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  1. I laughed when he did his Don Cherry impersonation. Unfortunately he is starting to sound a lot like him now.
  2. I'd be temped to take Parekh over any forward except Demidov.
  3. I'd trade him before Conroy regained his senses. no way I'd move the # for Zegras though
  4. Not sure why - particularly SJS at 16 - they are both pretty much at the start of a rebuild.
  5. I don't care if he is good enough to be on the next Olympics team. I want him to develop into at worst a minute munching 2nd pairing guy, that is at least the #3 on a contending team by 2026. Where he is today is not an issue.
  6. It helps when you are playing with tqlented NHL players rather than AHLers. also helps when there is a solid leadership group. Wasn’t one of the reasons cited for the Weber-Subban trade was mountain man’s leadership impact and how that impact would be felt longer after he was gone🙄 as a captain, he couldn’t even be bothered to come to Montreal for Lafleur’s funeral.
  7. IMO Dallas is probably the most complete team in the league. Solid at every position. If only Nill was hired as our GM instead of MB. If I recall, he was approached, but had personal family health issues to deal with. He has drafted well, made solid trades and done a masterful job developing his picks.
  8. That is another similarity to Turcotte. It would be nice if Chicago or Anaheim wanted a Dman and felt that they could get him at #5.
  9. I think we are in for a sun-belt no-tax state final.
  10. The thing is Caufield was a no-brainer pick at 15 - or even after the top 10. Is Eiserman a no brainer at #5? While there aren’t the same height/size concern with Eiserman - that was one of the big reasons Caufield fell. There are the same concerns about one dimensionality. On the flip side at #5 this year, Lindstrom with his injuries, is giving me a Turcotte vibe. Injured guy during his draft year, so unable to fully assess his progression this year.
  11. I Still say and will until my dying day, that I would have gone for Kopitar. We had two big franchise centres available to us - Getzlaf (that one hurts a LOT more), and passed on them. Price was no doubt a top 3 of his generation goalie, and I loved how he played and his general Cool Hand Luke demeanour. I just will never be on board with picking a goalie with a top 5, or even a top 10 pick. You can get a Franchise goalie with a latter round pick, but it is pretty rare with a centre. Damn Kreider blow our most legit chance at a cup (yeah, we went to the finals in the Canadian division season), but during Price’s MVP year we had a better team in front of him. It’s why I’d rather see the Dundon and the Canes move on, rather than Kreider.
  12. You have to sign him the Nurse deal made no sense the day it was signed, given his production level. Draisaitl is the type of player you make room to sign.
  13. Frankly, I think he is ahead of schedule - he also played a big part of the year on the right side out of necessity, and would argue he was still better than Savard.
  14. If that was the case I’d agree, but the ratings make zero sense, when you comisiderntjr following other ratings: -Matheson-9 -Struble -8 -Kovacavik-7 -Savard-7 -Xhekaj-6 –Guhle-6 -Harris-6 Barron-4 i won’t bother with the goalies. frankly, this is one article that was a waste of time.
  15. No they shouldn’t. I like what they are doing and hope they continue with the insanity of doing what doesn’t work. They should actually sign Marner for a $12.5m extension, and bring back Tavares at a bit of a discount - $8.5m and make up the difference with some big boy leaf Pajamas. Treiliving should also find another tough guy like Reaves, so they are a bit tougher to play against.
  16. Rumour was that MB really wanted the oilers pick to draft PLD for Subban. When Karkaleinin snagged PLD instead of his fellow Finn the deal fell apart.
  17. Nylander was producing in the playoffs, not sure why they want to move him. Having said that, I think they can move him if they wanted too - doesn’t is NMC come into effect July 1? Marner’s issue has been playoff production. So I can see them wanting to change the mix, given the repeated failure with this core. Leafs have zero leverage though. He can refuse any move, or pick where he is willing to go.
  18. I still don’t agree with this point of view. first of all, you don’t make hockey decisions based on PR marketability. If there was still an issue with his conduct, than I could see it as a team not wanting the distraction. If he does well, any half decent PR team would spin it as a redemption story - particularly in light of how the 2018 teams conduct was worse AND it was swept under the rug. hell, Kane al has been through a lot of bad media incidents including spousal abuse, and he has still gotten chances and got a fairly decent deal from another Canadian market. And the clown still posts videos of himself picking up his new Maserati - after the whole brisk of money in Vegas incident, and filing for bankruptcy.
  19. Like Hannibal was fond of saying - I love it when a plan works out!
  20. I have no issue with that Galchenyuk pick. I do have issue with him being rushed in during the lockout year given how much time he missed due to injuries in junior. It’s too bad Forsberg is gone as considered a top 5 pick at the beginning of that year fell back so far during that year, as I think he’s probably the best player from that draft. but the KK pick was a pick by need. I wanted Tkachuk, a d if not him, Hughes. Eithernof those two guys had much higher floors and ceilings than KK. Even after they messed up the pick, they compounded their mistake by rushing him. It was also stupid to bring in a 17 year old to fill a hole that MB couldn’t address in his first 5 years on the job.
  21. There is a big difference in saying that Mailloux is more likely to get traded than Reinbacher and saying “this management group is afraid of him succeeding.” You’re basically saying they want Mailloux to fail - which also means that even if they are more inclined to trade him, they would get a lower value for him. I can even buy into the arguement that they aren’t sure he is mentally strong enough for the market, given his history and the media pressure in Montreal. But today they are afraid of him succeeding???? That’s just bunk! I think it’s lite likely we move a LD than a RD, unless it’s to fill the big hole in our top 6 - we are desperately in need of a goal scorer. frankly, as I’ve said many times over the past year, my preference would have have been to take Leonard or Michkov last year in a forward heavy draft, while this draft. I think the quality of D available is much higher this year. But at least I can buy into their plan and understand the reasoning - unlike the previous guy, who said Sergechev was the future D man, and than traded him for a basket case winger, while also letting Markov go because he didn’t want to give him a 2 yr deal: only to sign a useless Alzner for 3 or 4 years!
  22. There is a difference between taking a risk on a player at 16 and 3. If you are picking at 3, you need to get the pick right.
  23. Where do you come up with this nonsense?? Still don’t get your hate for the mgmt group. They actually have plan, unlike their predecessor whose plan was hope that Carey Price is healthy enough to get them into the playoffs and than anything can happen.
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