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  1. I would love anyone in the world who thought these games were called fairly to say that while looking into my eyes with a straight face. I can be as biased as the next person, but my god, there is no denying that the no-calls/calls on the Habs vs Vegas are about as uneven as how my testicles hang. I just came up with that metaphor on the spot, hope it was original and not in my sub-conscious from someone else saying it. I am going to google it.... Okay I am back and I can't find anything, I might be good. But yeah, unbelievable what went uncalled. A straight left to the chin in front of the ref and nothing. Buddy slams Weber from behind, Weber enraged about said non call punches him in the back of the head and delivers the ol' how-do-you-do crosscheck to the soul with authority. And there were of course plenty of other examples. I think this is a case of egotistical refs inserting themselves into the game. THIS IS MY GAME AND BECAUSE I HAVE THE POWER I REF HOW I WANT AND ALSO DID YOU SEE MY STATS AGAINST THE HABS? OH YEAH BABY THERE IS MORE WHERE THAT CAME FROM! YOU WANT TO TEST ME? KEEP WHINING, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT I AM CAPABLE OF, I'VE BEEN DOING THIS FOR YEARS AND I'M JUST GETTING WARMED UP. Habs in 6
  2. I'm sure if we win the Cup some will still say so yes. We are tied in the semi-finals with two centers under 22 and two rookies in the lineup. We have a ton of prospects in the system and a million draft picks coming up. This team is set up now and seemingly for a long time. This is also not his first nomination for GM of the year and wouldn't be surprised if it isn't his last. I've also been called a fanboy waving pom poms so what do I know?
  3. Time to put this thread to bed for a little while
  4. If we play that same 1st period the rest of the series we will win
  5. I have $100 on the Habs to win the Cup at 31-1 since the day they announced the divisions before the season started. I figured they could come out of the North and then it is anyone's guess from there. And yes I still think they have good odds if one were to place a bet
  6. Not sure what was worse, the terrible pass to nobody in the corner, or the giveaway.
  7. I'll wear a thong and a bra if it means we get the W Nope not me, I try not to buy current Hab players Well this is excellent news! I still need to bring my A game though, it is a team effort after all
  8. I am torn what to wear tonight: Game 1 win - Habs away jersey Game 2 loss - Habs away jersey Game 3 loss - Habs T shirt Game 4 loss - Habs hoodie Game 5 win - Different Habs T shirt Game 6 win - Habs home jersey Game 7 ??? My best options I think are: *A different away jersey I have. I wore this to Game 6 against the Penguins in 2010 *A signed Serge Savard home jersey. I like the mojo of a champion, but it is a home jersey and way too small *My T shirt at the bottom of my laundry basket from the last road win game 5 * The jersey from last game, but again it is a home jersey I need some input here, the series could depend on it haha
  9. I am expecting an impact from Gallagher and Weber tonight on the score sheet. Perhaps a Weber blast from the point off Gallagher's newly reinforced glove and in for the game winner?
  10. I am pumped for this game. Wore my Habs jersey around town today while I ran errands and I never had so many people talk to me, good or bad
  11. Huge game tonight Excited to see Caufield play Hope they play physical Wish Covid didn't exist and I'd be there to watch Why am I writing like this Go Habs
  12. I just want to point out how much the Suzuki spelling mistake is bothering me, but there's no turning back now. Go Habs
  13. Well well well, Mr. Button. You and many others are one game in and completely wrong. Playoff Price is dialed in, the boys are playing tight and physical, let's see what happens in this game. I'm not sure if these are the actual lineups, they are a combination of available info and my best guess. Glad to see Tavares is cleared of structural damage to his head, neck and spine. I do have to mention though what an enormous loss that is for the Leafs in their lineup, and it definitely looks a lot different without him. Go Habs
  14. I agree it has been some time since Price has been on top of his game other than the bubble. My opinion is that he is at a point in his career when he needs the pressure of a big game to bring it. Battling all season long is a drain and hard to get up for every single game. Yes I know he is a professional who should be at his best all the time, but I think in between his ears he is wired differently in that regard. Here are his last playoff performances for example Also, yes the team started on fire and we were already wondering where to stand on St. Catherine St for the parade. We don't just discount that part of the year. Rather than do work I need to do, I looked up their record before the Covid shutdown. They were a very respectful 14-8-9 at that point. During that time the comments were about how great of a record we would have if they even only won half of their overtime losses, because they hadn't won one. And that is correct, turn even 4 of those losses into wins and their record becomes 18-8-5. Looks like a contender to me. They even won 3 out their first 4 games after the Covid shutdown, but then were subject to the brutal remaining schedule and a new coach that didn't have time to work with them and key injuries to the roster. Habs in 6
  15. I feel like one of the few excited for this series. Did I mention in the thread title that it is HABS VS LEAFS IN THE PLAYOFFS?! It's almost as if everyone forgets that all bets are off the table when these two face each other. Why the doom and gloom? If you can't get up for this series then what can you get up for? Reasons to be optimistic (adjective; hopeful and confident about the future.) I added that for some here that don't know what that means: Carey Price - First off, he is back from an injury plagued season. When he is on top of his game he is the best in the world and can easily steal a series. Despite inconsistency in seasons past, he has brought it in the playoffs. He is a big game player, plain and simple. Name another goalie you'd want in a winner take all game. The team is rested and healthy - The Habs played something like 25 games in 44 days to finish off the season. Along the way they got banged up and bruised. Well they are all back now except for Drouin (who could technically come back anytime) and Weber is likely still hurting a bit. Gallagher will be back buzzing around and the record with him in the lineup is night and day compared to when he is out. Danault is also back and will be on Matthews like glue. Practice - Yes I'm talking practice. Practice? Not the game but practice. Since DD took over he has literally had no time to work full practices. We can complain about his decisions all day, but a coach needs time to practice with his team, especially a new one. Playoff hockey - It is of my opinion and many others, that the Habs are a team built for the playoffs. What does that even mean illWill? Well it means that the pace of play, the intensity, and the refs call the game differently. We are much more physical than the Leafs. Period. Remember Corey Perry during the playoffs last year? You think Big Josh Anderson isn't going to put someone through the boards? How do you feel about another Weber cross check to the back Auston Matthews? There's no crying in the playoffs. Gallagher would literally deflect a point shot with his teeth if he knew it might go in. Habs have players willing to do what it takes to win. Leafs annual choke - Did you guys happen to watch the Leafs over the last 17 years? It isn't pretty. Year after year their expectations are sky high and yet they crumble to the ground. Fun fact: they didn't even make the playoffs last year. So they add a geriatric Jumbo and a washed up Simmonds and now it is the cup for them? This team cannot face adversity. Is Nylander going to mess up his hair to make a play? Jack Campbell is their starter now, what has he ever done? That's all I have for now, might come back and rant a bit later if I think of anything Habs in 6
  16. No, we wouldn't have half the team we have because I suppose the correct offer sheet to the experts would have been over 10m and a loss of draft picks
  17. I'm sure if we dug up the thread for the play-in round against the Pens last year we would find the same people complaining that we have no chance
  18. I watched a Habs game in Florida a few years ago, and even with the majority of people there being Hab fans, it was still the most depressing NHL arena I've been to. It was cool wearing shorts to the game in March though
  19. I dont mind at all. Play the vets in game 1 and if they win it was the right move, if they lose, add some young guns. This is a best of 7 series, there will be changes to the roster along the way. The playoffs are a different beast and Game 1 will be an excellent barometer to see how the two teams stack up against eachother.
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