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  1. You do realize that someone else has been the GM of the Rangers for the past few years?
  2. Nilan is awesome. Don’t support his political views when he goes on his rants. But much smarter than I thought he would be; and asks good questions. His podcasts are definitely on my can’t miss list!
  3. Suzuki is for sure the best hab we had in a long time. Then there is Caufield. Slafkovsky has potential. Dach has potential. This is the best crop of young players since the mid 80’s!
  4. I think it was a combo of the two. His speed post surgery was never the same. players heal differently. Than there was the cancer. Almost losing an eye thanks to that bastard Justin Williams - who didn’t even get a suspension. Koivu was carrying us that series. But yeah, he had crap winners, but still turned savage, Higgins and Ryder into goal scorers, and made them a lot of money. None of them produced like they did with Koivu.
  5. I think we are the one team that doesn’t need a retro/reverse retro jersey, and if we HAVE to have one, go with the classic 50’s jersey.
  6. The next draft is supposed to be a hell of a lot more than just incrementally better. A top 8 next year could for sure bring a player that has a major role in his draft +1 year.
  7. Armia is untradeable, unless the deal involves an equally bad or worse contract. I never liked Darche. Given salary differences, Darche is starting to look good. i was never a fan of Weise - especially how he was used in offensive situations by MT. Best thing about Weise was that he was part of package that brought Danault. Compared to Armia, Weise IS a Danish Gretzky. I think Milbury will have to become a GM again for us to get anything of value for Armia until the final year of his contract.
  8. Completely agree. 100% agree on leaving Dach where he is. Let out three young guns rack up points. i had hoped Slafkovsky would have been sent down even before he scored his first goal. I se no issue starting him up for 3 or 4 games, but would have preferred to let him get a ton of minutes at this point in his career.
  9. Given how lousy contract, Armia probably wont be tradeable for another two years. Drouin will probably be moved. The question is will he bring a 2nd rounder or a 4th. I don’t see any hope of a Taffoli type of return. Drouin is a dog, who may have a hood playoff with someone, but I don’t see us getting anything higher than a 3rd/4th rounder anymore. Everytime I see Sergechev, I curse MB.
  10. Therrien could have said that about himself too🙄
  11. It’s pointless drafting players if you can’t develop them. Habs made a good deal for Suzuki, and had had Caufield fall on their laps. Neither took off and produced at this pace until they got St. Louis. If Bergevin had stayed we’d probably cycle through to Vigneult, who is not at all the type of coach this team needs right now. Who knows how KK, Galchenyuk and others would have turned out if we had a better player development staff and plan. We throw to many kids into the fire during key development years. Hell, one of the biggest indictment on the development plan was having an idiot Lefebve for so long.
  12. I would as well, but I can’t see anyone having room to take him on until the deadline. Even than it’s a tough deal to make with the extra year he has, unless we took on 30% to 50%. If we took on salary it would be for this year and next which I’d like to avoid. if we move Drouin and Edmondson and retained 50% of their salary this year, we’d probably get a better return, but that would use up our salary retention limit for this year.
  13. I’m really hoping Florida collapses down to a lottery pick. Would be sweet having two lottery picks! Low probability of it happening, but the changes they made could be a chemistry experiment that blows up in their face - the coaching change reminded me of both times Gallant was dumped.
  14. Hey, I still think we will easily finish between 7th to 10th worst. So still in the lottery.
  15. It was a great game, and the play of the kids makes it look like we are not only on the right track, but we may be able to be a playoff team ahead of schedule. I figured it would be another two years, but we may be able to get back in next year. No way do I think that we are seriously a bubble team with a shot of making the playoffs this year. There’s too many teams in the east that will keep us out of even a wild card spot.
  16. Let’s hope he keeps it up to the trade deadline!
  17. He is making the Romanov for Dach three way look really good right now! Let’s hope Suzuki, Caufield, and Dach continue to progress up front and Guhle, Harris, and wifi on the backend. I’m not even including Slafkovsky since he’s still got a way to go, but I can’t remember so many young players to get excited about since 85’ and 86’! if some of our young prospects also take a big step forward next year, we can be a playoff team earlier than expected. this Mgmt team and St Louis have done a better job in bringing young players along in less than a year, than MB and his coaches did in 10 years!
  18. I wonder how much Slafkovsky would benefit from being in Laval and not just getting an opportunity to dominate and play more minutes, but also get used to North American ice, defensive play, learn to use his reach better, stay on his feet, as he grows into his body.
  19. I’d say Edmondson is a 2nd pairing guy, and Savard a bottom pairing/extra guy on a good team. For that role Savard is overpaid. i don’t have negativity about our youth, but I do have a negative opinion of our veterans. Most are overpaid and over committed. i actually think next year, IF our kids in D progress well, and we get a legit top pairing dman, we can be back in the playoff bubble status, and the following year be a pretty solid team. I don’t think any of our current veteran dmen would have a place on the lineup if that happens, and we definitely need to get rid of a lot of veterans on the wing that are overpaid . Drouin, Dadanov should be gone in this year’s deadline, Hoffman next year’s deadline, but we are probably stuck with Armia and Gallagher.
  20. Issue is that on this team, Savard or Edmondson are on the top pairing. i agree we have time to ship out bad deals, and hopefully Guhle will develop into a legit top pairing guy. Right now we don’t have one dman that is a legit top guy.
  21. the sad part is that the D who are actually making any meaningful money are overpaid. We’re also paying around double of what they are paying for goaltending. So there is that. we are also paying a lot to forwards that have been scratched quite a bit a lot more than they are worth. That’s money and roster positions that could be freed up for better D. I like our young D, really don’t care for any of the veterans.
  22. Oh, I think we need to improve at faceoffs for sure. It just happens that the two centres I’d like to move for assets happen to be our best on the draw. i don’t see Dvorak as a legit #2, and he make too much money as a #3. If we could get a good return for Dvorak, and Monohan wanted to stay, I’d rather keep him, but he’d probably want $6m with term - which would be another Gallagher situation. So I don’t think either are long term solutions as a #2 or #3 with us.
  23. If I had to chose between Rutherford and horvat, Rutherford oupd be fired before you could complete the question. Canucks Mgmt is pretty Fxck up, which is unfortunate because they have some good young players.
  24. Ironic that the best player by a country mile is the one with the lowest face winning percentage, while the guy is want to move the most is the one with the highest percentage.
  25. I see Anderson a guy who will always be overvalued because if his mix of size, speed, and potential to be a 20+ goal guy. I also see him as a guy his go can’t stay healthy (part of his reckless style), but a guy who will probably always be associated with his potential. id move him as part of a package for for a solid d prospect that has #1 pairing potential. Deadline or draft move though. Not a November move.
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