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  1. Yeah, be nice to see him, but I’m not going to get excited about how he or others do in training camp - right now it’s just a chance to see who is m good shape and get some idea about chemistry. I remember after the horrible Chelios trade everyone got all excited by how good Savard looked in training camp. Once they season got past the one month mark. It just reaffirmed what a lousy trade that was. our Season reat on how well Suzuki, Caufield, Dvorak and the D play in December, and which version of Price we get.
  2. Alberta’s Covid plan this summer seemed to be built around ensuring they could go ahead with the Calgary stampede. I was supposed to get my knee scoped next month, but thanks to the mess we are in, it’s been canceled due to the strain and capacity limits resulting from Covid.
  3. So, I guess you were also appalled when they took away your choice to smoke I’m public places, even though it out others at risk🙄
  4. I can’t believe he actually got another job. Seems to have coincided to when Columbus started to suck again - yes, I know they lost a lot of good players as well😇
  5. We have a lot of depth on the wing, but we have two guys who should be in there top six (Taffoli and Caufield- - probably should be together on the first line), but may not be playing in that high. we also have two guys who need to be on the top two lines to be really effective, (Drouin and Hoffman). Drouin has yet to show he deserves to stay there in a consistent basis. Hoffman is so one dimensional he doesn’t deserve the ice time that a top six would get. If you move Drouin up to the first line, you bump Taffoli down, but if our top line is matched against a dominant line, I’d be much more comfortable having Taffoli there than Drouin. Frankly, I’d prefer to have Anderson over Hoffman, in the top two lines, but don’t know if that’s possible either given Hoffman’s limitations. We than have Gallagher, who is a top six winger, but given the defensive limitations of Drouin and Hoffman would be ideally suited for the the 3rd line with Evans, unless: 1) His hand issues are resolved (fingers crossed), and he can score on a regular basis (been declining and getting injured almost every year) 2) No one else shows they are up to task of added minutes that the second line would get. The challenge with putting Gallagher with Evans is that Gallagher should be playing 18+ min, and I’m not sure if Evans will get, or is ready for that many minutes. in a roundabout way, I agree we have a abundance of vey good to potentially good wingers, but given the unknown of our 3rd line centre, and consistent reliability (not necessarily production), we have a lot of wingers with question marks, give the roles we need then to play. In a perfect world, lekhonan and Armia are 4th liners, but not sure if that is possible. I wouldn’t mind TRYING Drouin-Suzuki-CC Taffoli-Dvorak-Hoffman Anderson-Evans-Gallagher Lekhonan—Pacquette-Armia for that to happen, Evans has to play a lot of minutes. It would also scare me to have Andersen (stupidity) and Gallagher (refs hate him - he can get mugged and it’s okay, if he taps someone he goes to the box) who take a lot of penalties be playing together. regardless of what our lines are, our D is a black hole that sucks our offensive potential into an abyss.
  6. I’ve only seen one real consistent breakout scheme in a long time - find someone on a breakaway. Otherwise, it’s been the keystone cops routine.
  7. You think the Sergechev for Drouin return was satisfactory?? It was a dumb move the day it was made. Netting Anderson and Less than Dvorak (had to add a 2nd , when we got a 3rd), are both lousy returns for a 3rd overall pick.
  8. They had more quality picks, becuase they made a conscious decision to rebuild - both before and after the Roy fiasco. We stumbled into our high picks and wasted the ones we had. Having said that I think Sakic wasted a pick with his goaltending decision this summer.
  9. MB has had 3 top 10 picks. He’a had what 9 drafts. That’s not a bad percentage. None of those picks are with the team. That’s unacceptable. None of the trades yielded a top line forward or top pairing dman. Also unacceptable. the Avs don’t have a high percentage of picks in their roster. However there core are draft picks: 1) McKinnon - 1st overall 2) Landeskogg - 2nd overall 3) Makar - 4th overall 4) Rantanan- 10th overall up and coming 5) Bryan - 4th overall 6) Newhook - 16th pick. admittedly, they’ve had more high number picks, but even with their later picks, there is much more elite drafted taken in their lineup. After the lousy Ryan O’Reilly that saw: Sakic has learned and did much better with Duschane. On the other hand. We have squandered the high picks we have, and gotten a lousy return. we have: 1. Price 2. Gallagher up and coming 3. Caufield 4. Romanov the rest are lower level end players only two of the these players are under MB’s watch.
  10. Let’s not forget that as a rookie, Nail Yakapov scored 17 goals and 31 points in a 48 game regular season. It’s one thing to come in excited end produce, when teams don’t prepare for you, and I know your strengths/weaknesses/tendencies. It’s a totally different to go through the rigour of an 82 game schedule produce and not be a liability defensively. having said that I am more optimistic of Caufield than I have in any Habs rookie since Subban. Caufield IS a special player. The question is whether in his first full season in the NHL, he will be able to maintain a consistent level of production and a high level of play once the opposition have a game plan to deal with him? is he going to be that truly exceptional player that you know what’s coming, but can’t stop him (like Ovechkin on the hash marks during a PP). Will he be that guy next year, or two years feom now? He is by far the best rookie of the year candidate on our team in the last 25-30 years.
  11. Sure if you improve, and get more than we gave up. We clearly lost the Sergechev trade. Galchenyuk for Domi was a big short term win, but slight long term win, since we still didn’t get anything close to what we drafted galchenyuk to be in Anderson. we essentially traded a a 2nd, KK, and potentially move down in the first round of my hr draft next year (unless it’s a lottery pick), for Dvorak snd a 3rd. I won’t even bother mentioning the guys list on waivers, or we he ones that didn’t pan out, and were wasted picks, or that this years pick is probably a lost pick.
  12. There are lot of examples , of us overpaying for close to washed out veterans, or 3rd/4th liners too much, either by signing our own, UFA’s, or in trades - just from the top of my head - Briere, Prust, Shaw, Alzner, hemsky. I’m criticizing trading our own 1st pick because it will be 8 to 12 spots higher than the Canes, AND including another 2nd. Dvorak has been on turn block all summer while the Coyotes try and cut salary. No one else offered that much. What was our rush?? Maybe it’s because I don’t see us as a playoff team, ITV ot without KK, or Dvorak, that I don’t like the idea of giving up a puck. Sign another depth centre chap. May as well suck and improve our chances of getting an extra lite player. The next two drafts both have high end talent. The RFA limitations are just another factor. We are in cap hell with a bubble team, and paying too much for old men, in a young man’s game. i agree that the canes are weak on D, but I think their D is still good. What issues do they have in their dressing room?? Seems like a tight group. Yeah, they added D’Angelo - who MB also tried to acquire, but what other issues do they have. They have a lot more top end talent ha us. Better forwards. Better D. Better coaching and development. We have the edge in goal. But that all depends on what regular season Prixe looks like. I look at the Oilers went to the cup finals and than sucked for over a decade. SJ went to the cup snd they are too old, too slow. Sens went deep than fell badly. We were in a unique situation last year for our division and conference, and I you look at my posts at the start of last year, I said this is going to be our best chance at the Semis because of the divisional format. The Atlantic division and Eastern conference are very strong - and we are a lot weaker. Savard for Weber is a huge hole for a D that already was weak offensively. I doubt if we make the playoffs. Dvorak is not the difference maker to get us in. as fir Perry, he specifically said, he took Tampa, because they were the ones offering two years. We saw this movie already with Markov.
  13. In a deep draft, why would you want to give up your 11th or 12th pick, versus a 20, or 22? Arizona is looking to shed salaries and get more draft picks. Why is our pick, even part of the discussion?? There was no need to rush the trade with Arizona, other than to save face - which is the same reason that KK was rushed into the lineup and got us into this mess. I get that Arizona may have said we was not the higher puck, but Dvorak has reportedly been on th block all summer, and no one paid a higher price. Are we bidding against ourselves here???
  14. Check out the career stats of another of our stellar picks - . marcel hossa.
  15. Giving the coyotes the better of the 1st rounders is dumb and an overpayment. Ours will certainly be worse. Giving up a second rounder in 2024, also limits our ability to sign RFA’s in the future as well. We gave up more for Dvorak than what we got fit KK. So I should praise Bergevin for the idiotic 1st pick this year? For failing to improve our D?? For losing a guy he had been selling as the future of franchise for a late 1st rounder and a 3rd rounder? I suppose I should also stop criticizing the idiotic Sergechev trade, the idiotic handling of Mete and KK as 18 year olds, the first the Alzner signing over Markov, for not offering two years to Perry? hen he signed a Taffoli, I said I liked the pick. When we drafted Caufield, I said I liked the pick. I said the Anderson move turned out much better than I thought it would, but he is making a lot of money, for potentially being a 3rd liner next year. he has handed out stupid terms and $ to veteran marginal players (Byron as an example), and played hardball with kids - when the league is going in the opposite directions. It’s dumb declining teams like San Jose that continuously have handed out them and dollars to declining veterans. I see a clear YzerPlan. There is no clear coherent BergePlan.
  16. Penciling in kids for major roles is a BAD idea.
  17. Hey, I’m still hoping he can be a 3rd, or even a 2nd line player (if he is, would probably be on the wing though), but we shouldn’t be constructing the roster on that expectation.
  18. Could be. But we have to stop expecting or penciling players in for the spot. Let’s see how they do on training camp. Than, evaluate them during the start of the year. Make full use of the waiver exempt period and allow them to show they can dominate and produce at the lower level, before bringing them up. Once they are up, let them show they belong. If they unsurp a veteran, so be it. Move them up the lineup, or let them bump the veteran out (high is what I think KK had shown enough to bump Stall out last year).
  19. Poehling should be competing for a ROSTER spot. Where he plays should depend on what his play dictates. I hate the attitude that a young player should start in the 4th line. Let his play and performance dictate where he ends up after training camp and start of the year. What I hate is pencilling in, or counting on a rookie or young player, who has not shown he belongs in the NHL a spot in the lineup. Yzerman has kept his early draft picks in Europe or the minors, until they have shown they belong. MB has consistently used 18 year olds and rookies, trying to fill holes caused by his mis-management and mistakes.
  20. I didn’t see any entitlement issues with KK. He was upset at being sat in the playoffs - which I think most players would have been, and I’d be more concerned if he wasn’t. He went to the AHL and worked hard. Drouin on the other hand complained and felt he didn’t belong in the minors. And frankly, I thought he should have been I. The lineup, Stall played well for two games. Otherwise he was pretty useless. Perry was the driver of that line (another unfortunate loss - should have given him two years). id be much more comfortable giving a 1 yr deal to see if KK does break out, than I was on locking up Drouin (attitude issues), or Anderson (injury history) long term given their track record. I liked what I saw from Anderson, but it was a leap too offer him that term and dollars. KK has more upside than either. there were no red flags with Kk, it was obvious he still hasn’t grown into his body yet. He has gotten stronger every year snd and at 21-22 is when you typically expect a player to take the big step forward. in 9 years of MB on the job, it looks like we will only have one elite player drafted in the first round that will benefit us (Hopefully Caufield), and possibly one dman that could be a top 4 (Romanov). I don’t think there is another tram in the league with a worst performance in drafting and development.
  21. Exactly. How many times has MB says you have to draft high to get a centre. Than either blows the pick or development of the players he dies draft. Our 3 highest picks in his tenure are all gone. I said it when they brought him up as a rookie, it was too early. Just like it’s too early to give up on him now.
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