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  1. I doubt ANYONE here disagrees ... I certainly don't ... but at the same time there is no need to deny the breaks/luck/good-fortune when they occur ... otherwise, we essentially endorse the 'Canes fans who ignore the impact of Koivu's near blinding on their Cup win.
  2. Makes it awkward for Bergevin ***** IF ***** he has interest in Hamilton for next season ... any discussions would undoubtedly get out and make things uncomfortable for the current defence corps, maybe even the entire roster, as Hamilton's addition would require some "shuffling of contracts" for cap purposes.
  3. The greatest weakness in the alleged "system" of player safety
  4. Why are the two mutually exclusive ... a bad decision on one side leading to the player's suspension can be good luck got the other (in the specific context of taking out their 1C). By your personal definition then it wasn't luck ... but the actual definition is far broader.
  5. Unlikely ... but fair point ... players who have played at least one game could then be added and if the teams' total drops below 18&2 with no available "NHLers" then players with no NHL games that season could be added ... all subject to the existing "acquired by the trade deadline" requirement.
  6. Modified glove for Petry This video shows a clip of him practicing ... no grip from the last two fingers
  7. I don't have a problem with TBL following the literal rule as written ... but I ma not certain what they did fell within the spirit of what was intended ... not in that Kucherov was not injured or that he needed most of the season to recover ... it just seems unlikely that he was not physically able to play in the last game of the season but six days later he was able to play 19:20 and score 2 goals and 1 assist ... I have no doubt that the TBL have medical records that support Kucherov's progress ... but that is from TBL, or at least TBL sanctioned, doctors ... I would like two tweaks to the
  8. NO, but it saddens me when they do ... but I guess that is my fundamental optimism that the Internet could be better than it is. Thank you ... it is a more assertive expression of my philosophy than literal ... I do not seek to offend ... I simply believe that far more of the universe exists between the black&white/us&them/right&wrong/etc. than many internet users.
  9. I am sorry my recognition of a FACTOR that was involved in the result of the series so offends your sensibilities that you twist my words to meet your view of the Habs universe ... The Habs won because Price, the defence and the forwards played better than did the Jets ... NEVER did I state otherwise.
  10. D'OH ... memory fails ... again ... but the Kraken still might be interested ... ... for one possible example, as a middleman in a deal sending Fleury to the Pens
  11. Fleury could well be of interest to Seattle (unless he has a NMC that CapFriendly doesn't show) ... either as their first-year goalie or as trade bait with salary retention.
  12. O...K ..... "bounce" must always have a literal interpretation ... and Scheifele being out had no effect on the series.
  13. And in a VERY perverse context that "bounce" went the Habs' way as well as it took Scheifele out of the series.
  14. They played together for three years (85/86-87/88) with the Windsor Compuware Spitfires in the OHL, and coached together with the Detroit Junior Red Wings for a year (94/95) ... so they go way back ... also, don't think it is at all unusual if the coaches are friends.
  15. "it sounds to me" doesn't mean I know ... just that that is what it seems like to me ... and nobody can KNOW whether or not it was a decision of the owner or the GM ... and ... BTW ... regardless meant whether or not the risk of having to pay two coaches was likely or not
  16. Regardless ... it sounds to me like a budget-minded owner's type decision than a GM's.
  17. But who made the decision ... the GM or the owner of a team that is bottom 5 in franchise value and revenue for several years, knowing that revenue streams for 2020-21 were not likely to improve due to Covid.
  18. If there is a culture problem not certain Jarmo is the cause ... he was hired midway through their 13th season, which was their 12th out of the playoffs ... since then, in a non-prime NHL market, they've made the playoffs 5 out of 8 seasons ... 4 of the last 5 ... he rebuilt the team once and if I were a CBJ fan I would want to give him the chance to do so again ...
  19. Not certain what window VGK are approaching ... they are the 13th oldest team (on average) this season ... Habs are 7th.
  20. It will never happen again unless the franchise's ownership hires incompetent management ... nobody pays $650M (Kraken) or more (much, much more for other leagues) for every team's 13F/7D/3G anymore.
  21. Good on JD, who has been in touch with DD and his teammates
  22. I agree ... until Galchenyuk served up Game 5 on a silver platter for CC & Suzuki and KK pulled out Game 6 (after the Habs blew leads in both games) DD's future was tenuous ... now he looks like a genius for the last 5 games.
  23. As a native Trifluvian I love the logo ... G-L-G
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