cannot split or win season series here. TB is still a juggernaut. Any W’s here will be a bonus for most part. FLA is the biggest question mark for me. I don’t like their winger depth, but they’ve been steadily improving year after year and will be physically intimidating and tough to play against. I do believe a split of season series is possible. If the Habs do as well as I’ve described against divisional heavyweights/contenders, They have a chance…. So I see the biggest cause for concern is how poorly the Habs usually seem to play against the bottom of the division. They’ll have to have a killer instinct going up against Sabres, Sens and Wings. Any loss of points to these teams is unacceptable. No disrespect to those teams as it will not be easy. No nights off, Habs are not good enough to take any team lightly, but good enough to compete with the best. Is this a team that can play that way for 100+ games? I believe so, I think there is good leadership and attitude with this group so staying healthy is paramount.
  9. Petry is all that and more. He has improved year upon year and shown no sign of decline. He will shine in the increased role and can QB a PP fine given there is also more offensive options to leverage (Hoff, CC, Suzuki, Toff can al finish). And Petry has a bomb, plus a quick release wrister that can beat goalies. Potential Norris candidate year for him.
  10. Good point, agreed. Would love to see him force his way into play with excellence. But realistically best think for him is a full season of top line AHL duties. What’s the most games he’s played in a year before? College, shortened pro seasons, has he played over 50 games/season yet? The NHL is a grind that can impact player development on its own. No reason not to still see potential strong 3/4 C or middle six winger come from him. This season will obv be a huge sign as to what we can expect longer term.
  11. Nice, I have liked what I’ve seen more recently. Agreed Kulak seems to Be black sheep. Norlinder ‘21!
  12. “I DO NOT want Hoffman on the line that is going to play against the other team's #1 line. I don't want Drouin there either. ”. Amen to that, not only will team lose but Suzuki and CC will be hindered/end up injured from trying to do too much. With this in mind I can see Toffolli there. “Why would you want Dvorak and Gally to be burdened with a bad defensive player while facing the other team's top line?”- good point, Byron may be good for there when back, I’d try Anderson on off wing in this situation almost exclusively. Now I’ve got Drouin and Hoffman in the bottom 6…Hmmm, I’m starting to not like this abundance of wingers (and no real star yet, CC 2023/24?). Not sure Id expect Dvorak to gel with Gally, he and Anderson both played for London Knights (think they were there at same Time for one year but not checking). Lots of middle six wingers to spread around a shallow C pool. That’s why I see Pacquette getting every chance to play 3C. Perreault has never really been a C and have a hard time seeing him playing, let alone at C. The other new additions are going to get prime opportunity to make Bergy look good and relatively new coach won’t have as much preconceived notions. So Hoffman def gets an offensive line, Pacquette gets every opportunity to play important role, Perreault is the Perry/Froik combo pack where he has to get a chance and then make it impossible to take him out à la Perry but think he starts as 13th forward.
  13. Good point, especially about the quickness a blender will come out. Think they will still have scoring issues (as in consistently getting the 3 goals that win games). Hopefully I am wrong and maturity/new additions help. Think Anderson will rebound well, last season was his first real season in a long Time and seemed to get worn down over time.
  14. Thx for the heads up, fortunately I stuck with tshirts and hoodies (adult/youth) and have a pretty small gift list haha, but I did contemplate a scarf (they do look cool). My family is finally going to be surprised (not bleu blanc et rouge gifts haha) The Boston side of my family particularly enjoy the annual arrival of Habs gear, they actually wear them around the house (in private haha) but also proudly supported them in playoffs when they wanted Habs to beat Leafs and then rocked them rest of way once Bruins were done so gotta give them kudos for that haha.
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