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  1. Hey- to any other Manitobans out there, Ken Dryden is going to have a post-leadership debate meet, greet and watch the game get together at Wise Guys on Campus this Saturday night. I am so there! How often do you get to watch game 3 of the Stanley Cup finals with someone who has won 6? Awesome game- but I was so mad at that final goal! And I thought we were going into overtime!
  2. I love Family Guy! But Simpsons is starting to wear on my nerves- the story lines are becoming forced. I'd say it's time to put that pony down.
  3. Hi everybody, I've been a Habs fan since I can remember, but this is the first time I've become a member of a forum. I'm really impressed with the number of members and the quality of the site, and I look forward to meeting all of you! I just finished reading The Game, and I'm in the middle of Home Game- awesome player, awesome author!
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