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  1. Hopefully Gallagher draws enough to balance it out. That guy takes a beating.
  2. The depth at wing and goal is phenomenal this year. If suzuki, Dvorak and Petry can stay healthy, I like this team more than last off season. I'm excite.
  3. Solid point. NHL is a large sample size, so over the last 3 years, Byron certainly hasn't lived up to his contract, but there have been some HUGE moments where I'm sure nobody complained. He may have scored the nicest goal in all of the playoffs. Also an extremely timely goal.
  4. I have to say I'm disappointed that they let him walk. It appears as though Dvorak is better right now, but next year, we don't know. If KK ends up being a vertanen/eller/galchenyuk prospect, then no harm done. But if he turns into Getzlaf.... ouch. I just feel like it's 2 years too early to give up on him.
  5. My money is on matching. Carolina will probably finish in the top 3rd of the league. I wouldn't trade kk for a 22nd overall. Match it and sign him long term b4 end of season
  6. I just think they have to match. He hasn't found his ceiling yet and he's still growing into his body. I want to see one more year of him. Asset management be damned. Unless they can trade a winger, a prospect, and picks for an elite centre, you gotta match.
  7. KK has an unknown ceiling right now. I'm not sure I would trade him straight across for Dvorak. I think, barring an Eichel deal, MB should match the KK offer and work to to extend him before the end of the season.
  8. I doubt he suddenly goes from well liked team mate to cancer if he stays with the Habs. The fans could turn on him though. I think if he can be replaced with an elite centre, you match it. He's only 21. He's a lanky kid, still growing into his body. His ceiling is too high to give up on. The defensive ability and hockey IQ are already there. KK has a ceiling of elite first or second line centre. Carolinas pick at 15 or lower overall is not enough. If I'm MB, I match the offer and look to get him locked up long term by seasons end.
  9. I think MB needs to aggressively work the phones this week to get a centre. If he can't, he should pay the money. No way Poehling can step into a 2nd line centre role. Or Evans.
  10. What would it cost to get Dvorak? What would it cost to get Eichel? This is fun.
  11. I bring that average up for sure. I'd rather die than quit coffee
  12. I dont see it as a development issue. Galchenyuk isn't that good. He's ok but not good. I'm not sure what a year in the all would have done to change that. KK got his AHL time. If he fails to impress, I won't blame development.
  13. I would not sign him as a 3rd line centre but I would sign him as top 9 lw depth if it a cheap show me contract
  14. If he could just get a few more goals, the guy would be a total gem. He is an amazing forechecker and defender. Amazing player without the puck.
  15. Let's hope Suzuki and Evans continue their progress and more importantly, that KK finds some consistency. As pototoe head says. Those 3 young centre's are very important to a successful year this year.
  16. Lehkonen will play his entire career in the NHL. 4th liner min salary maybe but I would bet on it. He is too good defensively.
  17. Great signing. Very good defensively. Awesome puck protector. Will probably average 10 less points per season than Anderson. #7 forward who can step up to top 6 as a fill in. The team needs defensive forwards if they lose danault.
  18. Nope. It's not an issue on account of the loopholes.
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