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  1. Enjoy retirement Pleky! A great soldier for this team over the years
  2. Two shorthanded goals given up on one powerplay. That was rough. First goal allowed was pretty weak by Montembeault. Second a bad bounce but avoidable.
  3. 1) 39-35-6-2 = 86 pts 2) 6th in the Atlantic 3) 21st in the league 4) 4 players score 20 goals 5) 69 points for Suzuki
  4. Matthews will be the highest paid player in the NHL when the 2024 season starts. Don't feel he deserves that but figured he would get paid handsomely still. Interesting at four years the contract brings him to 31 where he may be looking at his final big pay day and possibly at a new market to finish off his career.
  5. Agreed about not getting into a bidding war. Vilardi + is a really good return for the Jets considering the position they are in. A good young center who can slot into the second line and is only improving. See if any draft picks are also moved. I don't feel not getting Dubois changes anything in terms of drafting a center however. Suzuki, Dach, and Beck are 3 good pieces for the future. Monahan, Evans and Dvorak as stop-gaps. I think its still take BPA. If Michkov is there at 5, take him. Certainly continue to add centers through the draft in general, but not an immediate need where you need to switch your draft plans.
  6. Fans seem to love him. I cant remember another time that the Habs fans were cheering an opposing player after they scored a goal.
  7. Note: The tweet is wrong in that Josh Pillar actually goes to the Leafs. The rest of the deal is accurate. Quite the trade. Center depth is pretty impressive with Mathews, Tavares and O'Reilly. Maybe he moves to the wing to stay on the top two lines. Banking on his playoff experience where he won the Conn Smythe. Will only count 1.875 million against the cap with St. Louis retaining 50% and Minnesota an additional 25%. Is a forward what Toronto needed? Think they still need to add to their defence. Price is set at a 4th round pick for Minnesota to retain 25% of his salary (1.875 million). Keep that in mind for Montreal in the upcoming weeks. They are expected to arrive in Montreal for tonights game.
  8. We know the tiebreaker result now. Cole Caufield ended with 26 goals in game play plus went 2 for 3 on the shootout. His grand total will be locked in at 28 goals. Looks like Habs Fan in Edmonton got that one right. Would have been interesting to see how high he would of gone with the additional 36 games remaining.
  9. Drouin is in for Pitlick tonight as well. Pitlick a healthy scratch.
  10. Yes. I imagine its to do with the Sportnet coverage and some of their settings. I was also annoyed by the virtual advertisements on the boards changing mid play. Found it to be a bit distracting. At least wait till a stoppage in play.
  11. Jays are making things interesting for sure but in all the wrong ways. Blew a huge lead and its all tied up going to the bottom of the 8th. A bit frustrating.
  12. a) 27-44-6-5 = 65 points b) 8th in Atlantic Division c) 29th in League d) 36 combined goals for Cole Caufield
  13. I am sure there will be more teams but if that is all the teams doing it, I would be rather disappointed in the Habs. They are the only original 6 team on the list so far.
  14. Certainly wasn't one of the expected landing destinations. I thought New Jersey would of made a lot of sense.
  15. A couple of expected deals expected already. Ottawa is having a pretty good off season so far.
  16. For sure. They should get paid well even though in all reality they are not goalies who put you over the top. Now if someone could swing a trade for Gibson, that would be the move. Have to be willing to listen on Allen if the market is there especially if you could get a Samsonov replacement. Not sure how big of return you could realistically expect though.
  17. Useful tacker. Quite a few interesting names out there this year in a flat salary cap. Kubalik, D. Strome, Samsonov, Steel, Pitlick...etc
  18. Caps no longer have any goalies on their roster after not qualifying Samsonov and trading Vanecek to the Devils. They are the front runners for Kuemper but also taking a lot of faith you can get the deal done when free agency opens up. I wonder if the Habs have any interest in Samsonov this time around as there were rumours they were looking at him last year. Also could see the Leafs taking a shot.
  19. Slight savings with a Dach RFA contract compared to a Romanov RFA contract?
  20. I never saw a huge future for Romanov as player for the Habs (especially with the upcoming players on D) so I am happy that they were able to get such a high draft pick for him but I just dont feel Dach is the player you go and get for it.
  21. Uh oh....he's a third overall pick. Galchenyuk, Drouin, and Kotkaniemi
  22. Great for Lehkonen! Two years in a row it was his OT winner that sent his team to the Stanley Cup Final. He is having a pretty good playoffs so far. 11 points in 14 games.
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