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  1. He might get an invite to camp (it depends on how many extras they want to bring) but I'd be surprised if he makes it. There aren't going to be many Hab prospects at the WJCs this year. (It doesn't help that Austria isn't in the tournament.)
  2. What if they were scouting Merzlikins? His contract and Campbell's are pretty similar and I wouldn't be shocked if Columbus opts to give Merzlikins a change of scenery in a swap of bad contracts. (Not one-for-one, but those two being part of a bigger swap.) Tonight's postgame: https://www.habsworld.net/2023/11/10-thoughts-ending-the-road-trip-on-a-winning-note/
  3. A very reasonable guess for sure. If that's the case though, Chicago could have easily said from the beginning that he was stepping aside for personal reasons and left it vague like that. It's not as if there aren't other players who have done that this season without any extra questions or grief so why they opted to go with the approach that only brought on more scrutiny is perplexing.
  4. They're from HW's original Prospect Editor from 20 years ago.
  5. The weird thing is that there is still a bit of contrast. Chicago says it's an organizational decision for him to not be there while the statement from Perry's agent suggests Perry asked to step away.
  6. I think he's a little due for a goal, wouldn't you say?
  7. One of their broadcasters was inducted into the Hall of Fame last week, this was the ceremony to congratulate him. https://www.nhl.com/sharks/news/sharks-radio-play-by-play-announcer-dan-rusanowsky-named-as-the-recipi-344680542
  8. For the record, Menard was hired months ago (I want to say late spring/early summer). Surprised it's getting covered today.
  9. There's no formal trade moratorium in place for US Thanksgiving. If a team wants to make a trade today, they can.
  10. Some of those are viable comparables, some aren't even close. I didn't go deep into the comparables but my 'fair' price range is a bit lower than that. https://www.habsworld.net/2023/11/mulling-over-a-montembeault-extension/
  11. Yeah, that was quite the 'celebratory' interview. Can't say I saw that coming after a Grey Cup win (which I also didn't see coming).
  12. Not surprising about Montembeault but it's a bit surprising about Primeau. Both fit their financial structure a lot better than Allen; they could add one of them without necessarily subtracting from their roster. I guess they view Primeau as an upgrade over Pickard for the #2 role but that's not going to solve anything for them. I think a 2nd could be doable for Montembeault, especially if there were other teams in the mix. The Kings are sniffing around for a backup upgrade and he fits their payroll structure as well. But they need to figure out if they can extend him first before pursuing any sort of trade since it appears they've identified him as someone they want to keep around.
  13. If Calgary winds up with the top pick in 2025, that triggers one of the crazy sets of conditions from the Monahan trade. If it's 1 OA, the Habs don't get it. And there's also the matter of if Calgary gets Florida's first-rounder that year as that could be the one that comes to Montreal in the end. That one is lottery-protected so as long as the Panthers make the playoffs in 2025, there's a good chance that's the one they get.
  14. That was the weird lottery where every team had a chance at #1. The lottery was for the entire first round that year.
  15. That wasn't the source I was referencing. The report that they had talked about Ullmark that I had seen a while back didn't involve Draisaitl either. (I think it was Nugent-Hopkins as the key piece of the return but I'm not 100% sure. Those talks didn't go far though.)
  16. Lines for the final game of this stretch as they take on Utica: Roy - Gignac - Farrell Simoneau - Condotta - Armia Kidney - Mysak - Legare Davidson - Yaremko - Voyer Paquette-Bisson - Mailloux Struble - Trudeau Norlinder - Keeper Mann
  17. Lias Andersson is out 6-8 weeks with a lower-body injury while Riley McKay is day-to-day. With the two injuries from last night (Stephens and Maillet), Nolan Yaremko and Alex-Olivier Voyer are up from the ECHL as Laval goes on its second road trip of the week.
  18. Tonight's lines: Simoneau - Stephens - Maillet Roy - Gignac - Farrell Davidson - Condotta - Armia Kidney - Mysak - Legare Paquette-Bisson - Mailloux Trudeau - Beaudin Norlinder - Galipeau 1-0 Lehigh Valley late in the 2nd. Stephens (LBI) and Maillet (UBI) were injured in the first and won't return.
  19. I've noticed that too. He's not flopping around as much which is one of the big differences between his NHL and AHL play. I could see a Montembeault extension ending the rotation but I honestly wouldn't be shocked if this lasts for a while. No one's playing well enough to create maximum trade value or to force their way into more starts. Meanwhile, they haven't been bit by carrying three goalies (yet, at least) from a roster perspective.
  20. On top of what you noted, a linesman can advise on a missed high-stick with the penalty call then being changed from the original signal. I believe they said the call on the ice was confirmed which suggests to me that by the time the review happened, it had already been changed to a high stick.
  21. Primeau starts, Pezzetta in for Harvey-Pinard (LBI, DTD).
  22. Interesting strategy, spot the other team 4 goals and then try to come back. Dobes was yanked after the first after allowing 4 goals on 14 shots. Since then, Mann has shut Belleville down, allowing Laval to pot 6 unanswered to lead 6-4 with 4 minutes left.
  23. Tough one to lose, I thought they had a shot there at the end. Anderson got a pretty good shot off just before the final minute but the Habs saw good Markstrom tonight, not the one who has been there for most of the season.
  24. What a weird goal from Lindstrom. The pass from Dvorak was on a strange angle as was the shot. Glad it went in though to get rid of that opening goal. Can they pull off a comeback in the third though?
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