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  1. Have to comment after reading post game article on main page. Honourable mention for Monty giving up 7 and taking the L? I get that he had great moments, but even his stats were poo. Just drop the honourable mention on a night like that. I’m not sure I can get behind the moral victory of that decision, otherwise was a decent write up. Dont think Monty deserves any of the hate in this thread tho either. Poor team défense and bad luck had more to do with it than his play, which is only reason Habs had a lead and weren’t blown out early so he deserves some credit. Not this crap about him regressing, sucking, blah blah. A lot of comments all too happy and too quick to say he is shitting the bed. He may end up regressing to career averages but too early to call that and he is giving team chance to compete. Edit to add I was adamantly against keeping Monty in the fold before the season and have never been a fan of his, but am happy to be wrong so far this season and don’t mind recognizing his overall strong play.
  2. By all accounts St Louis seems to be great with handling the players, which is partly why I shouldn’t complain of his decisions. I like his mindset of minimizing the bad, elevating the floor while praising the good.
  3. Good point, and defensive strategies are proven to be effective, which is why most teams focus on not allowing more than 2 goals when they win. With the relatively recent shift in style of popular defender (mobile, “puck mover”) it will be interesting to see if average scores , goals per game trend up in coming 3-4 seasons. I want Harris to get those two assists, but also be minimum +2 at end of game, not hear his name mentioned related to give aways, icings, poor pinches. He is going to be very good and am not complaining at this point, just have high (unrealistic? ) hopes.
  4. Good points, and completely agree about the differences one can notice watching live versus on tv. Being able to see the entire ice, watch plays develop, watch how players breakup plays positionally, and the high intensity/speed are some common things for me to still need a live game to fully appreciate.
  5. He does continue to put himself in vulnerable positions be it along boards or cutting into middle. I’m happy and amazed he was able to get himself up and wasn’t held out for rest of game but he does need to learn some self-preservation skills. This time it was a dirty, late hit but he has been caught with solid, clean hits too often for my liking as well.
  6. I saw a poorly played game with botched passes on both sides. Not a good result imo, getting shut out isn’t helping develop players nor build trade value. Regarding Petry, He wanted out and was well documented about that, but was valuable player so if Matheson becomes Petry number two I’m fine with that. Petry is still a solid top four player and was easily a top three or top two dman for Habs. He is about the become top right handed dman for Penguins and is having a good season already, expect his stats are going to take a big jump with L’étang unfortunately being out.
  7. Like seeing Suzuki used less on PK, don’t like seeing him out there for these. Anderson has good reach, speed for this and looked good the few times he was used for this last night. CC needs to do better finding shooting lanes, he gets blocked far too often, is far too predictable and isn’t changing up his angles enough/using feints to break defender ankles and either open up lane for a shot for himself or a pass through a seam. The shine of Guhle is diminishing somewhat, seems to be frequently burned by stretch passes, making some poor pinching choices, but still overall good first season. Think Edmundson is not a very good partner for him, and don’t like seeing Guhle having to play his wrong side on top of playing too many minutes. Harris seems to be slipping and if not getting chance to help PP I don’t understand why not send him down as he is physically overwhelmed too often and if not being given chance to contribute offensively I think his development will suffer. Think he could benefit most from a top paring, all situations role in Laval as think he could be a PP QB down the road. PP needs more shooting threats, the wind up for Suzuki to come down strong side is slow developing and obvious. The set up for CC is also too obvious and easy to defend when no slot/down low/point shot threats are present. It is a two prong attack, but only two prongs and too easy to defend without more threats. I don’t get why Gallagher continues to get PP time, would rather see Evans, Pezzetta get a chance at this point as well as Harris as mentioned. Saw Guhle for some PP time but wasn’t impressed. Against a top PK team like the Sharks (surprisingly enough they are) the Habs needed to simplify and generate shots, traffic, rebounds to eventually set up the perimeter play / seam pass layer on. They never established an inside not shooting threat and therefore were relatively easy to manage. Slaf deserves and should be given a longer look with Monaghan and Anderson, Armia had his chance and aside from cycling has no offense. Slaf needs to be gone a chance to play with some more skilled players in a more offensive role, and brings high energy to that line which has been the frequent game/period starting line and obv helps kick things off well with high energy opening. Also believe Wideman should have played, needing the PP help and Sharks are not overly physical team. Also would balance the right/left handedness of back end. Got to keep all players game ready and he hasn’t played much lately.
  8. This thread is stupid. There is obviously no tank in this team. No professional athlete, coach is going to play that way. Management has shown they are building this team, not tearing it apart for scrap. There has never been any evidence to support that this team is tanking, the idea is ridiculous and lacks class that a franchise like the Habs has earned with success and history. Hate to even comment on this thread and keep it alive but it pisses me off. There has been no evidence to support this asinine theory nor any evidence that tanking helps you win a cup. If any of my friends embraced this theory they’d no longer be watching games with me.
  9. Anderson scored recently as well and has been one of the better secondary scoring options, isn’t that big of a surprise especially given playing his former team. Harris and Kova both sucked defensively. All of D had questionable game for that matter.
  10. CC was way too predictable all game on most plays, was easy for Devils to defend.
  11. Gallagher looked tired and injured again most of game, can’t see him last in FB much longer before injury. Evans is admirable in that he works hard, but his 110% gets him to where a legit NHL’er would be at 90% effort. Up front the big problem is Dvorak provides no secondary offense, which is why I think the team desperately needs a true top 6 centre to balance our focus on Suzuki, Dach is supposed to be that centre. Dach played too much on the peripheral tonight. All of the forwards blew the zone too quickly many times tonight, forcing dmen to try to pass through Devils players so I place a lot of blame on the fw group for turnovers as much as the dmen who made the passes. Harris has regressed some in my eyes, twice in last two games he avoided taking contact instead of making a play on puck, I know he has to preserve himself as an undersized dman but also has to take the hit sometime, as we see Guhle do. I see some of the shine coming off of him and believe Wifi deserves to stay up when Matheson is back and let Harris go down (or rotate Harros, Wifi, Kova) through so they play 2/3 of all games perhaps. Devils are built to play like the Habs want to, but have the depth to actually sustain the attack all game. The Habs don’t have the depth up front (although the should given the payroll and pedigree) but that is the difference. Too many gaps up front and too many soft players. Gally was easy to play against for a team like Devils, so was CC, Dvorak, Dach, etc. They have a hard time containing big speed like Anderson but not enough other Habs bring that element. Seeing as Dach doesn’t play that way, Monohan was rather invisible the only other player with size and speed was Slaf who actually took a davantage to some extent and had a decent game.
  12. Sid and line mates tried to get top pretty couple of times and over passes themselves out of shots. I had thought he was not overly noticeable tho. Back to back games with travel to Mtl may be getting Harder on Sid “the kid” as well?
  13. Regarding Dach: while I am happy to see him thrive and he seems a good fit with 14/22. I recall not being so hyped when he wasn’t on that line and playing C. Not that he was bad, but was not excitingly good either, so I am wondering if he is benefiting from the promotion and being with the dynamic duo? Just speculating, haven’t thought this out. But do believe it would benefit teaM more if he could run his own line and have even close to such an impact on games. Was begging Drouin to shoot all game, he needs to be more than just a passing threat. First time he shoots, OT winner on rebound.
  14. Yes, agreed. But it was just bad luck that kept regulation win away, and fact that Habs overcame that is a great sign. Pens were on second on back to back and it showed.
  15. I totally agree that the team is far more exciting that last year and was exciting for final half Of game, but first period was quite dull: 10 shots total b/w two teams is not exciting hockey. The flow and excitement level definitely increased as âme progressed. It is far more rare this year to see a boring segment or period though.
  16. Commenting b/c I’d openly questioned Monty and was again impressed with him. In a way, he stole the game as Sabres dominated for extensive stretches and did a good job minimizing Habs quality chances. Great game by him, I’m always happy for a win. Go Habs Go.
  17. Apparently that is all for show and joke, he is know to be one of the strongest, most athletic people in the league among those in the know.
  18. True, true. Harris is going to be a great two way player and can see him having creativity to run a PP some day.
  19. Good point, he saved some bacon and after bei neg untested for so long that was extra impressive. When Allen is on, i always think of some movie where Robert Deniro (maybe?) has a gangster accent and says: ”Jakey my boy”.
  20. Definitely right to temper expectations but definitely nice to be able to cheer and get excited. Its been a lot better than the tire fire I expected this year.
  21. Missed the on ice interview but have liked how he has handled them so far. Def seems mature but still a fun loving kid who loves the game. It is infectious. Agreed on all of the other points. loved see Wifi step in to stick up for Slaf after he took that hit and as he scored . Wifi didn’t take himself too far out of play and showed how strong this bond is amongst these youngsters. great sign .
  22. Yeah rough start but he settled in a bit and weathered some storms. Glad we got to see him, so far this year it looks like Monty was the smart choice haha
  23. Haha had to adapt. and definitely agree that as much as winning is great, is that what is best for an AHL team? when as you pointed out it is often the team full of journeymen minor leaguers who win. obv don’t want a mindset of losing to permeate but the real point is to make true NHL’ers who are groomed and well versed on the teams systems and style of play.
  24. Agreed on these points, and added to this he’s having to earn his ice time and improving just about every game. While not dominating obv, he is also not a drain at all. A stable home environment will only help, and possibly minimize distractions while optimizing rest/recovery. This is a marathon with him, not a sprint. I also agree with above comment that it will help keep him from being distracted by the fun of Montreal. It is one of the funnest cities in the world.
  25. Current article on main page re expectations for Laval this year hits the nail on the head. Nice piece, thx all for the updates on Laval players.
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