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  1. Hey...came upon this site while googling for Habs fan website. I am not a Habs fan per say, but lived in a household with 2 loyal habs fan. Here is my reason for being on here. I have a Montreal Canadiens cap autographed by team members, 2011-12 Edition. I received this cap to help with raising funds on a raffle for a humanitarian mission to Bangladesh that I will be doing with a team in November. Our raffle was well under way when I received it in the mail with the letter attached from the Montreal Canadiens Organization. So, we are looking for a way to raise funds by maybe doing an auction with it. If I'm not in the right place, please redirect me in the right place. If I can use this site to auction it off, let me know and we'll start the bidding. Thanks, Ren;0)
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