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  1. Gorton already fired him once. I wonder what their relationship is like.
  2. Didn't Gorton fire Vigneault once already? Or would that have been Sather.
  3. Honestly, I feel like a gm in 2020 just needs to be an effective manager with a strong understanding of how a hockey organization works and good interpersonal skills to work with other gms. There are specialists for so many specific facets of the game today. A good gm needs to be able to ensure he is surrounded by the right people. Gorton can do a lot of that. I don't actually care who the gm is. Gorton gonna run this ship I reckon.
  4. Dd is an idiot. Caufield on the 4th line?
  5. Lehkonen takes a high stick and a penalty for a clean hit
  6. This is the worst canadiens team I've ever watched. And I'm pushing 50. They are terrible. I bet I've watched 5 full periods all season. I shut it off or barely watch while doing other things.
  7. Me as well. 14 loyal years and a solid pension, gone. Landed on my feet, but still sucks.
  8. Maybe, maybe not. The effect from this particular forum? Probably not. Spread out over an entire fan and media base, our words begin to matter. I think avoiding speculation is very important in this case.
  9. I agree with engels on this one. All guessing or fabricating scenarios will do is make it harder on him. It was very brave of him to come out with that statement. It's on us and the media to respect it and avoid speculation without facts.
  10. Gallagher probably has more goals off of his ass than from shots over his career. The issue I see with him is he just isn't mixing it up enough in the crease. I hope it reverses cuz oh my, what an albatross contract if he can't play that way anymore.
  11. Watched caps flyers. My cousin with the lone goal for the caps!
  12. I thought kulak was hot garbage in the Seattle game. Could have been just me though.
  13. Agree. The amount of trolling that the canes PR approved, is totally classless. Yes. MB gambled low on Aho. Yes. Waddell saw a chance for revenge and executed it well. That's where it should have ended. The PR campaign is a bit ridiculous. Classless organization
  14. Kulak definitely had a better game last night. But over the long haul, having those 3 back there is not a recipe for success. Only one of them should be in the line up.
  15. Can't have 44 shots against and that many high danger ones. I felt like aside from the early penalties, the play was fairly even until the third. Habs were very bad in the third.
  16. First win in San Jose in decades. Jake Allen was sensational.
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