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  1. Pettersson is a bust cause he was injured most of last season. WTF.
  2. He has 4 years left on that comtract. It will be really expensive for any team to take 4 years of cap hit. Most of these three team deals have been 18 months or less of eating salary.
  3. I disagree with that. His work in Anaheim suggests one of the best Amateur Scouts in the NHL.
  4. Madden has been the Ducks version of Trevor Timmins, so he has been heavy in the draft. I don't think their drafting is bad at all.... Shea Theodore, Troy Terry, Isac Lundestrom, Comtois, Max Jones, Sam Steel, Jacob Larsson, Kase in the 7th round, Nick Ritchie, Marcus Petersson, Hampus Lindholm, Rickard Rackell, John Gibson, Frederik Andersen, William Karlsson, Josh Manson, Cam Fowler There are more too....
  5. I take Price at his word..... he wanted to stay in Montreal and wanted Allen to also be in Montreal while he recovered from his knee injury... but I do agree that his worst case scenario was being close to home.
  6. Francis did screw up by not making more trades and not having a boat load of draft picks as a result. Still they aren't a winner. Where are they ahead of the Habs right now? They have Matt Beniers as a young player in the system. Not much else. The Habs have Suzuki, Caufield, Guhle, Romanov, Poehling, Evans, Norlinder, Harris, in their system. All of whom are better than the second best young player in Seattle. Both teams stink and will pick high in 2022. The habs have more picks in 2022. The teams both have a player on D (Giordano, Chiarot) to trade for even more picks. I'd rather be the Habs than Seattle right now.
  7. Yeah and Seattle isn't exactly a winner, so it works both ways in terms of would price be happy in a rebuild.
  8. Its not a zero sum game. There may be other moves for price that don't involve Kane
  9. This person will have a big voice in decisions. They are also going to be groomed to succeed Gorton who is 53 and may do this for what, 5 years? 7 years? and then retire.... the goal (and of course it may not work out if the team doesn't have success) but the goal going into this is to hire someone who will be part of running the team for the next 15 years.
  10. The ECHL team is owned by Briere and others, its not owned by the Flyers, but it is his group. They are affiliated with the Flyers and are only given a handful of players from Philly. He's been working at learning all the business aspects of the league. As for why he's ahead of Darche and Madden, I'm not sure on the reasons why he would be ahead but he is doing more than you are giving him credit for here. Part of this will be interviews though and you want someone who has the same team building philosophy and works well with gorton as that will be necessary for the front office to function effectively.
  11. No one wants Evander Kane, unless its on an exceptionally cheap deal. Even with 1/2 retention, no one is touching him, and I don't like the idea of 1/2 retention given the length left on his contract. This isn't the first time he's been a locker room cancer with his team. It happened in Winnipeg and Buffalo too. If we are rebuilding I'd rather have Price as a leader for young players than Evander Kane.
  12. Sure, I don't think Ducharme is being fired tomorrow, but I don't see him starting next season.
  13. I'm fine if he is in the AHL...my point is that if you have him with the NHL team, he has to play.
  14. I can't see Gorton wanting to hire Roy given the disaster that was the Sakic/Sherman/Roy working group in Colorado, and Roy's history of not working well in a team of execs. I think Briere, Madden, Darche, Brodeur, Luongo, are the front runners on this one.
  15. It wasn't just the third period. It was all game long. Remember the Canucks had a lead during parts of the first period, and for most of the second as well. The Habs never led, at best they were tied for like 1/3 of the game, and losing for 2/3 of it (approximately). Still using the defensive forwards for offensive zone draws and the offensive guy for defensive zone draws doesn't make a lot of sense. That also ignores using a fourth liner (who is not even top 6 in his AHL time) over Caufield. Caufield got benched in the second period, and I never saw him make a poor defensive play. Meanwhile Josh Anderson had the brutal giveaway on the second goal and played every shift afterwards. Is this the development model this team is taking in what is already a lost season? The coaching is just awful.
  16. In a game with the Habs trailing by 1 for most of it, and needing a goal to tie things.... Dom Ducharme played Pezzetta more minutes than Caufield. He gave Jake Evans and Arturri Lehkonen 60% zone starts in the offensive zone. He gave Jonathan Drouin just 33% zone starts in the offensive zone, using him mainly in the d-zone. This coaching staff needs to be the next ones out the door. It's non-sensical usage.
  17. if they never have a win streak all season, i think we can allow alfredoh to change to Shane Wright.
  18. Its the stoppable force vs the easily moved object and the object wins tonight as the Canucks PK goes 3/3 against the Habs PP.
  19. He is playing much better than in the pre-season. He's proving that he deserves a full-time NHL spot.
  20. They certainly picked it up after the goal against (and after my post).
  21. We were outshot 12-0 before the goal.... no one (other than Jake allen)... not kids, not vets, was bringing it. This period was shjt
  22. this is 100% going to be a rebuild Gorton started a rebuild with King Henrik on the team in New York.
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