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  1. Man I haven't posted here in a long time and now I remember why
  2. You literally gave me 4(!) reasons WHY he signed it. Aho was happy with the contract, meaning it was not a low-ball offer as I originally replied to. Clearly Carolina didn't make an offer that was as good up to that point. Bergevin's offer came in at exactly the top of its compensatory bracket, as he didn't want to give up another first round pick by offering more. He also front loaded it as you say, because he felt that the owner didn't want to pony up that much cash at the time. Based on the reaction by Carolina to the offer sheet, it appears that he was right. It was a calculated move and it didn't work out. Most offer sheets are matched, are they all stupid as well?
  3. So....the offer was market value and that is a low ball offer that isn't serious? I'm not connecting the dots here. Would we rather pay over market value for Aho AND add in the compensatory draft picks?
  4. I often wonder why this is a narrative that is held by some. If it was not serious but rather a ridiculously low ball offer, then why did Aho sign it?
  5. 39-33-7-3 = 88 points 5th in Atlantic 21st in the league 5 players with 20 goals 81 Suzuki points
  6. Does anybody want 2 free tickets in the reds? Late notice I know but my wife and son's flight into town got delayed and can't make it. Have to sit next to me though. Pm for details!
  7. At the game near Leaf goal; Habs had some good chances but didn't hit the net to count as a shot
  8. 35-34-7-6 = 83 points 5th in Atlantic 21st overall 32 goals
  9. I was at this game and he was by far the best and most noticeable player on the ice
  10. I was there and I am still trying to figure that out. Islanders couldn't generate much at all. Trudeau looked good though
  11. Not sure if I'm alone in this line of vindictive thinking, but I absolutely love that the Canes are eliminated. But mostly the fact that KK was the least used player with only one measly point only makes their previous social media chirping that much better. Enjoy the next 8 years idiots, you really showed us who is boss Edit: Just seen KK got an assist in garbage time, so two playoff points. One behind Rangers goalie Shesterkin
  12. The only game I haven't watched from this series, but based on what I previously seen from it, Roy's 3 points doesn't impress me.
  13. Just like everyone else here I'd love for the Quebec born, late round pick, left winger to slide right into our young lineup. But I was, and am definitely perplexed how he has amassed the points he has. It is true though, that even if it doesn't look pretty, production does matter at the end of the day. He sort of reminds me of Zadina who was a QMJHL stud as well, but seems disinterested and relies on natural talent to get by. At least with Zadina I could tell the guy had a laser beam shot, but with Roy I'm not sure what he brings. I hope I'm wrong
  14. I've watched the first two games of this series live, and I must say that I don't see Roy as an NHLer. He doesn't seem to put in a full effort out there or have any redeeming qualities. I was hoping to be impressed by his play, but if I didn't know who he was I wouldn't really notice him.
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