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  1. Id love to know what would have happened if we couldve resigned Kotka for like 1.5-2.5 M/year and never wasted cap on Dvorak.
  2. Maybe they learned from Bergevin that the payback for offersheeting can be hard.
  3. Reading on tsn and it looks like this leafs prospect Easton Cowan is the next Crosby. Is he very good or are they just blowing extra air in the leafsballoon?
  4. Ah ok. Then maybe his wrong side is actually his right side? 😁
  5. I thought he looked soso in wc and had a bit bad attitude on the ice. Scared me abit.
  6. Maybe its playing on his off side is whats getting him clocked by hard hits so often.
  7. https://www.tsn.ca/nhl/montreal-canadiens-trade-johnathan-kovacevic-to-new-jersey-devils-for-2026-fourth-round-pick-1.2142648
  8. I cant wait to see them eliminated in round one again next year.
  9. I hope he will do a Henrik Zetterberg and emerge as a star coming from Timrå.
  10. It reminds me of the Drouin trade. If its Guhle straight up for Zegras I am a bit tempted because Im nervous Guhle will take a hit to many and become damaged goods. On the other hand Guhle scored 5 points in the world championship while Zegras had only 2. I think Ill pass as well.
  11. Fun trade proposal I saw in facebook. Josh Anderson and 5th overall to Calgary for 9th overall and Huberdeau (4M retained)
  12. Last year Florida were decimated by injuries in the finals. I think they will win it all now. I hope we can end up a team built like them.
  13. Yes, Im hoping for Demidov too. We have our powerforward in Slaf, our sniper in Caufield och our playmakeing C in Suzuki. Now give us a winger ala Datsyuk. Is he abit like Datsyuk?
  14. Better MB goes to Canes so he can reunite with kk. 😁
  15. Slafs Slokavia crushed by Sweden. 6-1. But at least Slaf got a nice assist.
  16. I hope he plays more inspired than against Poland...
  17. If Demidov falls to us is he a nobrainer?
  18. I read some place that he is very good offensively overall as well. Its his defence that needs work.
  19. At the moment I want Yzer... No thats old draft. I mean I like Eiserman. Im ok if we get a Brett Hull.
  20. Thing is if we didnt draft Price Im sure we pick Brule or Skille...
  21. Kapanen two more goals.
  22. Worst case Josh Anderson? Best case Tkachuck?
  23. I think Mailloux was saved abit by the bigger scandal from 2018 hockey canada being revealed. Media forgot about him because the other story was so much bigger.
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