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  1. June next year, thats when we will know what was the right move.
  2. So now I hope we win the cup and the canes stink AND that kk only becomes a 3rd liner at best so in the end we won all. 😁
  3. So its top 10 protected then unless both picks are top 10. If we stink and our pick is top 5 while the canes win the cup Arizona will get the 32nd overall?
  4. Bozak the only UFA good enough? What about Donato? 25 years old.
  5. In a bit of bad mood now. I hope kk and the canes will get the Chara treatment this year in bell centre.
  6. I hope to see kk become a decent 2nd line centre... In the KHL.
  7. Im most scared now that Bergevin will do a stupid trade. The other teams know he is vulnerable.
  8. Why are no teams offer sheeting Arizonaplayers? The team allways suck and are to poor to actually not suck. Silent agreement with the nhl?
  9. Yeah to be honest I also have changed my mind. Id rather overpay him if he sucks than see him become great in another city.
  10. What if we trade both 1st rounders for Dvorak, still suck and miss the playoffs and Arzona wins the lottery? 😵
  11. Starting new thread for this topic. I would offer him 8 years 8M/year.
  12. If we will use the pics to trade for Dvorak I think I rather match and take a chance kk will get 45+ points on that 2nd line.
  13. Getting a 1st and a 3rd might even be the best "offer" we will get for him. What Ive read about kk it seems he is abit whiny when benched/sent to minors. I think he believes he is better than he really is and that might also hinder his development.
  14. If we match I hope they put VEEERY hard pressure on kk to perform. Ducharme telling him every day "mr 6M cmon! You have to be better than that!"
  15. Take the pics. One year at 6.1M and then the qo next year? 7M/year?
  16. I think if we didnt draft kk we wouldve wasted the pick on that forward going to detroit.
  17. I would take a chance and make that trade.
  18. Think needs to add at least a kotkaniemi...
  19. Question is would Gallagher become the new C? He isnt exactly the refs favorite player.
  20. Maybe Weber injury was also to stop Kraken from picking him. 😱
  21. Me too. We need him and his leadership even more now that Weber is gone.
  22. Im holding on to a fools hope that Hamilton will sign with us. He is not confirmed to NJ yet right? 😁
  23. Kopitar +Danault. Selkeville?
  24. Good for Pizza-Phil. He worked hard for years and now he got his payday. And happy we are not the ones to overpay him.
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