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  1. i love french...its so easy to express your angst....i also like Sacrament...hey sacrament...enleve tes soulier sur mon tapis...asti de cave!!

    oh ben tabarnak d'ostie criss the cave...i sometimes scream that at the tv during a hockey game...especially when Ryder as teh puck....hehe

  2. Barnaby is worse than Tucker. Barnaby thinks he's an offensive player. Tucker is actually putting up points.

    i didnt think this would turn into a tucker loving thread....all im glad is that bouillon got to punch him..the f8cker got what was coming man....anybody here would of retaliated the same...shame tucker was too much of a pussy to drop em...bouillon would of humiliated him!!i saw the anger in his eyes!!!

  3. What about flying a Habs flag on your car during the playoffs...my mom bought two sens one a couple of years back...I refuse to fly them on my car...I used to...But this year i'm buying 2 Habs ones and they're going on!!!

    saddly i just lost mine...i mean its been on my car since what...july? lol and the freezing rain we had here was too heavy...got to my friends house and it was there no more....now i need to find me a new one, or couple

  4. these bruins seem to have picked it up...n e ways they are doing better then the beginning of the season..Chara seems to play well against us...at least one goal by the giant .....so it will be interesting to see what team is going to show up....i cant wait to see the "we are going to play for a full 60 minutes team" !!!

    but Xmas is only in 22 days...

    GO habs GO

  5. I used to have a really strict ritual. About 15 minutes before game time, I'd make a bowl of popcorn. Because I used a hot air popper and not the micorwave, I had to melt the butter, so that was a bit of pain in the ass. But after that, I'd get my Habs beer stein and a Coke, always Coke, and then the weirdness would happen. I'd put on my Habs jersey, which was just around anthem time, at which point, I'd sit down and stare at the same spot on the floor until the puck dropped. I wouldn't touch the popcorn during intermissions, and I'd only take a drink during commercials.

    Now, the only ritual is microwave popcorn during the first intermission. If the Habs are in a mini-slump, I'll forego the popcorn for a game.

    wow....such devotion... i mean stare at the same spot...lol great tough...i usually dont change channels...and try to hold in the pee until intermission

  6. That was so good. Bouillon drops the gloves and just stands there waiting for Tucker to get it on but Tucker pussies out, so Bouillon just tells himself "oooh, what the Hell... " and drops Tucker with ONE right on the kisser.

    Can't wait for the vid to come out.

    i want it to!!!! Bouillon was great on that....tucker wasent seen much on the ice after that!! MAN I LOVE BEATING THE LEAFS!!!!! (well not me but my beloved team!)

    hey wheres bebehabs btw??? havent seen her in a while

  7. I would really like to see Souray and Markov signed. Not sure how they pull it off, but those two guys are huge for this team.

    If they have to let someone go, it is pretty clear to me that it is Rivet. Unless he signs for cheap.. bye bye.

    right now i dont even want to bother with that...i want to savour our Victory over the Leafs!!!!does it ever feel good!!

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