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  1. interesting, I’ve noticed that vs Habs. I suppose in some ways it justifies the massive contracts the organization has given them, I wonder how Tavares likes playing second/third fiddle. He seems to be a lot less noticeable in terms of toi and opportunistic usage, if they don’t win a cup that could start breeding discontent as well. Tricky balance, and now that I think of it, am surprised some of these top guns are playing career highs on toi (McD and Matthews both) given the compressed schedule, health concerns of this season. Padding the stats must be a factor given what is now k
  2. Yeah, after I posted I recalled seeing them pot empty betters and immediately questioned myself. and I do understand that often a teams best player offensively is also very good locking down the win as well so I shouldn’t have been so one sided. McD is an amazing player, no doubt. I feel for the teammates though, but if they win a cup with him carrying the team I imagine they will be all smiles. I’ve been hating on him since he started throwing elbows, and the commentators rave about how he’s being physical and defending himself. No, he’s being dirty. He gets special treatment fr
  3. Yes, and maybe their coach will actually spread the ice time around as a result. Have never seen a coach cater to one player so much, from double shifting, to putting him on with opponent goalie pulled and anything else to help him get to his “milestone”, meanwhile the rest of the team is watching. Through a connection the their organization (medical professional) I was told the teammates noticed it and were not impressed. I was told this is partly why there are very few interviews with teammates about how happy they are about McDavid’s 100 points. Apparently players open up during
  4. Sad for you, hockey is a men’s game in NHL. Her and Hrudey are just playing the millennial pleasing stance. The game is safer than ever and may become overly sanitary and politically acceptable to the point of unwatchable.
  5. Good point, and no she is not. her and Cassie Campbell whatever are often handed key points to discuss on silver platters. I don’t get the justification for having non NHL players commenting on NHL plays. There is no shortage of ex players with personality and enough brains to entertain and educate the masses (Bieksa can so...) . Does NFL have commentary from people who never played in the league? Does NBA have WNBA players become commentators? Do softball players become MLB commentators? This is why I start the game delayed and skip the BS chatter that is more cancel c
  6. Agreed, she was the one cutting into his time to speak, the others were cutting Bieksa off more than he was interrupting others. The female (Jen) was sitting there shaking her head the whole time Bieksa spoke as though she was on Fox News and was obviously (same as Hrudey) not prepared to listen to any opinion other than her own, and Bieksa has a whole lot more knowledge on the subject than her or Hrudey. Good on Kevin for saying something on that didn’t just tow the party line, Hrudey is a shot commentator who has no place shaping opinions and otherwise nobody else on the panel really
  7. Agreed on these points, good call on the save percentages. Average/good numbers are not going to be enough with the pop gun offense.
  8. Yeah, so ask a highly competitive professional athlete who is literally playing for his career and millions in earnings to lie and step away from action? He is not Ovie, he is trying to solidify himself, earn his next contract, starters job and all of these players are former champions with a ton of self respect. To ask a professional athlete to create an injury so he can hand the net to someone competing for one of the elusive NHL goalie jobs is not only unscrupulous and shady, but also contradicts everything a professional athlete has been raised on. Poor roster management is on mgmt
  9. Agreed, and he is overly aggressive in his movements which often leaves him out of position after the first save. Figured it was jitters in his first game this year but does seem to be a trend. You’d think Sean Burke would have also noticed this and either corrected or removed him from play as it is a huge weakness. He is often swimming way out of the crease after initial shot.
  10. From what I’ve read and is well advertised the team cannot simply shuffle players on and off the roster Willy nilly as you describe. rules and all.
  11. He was watching the big screen as all players frequently do.
  12. And CC was the right winger who was nowhere near his position. Andy was LW so that was not his responsibility in the play. no shame on CC other than loading on the back check.
  13. Haha indeed, so sick of people acting like the team and teammates are holding him back. Gonna be a decent two way, third line center who gets 40 points per season, maybe peak at 50 range. Not a team saviour, not an offensive threat, never was.
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