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  1. Holy crap, I went to bed after the second and it was 4-2 Habs. Just watched the third period this morning and I surely wasn’t expecting a 7-6 OT loss!!!!!! Simply horrendous team defence in the third. The entire team was too busy trying to start an offensive rush to bother playing defence in the Dzone. Awful clearing attempts by everyone. Bring on Seattle
  2. It’s fun watching us score goals - draft pick be damned. I hope Suzuki and Caufield score two more each Slafkofsky is in danger of getting Lindrossed out of the league. Keep your head up dude.
  3. What a stupid period of penalties. Certainly didn’t expect the score to be 4-3!!!
  4. Oilers have such a quick transition game. Chances on both sides but a fairly even period - we got this guy named Suzuki though and all they got is some guy named Conner
  5. I’ll be there in spirit, from my chesterfield. Go Habs Go
  6. If he is going to play with Monahan and get PP time then absolutely keep him but if he is playing fewer minutes on the 4th line then surely he would be better off in Laval. But HuGo and Marty are unconventionally getting results so I’m not sure they are even considering sending Slafkovsky down
  7. I watched the first period then fell asleep for the rest. I really hope Slafkovsky stays with Monahan. He looks significantly better with a good NHL centre - sorry Evans. But when Gallagher and Hoffman return then Slaf is likely back on the fourth line BOO I’m not sure how long we are going with the 8 Dmen rotation but I think it sucks. Send players down or trade at least one. Matheson or Edmundson ideally.
  8. I only saw the last five minutes but Slafkovsky looked good with Anderson and Monahan. I continue to think Matheson stinks (outside of his skating abilities). He passes the puck away constantly in the Ozone and makes weak clearing attempts in the Dzone. He does this stuff every game and he was guilty of both in the five minutes that I watched.
  9. We could really use a long losing streak…. Good on Dach to win it
  10. Guhle playing right side with Edmundson? Montembault solid again and an entertaining period at least. What a huge help it would be if Montembault has indeed “arrived” by whatever means. Let’s see how it goes
  11. Great saves by both goalies Habs continue with the sloppy passes. It’s a game after game problem. Is Montembault a long term solution for us? He has been outstanding all season
  12. Some action at the end but another slow period. Hopefully we have an explosive third. I want a Caufield hat trick
  13. Yeah BOOOOOOORING I like the end to end lots of chances, lots of goals hockey we have been playing. Team looks tired and uninterested and I expect similar Friday afternoon. Dadonov makes awful decisions with the puck.
  14. I find his entire energy type player out of step with the team.
  15. I missed the first minute and it was already 2-0. I hope we come back and beat the bastards. Matheson skates well but I don’t like his game at all. Gotta give the guy some time due to sitting so long. The Suzuki line is truly outstanding
  16. What weird stuff happened to Hoffman? Benched the whole third? And what happened to Slafkovsky?
  17. Holy piss Caufield 🎉 Haven't seen Slafkovsky in a while, did he get hurt?
  18. Sloppy neutral zone and choppy play everywhere. Slaf doesn’t look like himself. 6-5 final
  19. Matheson skates like the wind. Some good, some bad that period. I’m happy that Caufield scored because it’s been a couple of games. High scoring game ahead I hope
  20. With Harris out I’m expecting 9-2 Philly 🤔 I really want a few goals from the Suzuki line and a Slafkovsky hat trick. Looking forward to watching Matheson
  21. Wow sitting Harris seems crazy to me. Harris did have an awful game Thursday but so did everyone. Harris has been our best Dman overall IMO since the season started. I hope the Habs aren’t going to send Harris down and keep Xhekaj up.
  22. This is just practice of course but I wouldn’t doubt if these pairings are what we see on Saturday with both Wideman and Xhekaj sitting. I think Pitlick was sent back down so maybe we carry 8 Dmen for now? Although I can’t see that long term because other than Wideman, we don’t want anyone sitting.
  23. I actually thought Dadonov played better the last two games. He shows signs of what was a decent player. I agree that the staged fight was useless. Still, since the fight was happening I wanted Xhekaj to break his face.
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