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  1. From what I've read he is offering his opinions and GENERAL observations ... IMO to be kiss & tell a book has to reveal "dirty secrets" ... I haven't heard/read any thus far.
  2. Or in first class seats on their way to their new team(s).
  3. Possibly because that is all the players are worth
  4. I'm an RDS/TVA viewer ... but if I had to watch on Sportsnet/TSN I would stream the TSN690 radio broadcast and fiddle to sync it up with the TV picture as best possible.
  5. Heads-up play to stick around for the loose puck
  6. «Honnêtement, ça fait longtemps que je veux apprendre le français. C’était une option à mon école en Autriche, mais ma mère parle déjà le français et elle m’avait convaincu d’apprendre l’espagnol parce que c’était beaucoup plus facile ... Je veux faire mieux que de me présenter en disant bonjour ou merci. Je sais que les partisans du club apprécieraient que je le fasse. Franchement, mon but c’est de me rendre assez à l’aise pour accorder des entrevues en français et d’échanger avec les partisans dans leur langue.» - Vinzenz Rohrer (2002, 3rd roiund, #75) Honestly, I've wanted to learn French for a long time. It was an option at my school in Austria, but my mother already speaks French and she convinced me to learn Spanish because it was much easier ... I want to do better than introducing myself by saying hello or thank you. I know the club's fans would appreciate it if I did. Frankly, my goal is to make myself comfortable enough to give interviews in French and to talk to fans in their language. Won't help on the ice (but 22 gms, 8g, 18a this season in Ottawa isn't bad) but have to respect the young man's intentions.
  7. For the Habs ... seven games For opponents ... 42 seconds
  8. Best wishes to Letang, his family and his friends.
  9. Not only would such a bridge deal eat up no UFA years (short-term gain for long-term pain?) but Robertson's deal includes the "no state income tax" advantage that the Stars and a few other teams exploit ... even on a bridge I expect CC et al to be looking at Robertson contract as a baseline, not a ceiling.
  10. Let's hope the "need for review" doesn't come up again this game ... IMO, as a rule, untill later in the game reviews should be used only for obvious situations ... not "really close".
  11. AND ... the Sharks ARE in Ottawa Saturday ... so some may be advance scouting.
  12. Hintz only a year out from UFA status (July 2024) versus CC finishing his ELC ... but Texas has no state tax ... AND ... in his fist 98 games Caufield has outscored Hintz in his first 118 games, 39 to 28 ... AND ... is outscoring him this season ... I am starting to suspect there is no chance Cole re-signs/extends for less than $8M.
  13. Pitlick, Mysak, Schnarr, Belzile, Richard ... Wideman ... some "body" received back in the trade along with a draft pick ... IMO it matters little.
  14. If the GM isn't welcoming former players involvement with the organization I doubt any players would have accepted an invitation for any "unsanctioned" former player.
  15. Decline penalties? Habs have not had a 20% success rate on the PP since 17/18 (21.2% - 12th) and that was the first time since 12/13 ... that previous decade of full seasons the Habs rank 30th in PP% ... 29th this season ... I've almost given up on PPs.
  16. Well ... assuming the rest of the variables (standings, draft position, bergie being fired, etc.) stayed the same ... they wouldn't have Dvorak and likely would still have the need for a legit 2C ... so perhaps. THAT SAID, I am certainly happier having Dach then I would be having kk.
  17. YUP ... and if they want Hoffman or Armia we should start a GoFundMe for their limo to the airport and first class plane ticket.
  18. So about half of that for which the "hugely" disappointing Christian Dvorak is on pace.
  19. Had a dream last night (literally) that Kitchner fleeced Erie by trading a late 2025 pick for Slafkovsky's rights, the Habs loaned Juraj to Slovakia for the WJHC and then sent him to Kitchner for the rest of the season to dominate with Mesar ... who then also traded with Sudbury for Dalibor Dvorsky's rights and brought him over to complete the best line in the CHL admitedly (in conscious retrospect) I doubt that they could make the Dvorsky move in season).
  20. What idiot in marketing thought it was a good idea to use Armia rather than Dach for this?
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