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  1. If we end up getting pick #3 it will feel a bit of a disappointment and a true lottery feel on who we end up getting and see his development over the years on if we ended up with a good choice. Slafkovsky, Nemec, Savoie will be one of our pick at #3. Let’s just damm win this lottery and go with Wright and tank one more year for the top Two picks in next years draft. go Habs go 🙏10🙏
  2. Am I the only one who now thinks and afraid we’re going to pick 5th-10th place in this years draft? I understand the winning is good development and Confidence for the kids but boy we could’ve had first or second overall here with Wright or Slafkovsky..
  3. I truly thought they were saving Brooks for tonight’s opening night at the Bell Centre for his debut..
  4. He will also be a big part of the Penalty Kill. Thumbs up MB, once again…
  5. Well there’s only one choice here, Take the 1s,3rd and a 6mil cap savings for KK ( not a bad deal for us I’m thinking). There’s a possibility KK matches his poor performance from last years season and Carolina will be screwed for a long time. Good on them for this!
  6. I look at it different from you... jets have lost there best player so rest of team must find another gear to make up for it. This will motivate them and push them I’m my humble opinion. I hope your right tho.
  7. We need Price back and soon. There’s the old saying you don’t know what you have until you lose it...
  8. Little Rocket is starting to break NHL records already.. “Cole Caufield of the @CanadiensMTL is the first player in NHL history to score an OT goal in back-to-back games for his first 2 career goals.”
  9. What I meant by that is I hope we do make the playoffs, this isn’t over yet. Flames are winning and we’re losing.
  10. Flames beat Oilers 3-1. Four points back of Montreal. Calgary has 7 games left in 19 days. Habs play their final 8 games in 13 days. boy O boy, most are talking about the Habs playing the leafs in the playoffs. I certainly hope so!
  11. Ottawa owes us a couple of wins after what they’ve done to us this season.
  12. I’m thinking Edmonton will make a offer to Tatar or Danault, each one can fill a void in there lineup and lots of cap room opening for them in upcoming season.
  13. I went with Anderson, he brings a lot more to the team then his goals and total points production. his physical presence, flying all over the ice, big hits, fighting when he has to which offers confidence for the rest of the team. great elite power forward and can see him wearing a A for his workmanship and leadership qualities when Byron eventually leaves.
  14. I actually enjoy listen to the Habs homer broadcasts on TSN, so use too listening bias Edmonton feed over the years. When Habs are playing Oilers or Flames and I’m blacked out I’ll watch live and listen to it on TSN690 with Robertson/ Momesso, you just have to pause the live television for about 15 seconds or so to match both together, it sounds live. 👍👊
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