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  1. If they're capable of playing on the right-hand side, sure. I think Mahura has a bit in the past, not sure about the others.
  2. Stone's on a PTO so he could be signed at any time. That said, I think he's staying with Calgary no matter what. Meloche is a possibility but they might opt to waive Valimaki and save a bit more. Coghlan 100% won't be waived and neither will Bear. Gardiner's going back to LTIR and they don't need to clear cap space. Walker is doubtful to be waived and even if he was, the Habs couldn't afford him anyway. Poolman has a terrible contract and missed most of last year with concussion trouble which might keep him out for the start of this season. The Habs can't afford him but realistically, even if they could, why would they want him? $2.5 million for a 6/7 defenceman is not ideal. Stralman is another one that theoretically the Habs could have signed if they wanted as his PTO was just done last week. There isn't mutual interest there. Carrick is a journeyman minor leaguer so I'm not sure why the Habs would want him. It's a pretty thin waiver market for right-shot players so the Habs are going to be in tough to get someone that's useful and fits the way they want to play.
  3. This year, it's Montreal's turn to host the 'A' lineups between the two teams. Next year, Toronto will get the good lineups and Montreal will have the so-so ones. There's actually an informal agreement in place between the two organizations going back about 7 or 8 years now, two games each preseason with alternating which one hosts the better matchup.
  4. At this point, a lot of Montreal's defence corps is NHL-aspirational even if they were icing their best lineup. Matheson and Savard are proven guys, Wideman is kind of NHL-calibre (in the offensive zone but not the defensive zone), and then everything else is filled by a rookie/unproven guy.
  5. No takers on yesterday's waivers which surprises me a bit.
  6. They're thinking that they're entering an Arizona-style tank mode. He's two years away from UFA eligibility. They know he wasn't going to sign a long-term deal knowing that it's an Arizona-style tank job. It sounds like they really wanted Korchinski and figured that the trade market for him this summer wasn't going to be the strongest because of teams' inability to add cap space (I think they read the market right on that front). Plus, moving him now enhances their chances of losing this season. I'd have waited it out until closer to the trade deadline where I think they could have gotten creative with some retention and beat the return they got but they're valuing Korchinski and the extra losses higher than I would.
  7. I feel bad for Primeau. Despite the five goals allowed, he had a decent game and just didn't have much help in front of him.
  8. That's a big if unless a few players get hurt over the last few games (and with three in a row against Ottawa starting on Tuesday, that could happen as tempers flare).
  9. Agreed all around. I want Beck to go back but he's going to drag this out close to the end of camp which is quite impressive.
  10. I could see a scenario where they want to claim a second one if they decide they're better off with most of their rookies starting in Laval. A claim of a d-man over the next couple of days (whether it's Gawanke or someone that goes on waivers tomorrow) means they could get him in a couple of preseason games to evaluate him and then if it doesn't go well, they know that they'll want to bring someone else in closer to the start of the year.
  11. I have to say, each time I see Beck, I come away thinking that he looks like an NHL player already. There's a logjam but it feels like he's going to make it hard to send him down. I also like what I've seen from Mesar so far tonight.
  12. Without him ever playing in the NHL, I'd say yes, it's too much to ask that he'd jump into a top-four role right away. Yep, until November 1st. Then it's reverse standings.
  13. The right-shot defenceman I've been saying to watch out for as a possible waiver claim (Leon Gawanke) is on waivers today. 10-26-36 in 65 AHL games last season while averaging over 21 minutes a game including >2 minutes per night on both the PP and PK. 6'1, 198 righty that's 23 years old.
  14. The breakdown including the trade protection:
  15. Drouin - Beck - Hoffman Pitlick - Evans - Armia Pezzetta - Mesar - Ylonen Harvey-Pinard - Stephens - Richard Matheson - Barron Guhle - Wideman Harris - Leskinen Primeau Poulin Lines TBD, lineup here (PDF file): https://t.co/0vH7PRapF7
  16. I'd add Dobes to the list of hopefuls but expecting either of them to be the long-term solution would be particularly risky.
  17. Turns out Arizona wanted Johansson. I know they need a goalie but there would have been better options had they waited.
  18. I haven't had time to sit down and look at it too much yet (it's actually something I want to do for PHR) to see who might be available. Leon Gawanke is the defenceman that I think could be an under the radar claim for someone. I don't think there will be much for the goalie market and while I think there will be a forward or two the Habs might want to claim, they simply don't have the roster spot to do it.
  19. Re: Galchenyuk, he has a fairly significant injury which resulted in his release.
  20. At times, yes, but there have been others where there has been a whole lot of nothing going on.
  21. I like the idea but making the money work at the start of the year would be tricky for the Habs. Closer to the trade deadline, however, once the selling off begins and there's a bit more cap room, this could the framework of a reasonable trade. I think they'd take on an extra million for 23-24 to save $3.4 million in 24-25.
  22. There really isn't anyone of note from today's waivers (unless Arizona wants Johansson) but there will be some interesting players waived over the next couple of weeks.
  23. Nice shot from Guhle on the goal, that certainly won't hurt his confidence. Xhekaj looks good as well. Gignac looks just like he did for Laval in the playoffs as a shifty, energetic player that makes a lot happen. He's not making the team obviously but I'm glad he's still in the organization.
  24. Boy, the Habs are narrowly hitting the veteran minimum in the early going - they barely will get there with this lineup tonight (5 F, 2 D, 1 G).
  25. Tonight's postgame: http://www.habsworld.net/2022/09/habs-blanked-in-toronto/
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