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  1. This is a remake of a Honk Kong movie called Internal Affairs. This one was nice too.

    i didnt know there was irish mobsters in hong kong!

  2. habs 4 points to beeing out of playoffs

    time to take ryder and Higgins off the top line...might sound stupid but at least when latendresse is on the first line things happend...tomorow is going to hurt even more

    habs are simply not in it....sens and toronto are go0ing to play...either team wins is going to put us in trouble...this is really starting to suck

  3. tu peux remplacer le 1 par un 0,2 j'en ai écouté 5 avec un ami (supposément les meillerus) et j'ai ri 1 fois...

    ouin...as tu deja ecouter robot chicken? vas ecrire sa sur youtube...c faites avec des G.I joe...etc etc etc....tiout tes jouets d'enfance...ben pour moi en t k...jai 24 ans

  4. Very happy for him, he his by far the greatest Captain among every Captain in the league...and as you said tongith game is going to be amazing to watch...expect big from Koivu, who should be overwhelemed and happy with the news...get em tiger!! heheh

    GO Koivu GO

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