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  1. I was at Physio today after getting knee surgery. A woman two beds down from me was telling the therapist she’s already had Covid once so she can do whatever she wants now, because she can’t get it again🙄
  2. Or he was saw that KK has more goals than anyone on the habs, and he better get his shit together.
  3. At least Taffoli is boasting his trade value on his return. He is one of the few players with term left that should net a 1st rounder + without us retaining salary.
  4. Yeah, it make sense to stay away from social consciousness issues controversies, but no issues with multiple sexual abuse, spousal abuse, gambling, drug, or attempts of vaccination fraud, or multiple incidents of not following protocols 🙄 Kaepernick was still a MUCH better option at QB than what a lot of teams went with. Kane is a cancer, that has continuously mutated into a worse cancer.
  5. He should have been in Laval and allowed to dominate than been part of this shit show. Yes, I get that we are short bodies, but if we aren’t going to use a young player in a role they can excel and give them thr ice time they need, may as well play him in all situations in the minors. Cole Caufield is not going to impact this team for the better or die for worse. Utilizing him the way DD has, is not going to get him out of this funk, or help his development any.
  6. I’m talking about the core players on the team - clear top line or top 4. Of those only Suzuki is really a core player TODAY. The hope is that at a minimum Caufield and Romanov will develop into core players. KK was another one we had hoped would be a core player, but IMO downgraded him and a puck into Dvorak. From what I’ve seen so far, Poehling, Evans, and Lekhonan - all of whom I like. Seem to be more complementary players. As far as Dvorak goes, I’d rather we kept the first and second rounder. Most of the core of the team signed by MB was guys into their mid 35’a to early 40’s signed Price, Weber, Petry, Gallagher, Chiarot, Edmondson are all old. Taffoli is in his prime, Drouin is showing to be a complementary player ((middle six), ditto with Anderson.
  7. That is one of his biggest issues. Most of the good teams in the league built their teams around a fast young core. MB, probably due to his inability to draft and develop, acted like it was 1999, and continued to trade and sign aging veterans who were closed to, or were pretty much washed out. Taffoli was really his only shrewd signing in recent years.
  8. 100% agree. The Lundquist contract should have been a warning sign, of the risk of locking him up at that age.
  9. No. I said that it helps to be in no state-tax city. Other teams with no state tax have still paid comparatively the same offers as teams that have state taxes to players. Not every GM in Yzerman’s situation has taken that stand, whether it is on term or Salary, you need to look at how much you can spend and put together a legit winner. if you are going to pay that money to Price, you have to be smart enough not to flush money away on depth guys like Alzner, Savard, Byron, or Armia. You also don’t pay as much as we did for Anderson. Byron was a value player when we got him, but should have been moved when he mo longer was going to continue to be so.
  10. I would have preferred and said it at the time - would much rather have signed Perry, than Hoffman. There is a reason, Hoffman is packing every couple of years.I thought the Taffoli contract was actually a reasonable one.
  11. 100% agree. Issue is if you are just trying to muddle along, and take the anything can happen approach, you don't have good players, so you sign them as legit top line/top pairing men, even though they are only in that role on your team, because the team sucks. Patrice Brisebois, was a serviceable middle pairing men. But on Montreal he was the top pairing dmen, and got paid like that. You simply can't afford to do that in a cap system, because your team will always suck because of the money being spent on average players.
  12. You have to take the Yzerman type approach and say this is what i'm willing to pay, and not budge. If the player doesn't want to sign, you move them. Stamkos was the captain in TBL, but with his injury history, and knowing what else was needed to win, Yzerman took a stand. To get players to take a home town discount (one who want to win), two things are needed. First of all the player has to want to have a build a culture where so that the players have a preference to stay with the franchise, secondly, the player has to value wining, over just getting paid. In that case you you have to prove to them, that that saved cap space is required to build a strong contender. Third, the city needs to be appealing to the player and/or to their family. Of course, having a tax advantage that non-State tax franchises in the USA helps. Gallaghar is absolutely a player that most teams would overpay for. But given his injury history, if you have to give him term and dollars, you create the bidding war and move him. In a cap system, you have to look at positionally what is needed at the key positions, and how much you can spend. Paying Price $10.5m didn't matter much to the habs when the team sucked anyways, but he is all you got for your chance to win. But I don't think you can build a perennial contender team, if you are paying $10.5M to your star goalie, and also have to spend another $2M to $3.5M on a backup as well. The issue that compounds the problem in Montreal, is that not only are you paying $13M for goaltending, you are also paying around $15-$25M for bottom pairing Dmen, and bottom bottom 6 forwards (depending on how your definition of the bottom pairing and bottom 6. That's the same issue as the Oilers. They have two of the top 4 players in the world, but have ruined things by paying depth guys like middle pairing dmen, or top 6 forwards. On the other hand, you can't argue how much the Leafs are paying their top guys, but they messed up by not using the system and overpaid both Nylander and Marner, based on what they had done to date - and didn't even get maximum term. They also didn't get maximum term with Matthews (who is signed at the right dollar value, but unlike McDavid and Draisatl, also is not signed for maximum term. That is just dumb.
  13. I don’t have an issue with premature signings - I prefer them. The issue I have is with term and/or $. I think with Price, you had to sign him, or trade him. I don’t buy into the argument in waiting - because his cost would have gone down - if you knew he was going to decline, or get regularly injured you don’t sign him. The issue I do have is giving him term and $. You either sign him for that $10.5m at a lower term - 4 to 5 year max, or you sign him for less. I think the Lundquist comparable should have been a caution, rather than a reason to sign him for that kind of money and term. I just don’t think you can sign a goalie for that kind of term with that high of a cap hit - despite him being the team MVP. Not at that age. Vasilevskiy was signed at a much younger age. Byron - too much money, and term. Gally - way too much term for a guy with his style/injury history. $ would have been great for a 3-4 year deal. In a league growing younger with Ovechkin as one of the few outliers, you can’t give that type of money AND term. Having said that I do think k he is tradable, because he fits the “type” that GM’s like giving a shot to - regardless of whether they are still worth the cap hit. Armia, - for what he brings, grossly overpaid. I would have preferred cutting hi loose, and signing Lekhonan long term. petry - I thought it was probably one year too many, but a deal that probably had to be made to keep him. I he issue is that he hasn’t just declined over the life of the contract, he’s literally fallen off a cliff at the start. Highlights the dangers of paying too much for an old player in a league wheee the top 3 of the top 4 dman are between 21-24. savard - overpaid for what he brings, what the team needed (he’s basically a bottom pairing dman), and too much term for a guy on the decline. Anderson - too much $ and term given the guys production and injury history. Drouin - too much term and $ given what he had shown to date. Hoffman - really should have only given him a 1 year deal. On the flip side, despite his lousy year, I liked the Taffoli signing, as well as locking up Suzuki.
  14. Comparing Bergevin to Bowman, would be like comparing Pee Wee Herman to Paul Newman.
  15. Don’t forget Drouin and Armia (relative to what he brings).
  16. But they do make the call on the 1st rounders, and I’m sure McCarron was MB’s pick, and Tinordi was probably Gainey’s call. A bigger than the issue of missing out on the late round picks, has been the 1st round flubs. gainey at least had more legit NHL players picked in the first round that had long careers - some of whom were all-stars in Price, McDonough, Pactioretty, and Hainsey. so far, Bergevin has had squat. He gave away his best pick in Sergechev (as bad as the McDonough trade). There is still some hope that Caufield and Guhle will all-star calibre, and Poehling will be a good depth player. Also think KK should at least turn into a solid 3rd line centre. But under the MB era there has been no one so far that is the caliber of Price, McDonough and Pactioretty.
  17. I think if we retained salary, Edmonton may be a fit, and took back Koskinan+, Edmonton may be a fit if they continue to lose. They can’t afford to do lousy in the playoffs, or even worse miss the playoffs, so we may be able to get high end picks and prospects. Straight up, I think Price has zero value. By retaining salary for that many years, we should be able to get a really high return. I think a change in scenery would also probably be the best thing for Price as well.
  18. That’s a horrible trade for us. Chiarot on his own should be a 1st+. if we are eating that amount of term on Price, AND throwing in Lekhonan, it would be stupid not to demand Bouchard, Broberg, or other top prospects along with the picks.
  19. I think we need two years of pain, and given the guys we have, we have no choice. I’ve been saying for that last three years our D sucked, and now we can see how bad the D is. Sure, the Loss of Weber hurt, and makes the ad even worse, but isn’t this around the time most figured we’d see a major decline from him anyways? Losing Edmondson also hurt, but even with him our D would have sucked. We were barely a playoff team in a weak division l, that resulted from a unique situation. The only real surprise to me is Petry’s level of suckage. I expected the last year of the deal would probably have been bad, but he’s been bad a lot earlier. I think if we can finally pick up a high-end centre or two over the next two drafts, have Guhle, be a legit top 4, we can get at least back to bubble status in 3 years, and with good management, have a shot at contending. I’d rather have that hope than the “anything can happen” in the playoff approach we have been on. I figured we’d suck, and be around the 75 point mark, but this is beyond that. One thing I think is hard to argue is that MB definitely left the team in a much worse state than he was given when he took the job.
  20. I think not wanting to pay players also had something to do with it - this is a team that hasn’t even paid it’s creditors and has at numerous times came close to not meeting payroll requirements. It’s a joke that this franchise is still there.
  21. Phoenix shouldn’t even be in Phoenix anymore. Gretzky called the old devils a micky mouse team, I don’t even know what to call this franchise.
  22. I’d be okay with bringing him up, IF he is not lest sitting, AND we don’t burn a year of his ELC. But it I’d still worry bringing a young player into a team that has so much negativity around it right now.
  23. If they play 10 games wouldn’t it. Pint, or games they play count toward their 10 games? If they don’t play it’s not good for their development. If they play and the games count, you risk having them burn a year if they play the 10 games.
  24. It makes no sense to call up Mysak or Guhle. Either they aren’t playing and getting developing time, or they are burning a year, before we need to. We’ve made that type of mistake enough with young players. Let them be in an environment where they actually have a chance to win. With that way DD has deployed Caufield, I don’t want him anywhere near decent prospects. Fire his ass at the end of the year and bring in a real coach, who doesn’t make the same asinine mistakes over and over with how he is deploying his players.
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