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  1. Cue the boost this team desperately needs and the subsequent run to the Cup! *Disclaimer: still might not win the Cup
  2. I'm not quite sure but here we go!
  3. Well, somehow this team has managed to excite the fan base to heights it hasn't seen in a long time, only to play some of the worst hockey we've seen in a long time. Habs are still in the driver's seat in regards to making the playoffs, but man it is hard to have any confidence in them getting there. The injuries combined with the remaining schedule are huge hurdles to overcome. It seems like there needs to be a switch flicked or a defining moment to occur in order to right this ship. Not many days off, can't rest and regroup under the new coach. Can't fire the coach, just got him
  4. I fell asleep at the start of the 3rd period, I am assuming the Habs locked up the victory?
  5. I admit I am unaware of the cap implications by bringing him up, but I think this is one of those things that you just make happen. I also don't really care about the rest of the regular season games, but I will be absolutely livid if I don't see #22 play by the playoffs to see how he can help.
  6. The Habs get shutout against Ottawa of all teams and have scored like 21 goals in their last 10 games and we want to talk about rushing the best goal scoring prospect we have had in decades? Some of you think too much, let the kid play and see what happens. If he looks out of place then send him back down. The guy is like 6 months younger than KK who is in his THIRD PRO YEAR and you don't have a problem with him playing right? If he helps the team he belongs on the team, it is pretty simple.
  7. Pretty much my exact take on it as well. We are almost a lock to make the playoffs and the regular season standings don't have much of an impact because we know we have to get through 2 of Toronto, Winnipeg or Edmonton regardless of where we finish. I still have a lot of faith in this team and I do believe we will see a better and more consistent performance during the playoffs.
  8. My team just got eliminated in the semi-finals of my beer league by a team that has David Ling who played 3 games with the Habs in the late 90s. In the deciding game he played pretty dirty while the refs had the whistles away. One infraction was a full on hip check/leg trip in a non contact league, and chirped the ref for making the call, and was even still yelling while in the box. When I was in a scrum with one of his teammates after the whistle he said to me "what are you gonna do there muscles". One of the boys said after the game he means business when he takes his teeth out to play. Did
  9. The writing was on the wall for this deal, veteran center, leadership qualities, championship pedigree, cheap to acquire, etc. I'm just glad that it came together and can't wait to see him help the team
  10. Obviously nowhere else to put this but wish me luck as I play former Hab David Ling in game 1 of the semi-finals of my beer league tonight. Believe it or not he still played pro until a couple years ago
  11. I came here to say this. I also thought that under the CBA they couldn't play two games within 24 hour start times?
  12. Can't wait to watch the game tonight! *checks start time* Can't wait to watch the highlights tomorrow morning instead!
  13. I might have to photoshop my avatar to The Price is Wrong. I haven't felt this insecure about Price for probably a decade, every shot has a chance to go in now. And what the hell is the deal with changing pads and masks every game? Is the long hair throwing off his balance? Are his kids like mine and are up all night while he tries to sleep? Regardless, he needs to find his game because otherwise this team isn't going anywhere
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