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  1. I wonder if a choice such as that would be viewed as pandering or progressive? Either way I’m open to anyone
  2. I imagine that a player agent would have strong negotiating skills and likely be a great communicator as well. I wonder if a hiring such as this would have an impact on what type of coach they would be looking at. I mean would they be open to a green, teachable coach or would they want a take control type coach that makes their own decisions? Im not advocating for Roy but is he the type of person that they would consider for coach? I realize his last coaching gig turned to crap but maybe Roy has learned and grown? Are the Habs going to involve anyone from the glory days or is this a completely new direction?
  3. I don’t know anything about this guy but I will be sad to see Norlinder go. I wish Ducharme gave him more ice time
  4. The more I listen to Gorton the more I agree with you that this is a genuine attempt to build both the team and management. Let’s go
  5. I have to say that Edmundson has really blown me away. He is a good player and an amazing teammate. I would be happy to keep him. Bergevin was in the process of turning Weber into a scout or something I think. I wonder if it might be best to end that. Let Weber LTIR retire and move on.
  6. DD put together a line of Lehkonen, Evans, Gallagher and they clicked and played great for two games. Ducharme then separates the line for some reason. Ducharme does this to Suzuki, Poehling, Evans, Norlinder et al. Ducharme thinks things very differently than anything I’ve have ever seen and our record might be an indication that it isn’t working-injuries notwithstanding.
  7. Gorton did say that Ducharme is safe for the year but who knows what the new GM will think. I think the team will feel very different next season
  8. I hope they send him back down for the season. Unless we empty the team via trades. Ducharme’s hockey decisions are absolutely absurd. The Dmen pairings are nonsense and using a Caufield on the 4th line in a limited role is insane. The only reason that I want Ducharme to stay for the season is that he is so awful that we are lottery bound for sure.
  9. This is my ideal situation as well. Stockpiling picks and prospects and let the young guys play.
  10. All true and I guess we need to consider the expected length of a rebuild. I think we can trade all of them. Not sure about return If they plan for a 5 year turnaround then keeping a Price for example might be useful to mentor others. Assuming we trade a bunch away for picks then cap won’t be a problem. Part of me wonders if the plan is to remove all old core (Price, Weber, Gallagher, etc) and let the Suzuki era officially begin.
  11. Maybe someone with some good tools that Gorton can sharpen? Is this a puppet GM to placate the French media or is this an intern?
  12. I think we finally did with Gorton. He did commit to try and learn French but I’m not confident that he will. How the right leaning French media and fans react to that will be interesting. I hope he hires someone that he can genuinely train to be a good GM.
  13. It was a punch at previous comments from Bergevin. I really mean things like analytics and less of the old school way of running a team. The jersey and history are paramount and remember when GM Gainey took over as coach the first time? He gave a long speech on just what it means to wear that jersey. It was inspiring and I don’t think Bergevin understood the weight of that. A female GM would be amazing and I hadn’t thought of that. I wonder if he has someone in mind? I will say that it sure sounds like we are getting a left field pick for GM which strengthens the idea that an Anglo is running the team - I can’t believe it!
  14. The Gorton presser was interesting to me and it holds some insight as to what he is thinking. First off, a huge congratulations goes out to Molson for having the balls to make the change but even more impressive is that Molson has successfully hired an Anglo to lead the team. Sure he is hiring a bilingual GM to head the organization but let’s be real here - Gorton is in charge. Gorton’s comments suggest that the Habs do not have modern analytics currently in place and he will add that. Other comments suggest to me that vets are on their way out. He didn’t directly say that but his comments suggest that to me. Ducharme is likely to close out the season. What I think is going to happen: -full rebuild -hire an ex player as GM, perhaps Luongo -trade as many vets as possible including Gallagher and Price -fire tank master Ducharme and replace him with an analytic style coach. -bring back puck moving Dmen to this organization. -hire significantly more specialist coaches to aid in development. -close the old boys club foxhole forever and bring les Canadiens into the modern era. With two great drafts coming, I hope we hoard picks and with some good drafting perhaps we can compete in 3 years. What would you do?
  15. I think he is the key cog on whatever line he is put on. He is the guy that gets stuff done so others look good and he does have some hands
  16. I read Grant’s interview this morning and there is some good stuff there. Good questions about Logan to start as well. I recommend a read
  17. I keep seeing the Eichel rumours. KK Guhle Primeau Drouin 2 first rounders Would you do it?
  18. You do good work and maybe you will make a career of it. I remember following Friedman when he was on that website only and look at him now
  19. Great article 👍 and holy hell that must have taken a lot of hours to write! Agree on both Detroit and Columbus. The Jackets are killing it so far this offseason in general. I bet they dump Domi next
  20. There seems to be a lot of smoke at the Savard rumours so that would not surprise me. Disappoint me but not surprise me
  21. It tells me that you are either a low effort troll or an unrepentant abuser yourself. Either way we have nothing to talk about - ignore Good luck with your life.
  22. Yes welcome to the old boys club. It doesn’t matter that you caused such great harm to that young woman. I mean she is just a woman right and you might be a great player. We all make mistakes wink wink 😉 It was a classless move not a savvy one
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