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The UN would be worthless without the US. The US pays 25% of the UN's annual budget. Also, I told you already that there were always plans of the US giving more aid over time, and that the 35 million dollar figure was just the first number given. It did not take the UN to convince the US to give more. As more and more information becomes available, the US aid has continued to grow, and is now at 350 million dollars. No article I read (on FOXNews, CNN, and MSNBC) said the US did so at the urging of the UN, but because they gained more information on the extent of the destruction.

Yes, the US has a lot of money, but the US is also at war and in a budget defecit. Even given our resources, that is a helluva lot of money, so please stop bitching about the US. And for every person I saw bashing the US for the "meager" original plan of 35 million, I saw another person (each time a liberal) say it was too much. 350 million is a helluva lot of money given the war and budget defecit of the US, and is rightfully the largest aid package being given.

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