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  1. Dougie is gone to Jersey.
  2. Youre right... women should be seen and not heard. How dare she use social media to post about her life in the way the rest of the world does? Jesus christ, this place has become ####ing toxic.
  3. 2 assists for Tuch today Kapanen held off the scoresheet.
  4. Krejci is rumoured at 1 year 4 million to stay with Boston.
  5. Getzlaf, like Perry, is a fourth liner now over an 82 game season. I'm not sure he's a Danault replacement. For the right price I'd take him as that line can be strong in playoff hockey, like Perry-Staal-Armia was, but I can't see it in regular season hockey. I think we need a centre who can put up points.... Wallmark, Granlund, Pius Suter, Christian Dvorak (via trade) something like that needs to happen.
  6. Lets be honest, he tested the market. Yes, legally teams can't talk to free agents til tomorrow, but we all know tampering is happening. Anyone signing today knows exactly what will be offered tomorrow.
  7. Yes, teams out there need centres and he's an excellent 5v5 player. Vegas clearing space today tells me that they are in on him.
  8. Evolving Wild projected him at 3.6 AAV. I think its a fine contract given what he does.
  9. Barrie wants a 4 year deal and the Oilers are only offering 3.
  10. It only takes one team to give him more than we expect. I'd watch Vegas after the Fleury trade.
  11. For the right price, Suter/KK would be a good 2a/2b option down the middle.
  12. I only consider KK in an eichel deal. Given how hard it was to get centres in the recent past and Danault is leaving, you can't move him for a winger.
  13. Rumours out there that chicago can retain some salary and flip him to Pittsburgh for actual assets.
  14. David Savard wouldnt be a depth signing headed for Laval.
  15. Of course, maybe the uber driver shouldnt have videotaped the players without their knowledge and released it without their consent. Seems an invasion of privacy too.
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