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  1. Fun Sim League

    http://z6.invisionfree.com/SHL_Dynasties/index.php?act=idx you create a player and get 300 points to add to his default attributes, all 50's. You can get drafted or signed as FA. Then ur player and all teams will b created in NHL 06 and stats, standings and all that fun stuff will be kept. Join and have some fun...it just opened today
  2. ESPN Fantasy Hockey

    does anyoen do espn fantasy hockey?
  3. New Shl Sim League

    http://z10.invisionfree.com/SHL/index.php?act=idx Those of you who were in the original, it died and we made a brand new one!!! join it and say crosby sent you.
  4. Nhl 06 Question

    Does anyone know if you can save a roster file on the PC so you can send your rosters to someone else?
  5. Simulation Hockey League (shl)

    les get some more!
  6. Simulation Hockey League (shl)

    get some people to join!
  7. Simulation Hockey League (shl)

    welcome jetsniper
  8. Simulation Hockey League (shl)

    thats 4 members! pretty good so far
  9. Simulation Hockey League (shl)

    http://www.chatzy.com/984765795288 go here to talk about it
  10. Simulation Hockey League (shl)

    hey, thanks for joining, do u no how to create your player and all?
  11. Simulation Hockey League (shl)

    i saw you joined, do you need help?
  12. Aim

    who here has AIM? post it below! :hlogo:
  13. Simulation Hockey League (shl)

    TheBigRedC joined up, lets keep them coming!
  14. Simulation Hockey League (shl)

    come on guys join up!!! lets have some fun!