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  1. This season, yes. That said, I'm not prepared to call him that moving forward; this isn't necessarily a sign of things to come for the final three years of the contract (I hope).
  2. He gets the junior playoff experience but also will potentially lose out on playing down the stretch for the Habs. With the schedule extending to the end of April, it's quite possible that had he stayed with Prince Albert or been moved to a team that was likelier to be eliminated in the first couple of rounds, he'd have been able to get some NHL action over the final few weeks without burning the first year of his ELC. He's someone that is going to push for a roster spot in training camp so getting the early jitters out of the way could have also been beneficial for him. It could technically still happen but Edmonton is really loading up and has to be considered a contender.
  3. AGM is higher on a depth chart than Director of Amateur Scouting. That's why Timmins was promoted to AGM a few years ago to stop him from getting poached in a lateral move. I think that's part of the reason Madden got the same promotion as well.
  4. It definitely will be his last year of junior - he'll be in Montreal or Laval next season.
  5. (Lines are from last game) McKenzie - Damiani - Dellandrea Tufte - Melnick - Kawaguchi Louis - Caamano - Back Felhaber - Gardiner - Gregoire Harley - Petrovic Shea - Cecconi Gleason - Rosburg Point Bourque - Dea - Ylonen Harvey-Pinard - Dauphin - Belzile Martel - Vejdemo - Roy Baddock - Gignac - Fortin Schueneman - Belpedio Paquette-Bisson - Neill Amorosa - Dello Primeau Poulin Puck drop is at 7:30 on RDS.
  6. Considering his suspension was for a fake vaccination card, is he actually vaccinated? Considering non-vaccinated players can't cross the border to play in the NHL, that Eastern team Brooks references probably isn't Canadian-based.
  7. I think that's effectively the hierarchical structure they're going to go with here. For all intents and purposes, Gorton will be the GM when all is said and done. The actual GM in title will be someone whose role will be bigger than that of an assistant but less than a typical GM, allowing them to hire an unproven rookie. He will be the one who speaks publicly more regularly satisfying the requirement of having a bilingual GM while the one who sets the organizational strategy to be executed is Gorton. Whoever they hire will effectively be an assistant GM just with a GM title.
  8. He knew that going into the discussion though. He wouldn't have promised him the job if it was strictly a language thing; he'd have never been considered for it in the first place.
  9. Interesting...Russo and Mellanby have a long-standing connection going back to their days in Florida so I think there's something to that one. I wonder why Molson changed his mind?
  10. Their announcement says they want to hire a bilingual replacement ASAP and didn't even bother naming Gorton interim GM. They're very much going to be doing this in a rush to the point where they may not be able to interview some of the potential candidates.
  11. The term professional doesn't really apply to some reporters who follow this team. Some are great, others not so much. Many are showing their true colours here.
  12. It's the only usable one I was able to find of him as well (and I've noticed a lot of other sites used it as well). He was rarely around the team so there really weren't a lot of opportunities for a better picture.
  13. Jeff Marek mentioned this on the HNIC broadcast as well tonight. It was suggested to me a couple of hours ago that Rejean (Ray) Shero may be someone they're considering for GM. His mother was french but I don't know how well he speaks it, if at all (neither did the person who suggested it to me so it is definitely speculation). Both he and Gorton were proponents of a slower building process - Shero with NJ, Gorton with NYR - if Molson was open to going that route.
  14. They were believed to have interest in Jim Nill last time who didn't speak french. Maybe it's an option here as I don't think Mellanby learned the language; he didn't even work out of Montreal.
  15. Three empty-netters including the game-winner...not something you see every day.
  16. Allen has been the first star by a country mile so far - can he keep it up for 20 more minutes?
  17. It's a fake report from a guy who literally calls himself a fake insider. It's not real.
  18. From that guy's Twitter bio: "Pro reversejinxer & Fake hockey insider. Real name is Alex."
  19. http://www.habsworld.net/2021/11/scott-mellanby-reportedly-resigns-as-assistant-gm/
  20. The ECHL guys practiced on a different rink with a different coaching staff. Most of that Group C squad had no overlap with the regular camp.
  21. Hasn't the Lehkonen-Evans-Gallagher line been the only one playing to their level over the last couple of weeks?
  22. What you say makes sense individually but if you're hiring a new GM in the spring, that GM isn't replacing Timmins right away. It's too late to shift gears at that point from a scouting perspective; teams aren't going to let a head scout leave right before a draft and if you're hiring someone not currently employed, they haven't been scouting. (Look at Shane Churla who was hired away from Montreal, that came after the 2020 draft was held.) The more common scenario in that point is the head scout runs the draft and gets fired right after (and that has happened). If you want to fire Timmins before the next draft, you probably need to have a permanent GM installed for that over the next couple of months for that to happen as an interim GM won't have the authority to make that big of a change. That's the domino effect in a situation like this.
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