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  1. Since 2010 Justin Faulk, Boone Jenner and Brandon Carlo have been drafted 37th ... maybe habs should trade down ... 😉
  2. The video is there (unfortunately Sportsnet puts a commercial in before you can watch it).
  3. Boxscore shows no penalty called Looks like a text book example of the NHL Video Rulebook "definition" of boarding ... it seems like this could be called multiple times in many games but rarely is ... and the NHL claims to care about player safety ... 🙄
  4. The question often seems to be whether Xhekaj has the defensive game to play in the NHL ... *** IF *** in the end it turns out he doesn't, could he be moved up front ... he seems to have puck skills.
  5. Well he did ... 20 seconds ... of course that could just be a bad line change ... definitive 4th line minutes ... again.
  6. Assuming Wright is in the NHL next season (not certain he has much to gain from another OHL season) then starting as the 3C would put him in a much more comfortable situation. That is the rationale assessment ... and one I agree with. One question I would have is what Pronman means by "All-Star" ... if he means the All-Star Game then it is not all that impressive, if he means (year-end) NHL All-Stars then it is.
  7. Hopefully by the time he is CC's age he will have filled out
  8. I had the same thought ... but the PP is at 29.4% ... and as he apparently isn't yet actually with the team, maybe Wednesday or Friday in Rochester, once the coaches have a chance to see how Rileyfits in and whether help is needed.
  9. As I expected ... but couldn't find proof ... thanks for confirming.
  10. QUESTION FOR THE MORE EXPERT: Could The Rocket offer Wright a PTO or ATO to join Laval for the rest of the playoffs? ... not suggesting they should, if it is possible, just wondering ... I expect PTO/ATOs are likely limited to players who have gone through at least one draft and not been selected, or selected by the team making the offer ... but couldn't find detailed rules.
  11. He is a giant compared to Caufield (4 inches taller ... 12 lbs lighter but 3 years younger) ... 😉 ... seems to fit the "swing for the fence" mold.
  12. Took me a moment to realize it is the Americans 2021-22 leading scorers (honestly had no idea who plays for them) ... do the highlights have any significance? ... guessing it might players that Buffalo sent down to bolster the roster.
  13. Guess the unknown is "take off" to what ... 20 ... 25 ... given his 15g/82gms career average, much more than that seems unlikely, or at least risky for a team to expect ... which is not to say he could not attract an offer sheet (or an offer as a UFA if Oilers were to choose to not extend a qualifying offer) ... but not certain any team offers the $4,110,732 to $6,166,096 offer sheet necessary to trigger a 1st & 3rd as compensation if the Oilers do qualify him.
  14. The least TOI of any 'Cane says more to me than the assist, shots or block ... it may be interesting to see if he earned more TOI for Game 2.
  15. Honestly ... no idea ... hoping we get some rumours from credible sources to give us some idea.
  16. But from what I understand at least they get home ice against Rochester ... go Americans go
  17. Gabriel Bourque Gabriel Bourque GABRIEL BOURQUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Laval on PK in O/T ... Ouellette gets his stick slashed and broken on the PK (per announcers) ... usually automatic, but no call ... penalty killed, but Crunch keep pressure on
  19. Last season was the first time since 2013 that MB/TT drafted a QMJHL player before the 5th round ... they were hardly Q-advocates ... the French media trashed them year-after-year ... there were actually 4 MB/TT drafts where they selected no players from the Q.
  20. As I said, in the right trade anyone can be dealt.
  21. Didn't see the play ... but if playing without a helmet is a penalty then directly causing a player to lose his helmet should be a minor penalty.
  22. Agreed ... I am of the "ANYONE can be traded in the right deal" philosophy ... was just saying that IMO it may take some time before they develop enough for a trade to improve the club.
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